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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jan 3, 2017

Imagine a hairbrush that did more than just detangle. One that emboldened your locks with lasting volume, fought frizz, and even whisked away oil and built up products for a head of hair that’s refreshed in minutes!

That’s the promise made by the Hairology Refresh Brush—a battery operated hair brush that promises to refresh and revive your hair.

How Does Hairology Refresh Brush Work?

The Hairology Refresh Brush looks like a regular oval-headed paddle brush with a cushioned base and synthetic bristles. The difference? Right smack in the center of its paddle is a metallic circle.

When we first read Hairology’s claims that a hairbrush could reduce the need to shampoo greasy locks, we thought for sure that paddle housed some sort of dry shampoo disbursement system—but the truth is far more high tech! (In theory, at least.)

Instead, the brush claims to emit millions of “cleansing ions” that are supposed to actively revive, refresh and restore your hair.

Using the Hairology Refresh Brush is supposed to be super easy despite the promise of dramatic results. The official website claims “a few simple strokes through and you have the feeling of a fresh shampoo!”

In addition, turning on the Hairology brush creates “gentle sonic vibrations” which are supposed to help detangle your tresses while creating incredible body and volume.

Finally, while we’re unsure if this should be credited to the ions or those good vibrations, but the Hairology Refresh Brush also promises to eliminate frizz and create a luxurious shine.

Why try to extend your already-achieved style by avoiding a shampoo? Sure, there’s the time factor—depending on how long styling takes you, a brush that extends your style could mean an extra hour or two of free time every few days.

But, there’s also the promise of reduced damage since you’re spending less time subjecting your hair to hot tools. Then, Hairology also appeals to anyone who colors their hair, since shampoo is directly linked to fading. And, who doesn’t want to extend their salon-applied hue?

Finally, Hairology promises to be the perfect size to slip in your purse so that you can “revive and refresh” anywhere you darn well please.

Considering the benefits—less time styling, less damage, and extending the life of any color—Hairology sounds like the sort of tool that any hair-conscious consumer could benefit from.

But, only if it works! For that, of course, we’ll need to dive into a little science.

Hairology Refresh Brush Claims To Clean With Ions. What’s an Ion?

We’re so glad you asked! An ion is a charged atom or molecule. “Charged” means it wants to do something. (This is the opposite of “neutral,” or at rest.)

An atom becomes charged when the number of its electrons don’t equal the number of protons. Whether it’s positive or negative (attracts or repels) depends on what there’s more of: more neutrons and electrons means a negative charge, more protons and electrons is positive.

So, when an atom is attracted to another atom because it has an unequal number of electrons and protons, the atom is now an ion!

What does this have to do with your hair?

Isn’t It Ionic? How Ions Ended Up In Hair Tools.

Well, these charged ions create static, which is generally undesirable as a hair style. But, what’s causing the atoms on you head to become charged in the first place?

Honestly, we can’t find a comprehensive answer from a reliable source. However, I can make a guess based on my experience researching many ion-infused devices and some additional observations about Hairology (which we’ll share soon).

First, what we do know: The ion-infused hair tool craze started with blow dryers.

Why? Because water has positive ions, the idea was that blasting your wet strands with negative ions would cause globs of H2O molecules to divide into smaller particles that evaporate faster, allowing your hair to dry quicker and even help some products absorb better.

How hair dryer brands achieved this is important. Here’s how ExploreCuriocity.com explains it (Even if it’s boring, just bear with me):

“Ionic hair dryers work by the corona effect. A voltage is applied to an ion emitter, typically made up of tiny stainless steel pins, to create a strong electric field very near their points. This accelerates the energy level of the free electrons high enough so that collisions with air molecules will cause them to ionize.”

They continue: “A negative voltage applied to the points creates negative ions and a positive voltage produces positive ions (cations). The majority of hair dryers on the market today emit negative ions (anions),” because their purpose is to help break up the water molecules faster.

Ionic Hair Tools Don’t Work For Everyone

But here’s the thing: Ionic blow dryers got pretty mixed reviews.

Some consumers say that ionic dryers do help their hair dry faster. However, others report not seeing a difference at all. Research suggests that this is likely due to different types of hair reacting differently—some just hair isn’t prone to static.

Keep in mind that reports of positive experiences could also be because a shopper got a new, higher-quality blow dryer that does the job better, ions or no. Additionally, some straight-talking and experienced stylists have gone on record to say that ions are all hype.

You still with me? Great! Because here are a few important points in our “what we know” pile:

  • The voltage determines whether a device emits positive or negative ions—meaning that a device can’t emit both at the same time.
  • Ionic blowdryers, which were the first ion-infused hair device to be introduced to the market, were based a sound theory: the idea that helping to neutralize the positive ions in wet hair could help it dry faster.
  • According to 1, there are a few blow dryers that can switch voltage to emit either positive or negative ions.
  • The devices that emit positive ions, which include the 1907 by Fromm Zero7 Air Lightweight Dryer and Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic 4000i, claim to help open your hair’s cuticle, which can create bounce and body.

Why did I walk you through so much information about ionic blow dryers in a review of the Hairology Refresh Brush?

Because I want to save you money.

Hairology Refresh Brush Pricing & Refund Policy

The Hairology Refresh Brush is available for $29.99. Shipping is free, but a $10 surcharge is added for orders sent to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska. Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA, NJ, and NV.

Return for any reason up to 30-days (minus P&H). For customer service, please call 844-570-9861 or email hairologyrefreshcs@worldpackusa.com.

Back To The Hairology Refresh Brush

Remember that the Hairology Refresh Brush claims to eliminate frizz, add body, and “refresh” your hair. (While they never specifically say it will clean your hair, it’s implied by suggesting that the brush lets you skip a shampoo.) It’s my opinion that the Hairology Refresh Brush doesn’t deliver on their claims. Here’s why.

Fighting frizz requires negative ions, while creating body require positive ions. The Hairology Refresh Brush isn’t equipped with a switch to alternate between two different voltages. Therefore, if it emits ions at all, the brush can only do one or the other.

More importantly, ions aren’t capable of battling the oils on your scalp! There is no evidence that either type of charged atom will have a “refreshing” effect on your hair. Instead, any “refreshing” is likely due to your scalp’s oils being spread down the hair shaft through the act of brushing.

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  • Never received the brush ordered 2/3/17

    • Texas,
    • Aug 10, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I placed an order on 2/3/17 and have never received my brush. I tried to get in touch with them by email to either get the brush or get my money back, and I didn't get either. I would really like the brush, but I don't have any good feelings about receiving it this late since it has been over a year since I placed the original order.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • Very disappointed

    • Ashland, OH,
    • Apr 18, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I placed my order when Hairology first came out. I've been waiting over six months and still have no product.

    I called today to check on the order, and they said it's still on backorder, but I will be notified when it ships. That I do not believe, as I've been told that so many times. I just hope the product is worth the wait.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 3 out 3 people found this review helpful

    Still waiting

    • Milwaukee, WI,
    • Mar 16, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I ordered this item months ago and kept getting a message that it is SO popular that they must move my shipping date two months more. Then I receive a message that somehow I had canceled my order (I did NOT). So, good luck getting this item. If you manage to get this, let us know how you did it!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 2 out 2 people found this review helpful

    Product never arrived

    • San Francisco, CA,
    • Mar 2, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    Good luck trying to get the product. Five months later, we are still waiting. Every time the expected shipping date comes around, we suddenly get a cancellation notice as they cannot fulfill their orders. This item has allegedly been on back order for six months or more. Don't waste your time with this frustrating experience.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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