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Hang It Right is an all-in-one precision hanging tool that makes quick, easy work of pictures, shelves, mirrors, and everything in between. And combined with their Super Screws, which have a self-drilling tip that can “hold the heaviest objects with ease,” you’ll get picture perfect results every time.

Hang It Right works horizontally and vertically with any size picture, and is great for hanging several items all at once. In fact, the process works over three simple steps:

  • Slide Hang It Right to the appropriate width, ensure accurate alignment, and pull down the guides.
  • Use the built-in level and mark the wall.
  • Hang whatever you need.

Hanging pictures quickly and efficiently might not seem difficult, but if it’s been a while, you could end up frustrated with a big mess on your hands. Can Hang It Right help you avoid this, or is it a piece of garbage? We’ll cover the facts here and leave the ultimate decision up to you.

How Does Hang It Right Work?

Have you ever seen a long level at your local hardware store? They’re generally made of plastic or metal, with tubular spirit levels on each end. This is basically what Hang It Right looks like.

The difference is that Hang It Right’s spirit levels are attached to two sliding pieces in the middle, which are able to move back and forth. And underneath each of these sliding sections is a metal bar that pulls down, with a rubber tip on the end.

Taking everything together, you first slide the middle pieces to match the width of your picture. Then, you pull the guides down to where your nails will go. This basically works as a template, so when you put Hang It Right on the wall, you just need to make sure it’s level and then mark where your holes need to go.

How Does Hang It Right Work?Hang It Right works over three steps: 1) Slide to the correct position. 2) Pull down the guides to the area where you need to put nails. 3) Level it on the wall and mark your spot.

Seems simple, straightforward, and—some might say—rather genius, right? Let’s see what customers are saying.

Marketing vs. Reality: Does Hang It Right Work As Advertised?

Over the course of reviewing hundreds of infomercial-based products, one thing we’ve learned is that they’re often just slightly redesigned versions of existing products. In some instances, they’re even knockoffs of other ASOTV products. Why do we mention this?

Because, although Hang It Right didn’t have any online customer reviews at the time of our research, we can take some cues from what consumers are saying about the competition.

We have to say that Hang It Right has a fairly unique design, but it’s still similar in concept to other products like Accu-Level, which itself is similar to Accu-Mark (probably the original). Whether you’re talking about Amazon, Walmart.com, or elsewhere online, Accu-Mark seems to come with very high marks from customers.

Granted, Accu-Mark comes from a mainstream manufacturer and features some meaningfully different design aspects than Hang It Right, so there’s no way to know if you’ll experience the same. But keep in mind that most As Seen On TV products come with fairly low customer reviews. Why? Common complaints are that they don’t work as advertised, don’t last long, and customer service leaves something to be desired.

Speaking of companies, Hang It Right appears to be manufactured by Paragon Direct TV, who can be reached at 866-871-0171. The company seems to be very new though, as there wasn’t any additional information about them online.

How Much Does Hang It Right Cost?

One Hang It Right set is priced at $19.99 plus $6.99 S&H, although you can purchase a second set for an additional $8.99 S&H.

With each Hang It Right set, you’ll also receive 12 bonus “Super Screws.” Just what are these? In a nutshell, they’re nothing spectacular; just a normal screw with an extra “extension” from which a picture can hang (here’s an example of what we’re talking about).

These are inexpensive and widely available at just about any hardware or home improvement store. But they most certainly can’t can “hold the heaviest objects with ease,” since they’re only rated to 60 pounds.

Is Hang It Right Worth the Money?

If you’re not careful, a couple slipups when hanging pictures can turn into a repair job that might cost a couple hundred dollars. And because of its sliding center section and drop-down guides, it’s certainly possible that Hang It Right could help you avoid these types of headaches and save you some coin in the process.

But as we mentioned above, products in this industry regularly fail to live up to customers’ expectations. Even the Black & Decker Accu-Mark received some negative feedback from customers, many of whom complained about it not being level.

The point is that if you feel like rolling the dice on Hang It Right, its important to remember that you could lose more than half your refund in S&H charges. And because of these charges, Hang It Right ends up being about the same price as the competition, so it might be worthwhile to shop locally before placing your order.

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