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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Oct 22, 2016

HemorrhoSTOP is a hemorrhoid treatment cream that promises to be a 100% natural, quick, and effective method of getting rid of the pain, inflammation, itching, and feeling of a foreign object.

After being applied locally, the manufacturer tells us that HemorrhoSTOP works by providing nutrients to the surrounding tissue (while also regenerating it), improving the condition of blood vessels, increasing vascular tone, dissolving blood clots, and preventing the formation of future hemorrhoids.

In fact, we’re specifically told that “the condition will not come back” and that HemorrhoSTOP’s light texture will never stain your clothes.

And according to the company, you’ll be able to accomplish all of this without latex rings, prescription drugs or chemicals, scalpels, other painful procedures, or any side effects whatsoever.

HemorrhoSTOP might be recommended for everyone, but does this necessarily mean that it’s right for you? Are there other products like it? If so, how do they compare?

We know you’re desperate to find some meaningful relief from your hemorrhoids, so let’s start by looking at the basics.

The 411 on Hemorrhoids

Just reading the word will cause many to cringe in anguish, but just what are hemorrhoids and why do they occur? Is there any way to prevent them?

At the end of your colon is the rectum, which is just inside the body, and the anus, which is the last section where waste leaves the body.

In these areas, veins under the surface can sometimes bulge or swell as a result of straining during bowel movements, frequent constipation or diarrhea, obesity, pregnancy, too little fiber in your diet, and more.

If these venous bulges appear on the anus, they’re known as external hemorrhoids; on the rectum, they’re known as internal. In some instance, internal hemorrhoids can protrude outside the rectum, which are known as prolapsed.

Regardless of where they’re located, the National Institutes of Health reports that roughly ¾ of the population will experience hemorrhoids at some point in their life.

In most cases, internal hemorrhoids cause little-to-no discomfort, although you might notice a small amount of bright red blood in your stool.

External and prolapsed hemorrhoids, on the other hand, can cause burning, itching, pain, and general discomfort. In a worst-case scenario, surgery may be required to address permanently prolapsed hemorrhoids.

What about the ingredients found in HemorrhoSTOP? Will they provide any relief from these symptoms? What about preventing hemorrhoids from occurring in the first place?

What Does Science Have to Say About HemorrhoSTOP’s Ingredients? How Do They Work?

While there wasn’t a label listed on the HemorrhoSTOP website, we’re told it contains the following ingredients:

Propolis is a resin-like substance extracted from cone-bearing trees that WebMD lists as possibly effective for addressing cold sores and genital herpes, although they don’t list any evidence that it’s effective for addressing hemorrhoids (you’ll find this a recurring theme here, so apologies if we sound like a broken record!).

Horse chestnut may help reduce some symptoms of poor circulation, including “varicose veins, pain, tiredness, swelling in the legs, itching, and water retention.” Again though, nothing is specifically mentioned about hemorrhoids.

Similarly, grape may help address poor circulation that leads to swollen legs, but there seems to be insufficient clinical evidence that it can directly address hemorrhoids.

Aloe vera seems to help kill bacteria and improve blood circulation, making it possibly effective for treating things like burns, constipation, psoriasis, and more, but nothing related to hemorrhoids.

Finally, WebMD indicates peppermint is likely effective for reducing constipation and possibly effective for relaxing the colon during medical exams, but not for addressing hemorrhoids.

Will HemorrhoSTOP’s Ingredients Cause Any Side Effects?

While the clinical evidence supporting their effectiveness against hemorrhoids might be lacking, the good news is that you probably won’t experience any side effects from HemorrhoSTOP’s ingredients.

However, before applying anything new to such a sensitive area, it’s always important that you speak with your doctor, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Efficacy and side effects aside, what’ll you pay for HemorrhoSTOP’s ingredients?

How Much Does HemorrhoSTOP Cream Cost? Where Can You Buy It?

If purchased directly through the manufacturer, 1 tube (100ml) of HemorrhoSTOP will cost you €42 (about $46 at the time of our research), plus free shipping.

All HemorrhoSTOP orders come with a 10-day satisfaction guarantee, less S&H charges. According to the company’s terms:

“The returned product must be in the same condition in which you received it (as new), without being unsealed or the package being violated, just before the sale, as the full original packaging.”

In order to request a refund, the only way to reach a representative is by sending an email to support@hemorrhostop.com.

Pro tip: We also found HemorrhoSTOP on Amazon for $36.90, which includes a more robust refund policy than through the manufacturer.

Are There Any HemorrhoSTOP Reviews?

There wasn’t a whole lot of online customer feedback for HemorrhoSTOP at the time of our research, although we did find three reviews on Amazon, where the cream had an average rating of 5 stars.

There, most compliments referenced effective relief (reduced bleeding, decreased pain and inflammation, etc.), and that it worked much better than the competition. There were no complaints.

Outside of this, we found out that HemorrhoSTOP’s manufacturer is based out of Stamford, CT, although we didn’t locate any additional information on third-party websites.

One final thing before we wrap up: Are there other creams like HemorrhoSTOP?

HemorrhoSTOP vs. the Competition

Type “hemorrhoid cream” into your nearest search engine and you’ll be met with thousands of different creams that claim to accomplish many of the same things as HemorrhoSTOP—although few go so far as to say that they’ll permanently get rid of your hemorrhoids.

Granted, many of these options won’t be 100% natural like HemorrhoSTOP, although you’ll find the majority use the same two ingredients to provide relief:

  • Phenylephrine, a chemical that helps constrict (shrink) blood vessels, and​
  • Pramoxine, an ingredient that works to relieve itching and pain caused by minor irritation.

While they’re not natural, suffice it to say that there are reams of clinical evidence showing that, when combined, these ingredients can temporarily relieve mild symptoms associated with hemorrhoids.

On top of this, many of these options can be purchased for $8 to $12, which might deliver a much better value than what you’ll get with HemorrhoSTOP. When it comes down to it, what does all of this mean for you?

Bottom Line: Will HemorrhoSTOP Make Your Hemorrhoids a Thing of the Past?

As we outlined earlier, medical authority websites like WebMD indicate that there’s insufficient clinical evidence showing any of HemorrhoSTOP’s ingredients can directly affect hemorrhoids.

Granted, many of these ingredients might address secondary conditions, like poor circulation and relaxing the colon, but they don’t seem to address hemorrhoids in any meaningful way.

And the clinical evidence certainly doesn’t appear to indicate that these ingredients will permanently put an end to your hemorrhoids, either.

Despite this, as well as its meaningfully higher price than the competition, HemorrhoSTOP seems to have a positive—if very limited—reputation on Amazon.

So, despite this general lack of clinical evidence, it seems to be helping at least some customers find relief.

Just keep in mind that you’ll only have 10 days to return your tube of HemorrhoSTOP if you’re dissatisfied, and that it needs to be in brand new condition.

Did HemorrhoSTOP’s cream help you find relief from your hemorrhoids, or was it a burning failure? Give us all the details in your review below!

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