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Instead of hiring expensive nursing staff, the HeyMomDad system lets your parents keep their independence and freedom, live in their own home, while giving you peace of mind.

With HeyMomDad, you’ll be able to use the system’s Instant Alert Pagers and HD cameras to check in on your parents 24/7 from any smart device, receive two-way communication, and make sure they’re safe, healthy, and happy. And in the event of an emergency, your parents can decide whether the alert goes to you or 911, making sure to “put family first.”

And not only can HeyMomDad save you the cost of nursing care, it offers instant plug-and-play functionality over three steps:

  1. Download the HeyMomDad app to your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Scan the QR code on each of your Instant Alert Pagers and Sure-Cams.
  3. Turn on all the equipment and you’re ready to go!

Clearly, you have your parents’ best interests at heart. But is HeyMomDad a smart way of making sure they’re happy and healthy, or are there better options? What are some important factors you should keep in mind? We’ll explore all of this—and more—here.

The HeyMomDad 3-Part Monitoring System

Overall, there are three main parts in the HeyMomDad system (actually, there’s a fourth, but we’ll get to that in a second): Cameras, pagers, and hub.

HeyMomDad HD Sure-Cam

Each HeyMomDad Sure-Cam features Professional-grade HD security lenses with 3D digital enhancement, a 270-degree range of visual monitoring (along with 90-degree up/down movement), and a high-quality microphone and loudspeaker. Its built-in night vision optics even allows you to see your parents in a dark room!

The audio and video feed from your HeyMomDad Sure-Cams is fed directly to the app on your smartphone or tablet, giving you immediate, real-time communication with your parents, along with real-time control of the camera.

HeyMomDad Instant Alert Pagers

There are two different Instant Alert Wi-Fi Pagers: a pager to alert only family members (blue button) and another to alert only emergency services (red button). Remember this, because we’ll come back around to it near the end.

Regardless of who they contact, each Instant Alert waterproof pager can be worn on the wrist or around the neck for instant access, or set on a table, counter, or mounted on the wall. This way, whether your loved one is inside or outside the house, help is always within reach.

Each Instant Pager features a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to a year. However, once the battery runs out, you have to send them back to the company to obtain a replacement.

HeyMomDad’s Proprietary Hub

The hub acts as, well… the hub for the HeyMomDad system by linking the pagers and cameras, and giving you access through the iOS and Android mobile apps.

Through the mobile app and hub, you’ll also be able to control each Sure-Cam in your system, receive alerts from your parents, receive two-way communication, and more.

Important note: Keep in mind that in order for the HeyMomDad system to function properly, you need a high-speed internet connection (recommended basic broadband; 25 MB/s down, 3 MB/s up). Also, all Sure-Cams and Pagers need to be within 300ft of the hub.

Wireless Bed Monitor

As part of HeyMomDad’s Platinum Package (more about this next), you’ll also receive a wireless bed monitor that lies flat underneath your parents’ bottom bed sheet. This way, while they won’t feel it, you’ll be able to instantly measure heart rate, breathing rate, restlessness, time spent out of bed, and more.

And if you don’t feel like viewing this information in real time, the HeyMomDad app provides a nightly on-demand sleep report, and you can view historical data as well to identify health risks before they occur.

That’s a whole lot of features, right? Given this, how much will you pay for the HeyMomDad system?

How Much Does HeyMomDad Monitoring Cost?

Premium Package

Includes 3 Instant Alert Pagers, 2 Sure-Cams, and Hub:

  • 1 year: $70/mo ($948)
  • 2 years: $52/mo ($1,248)
  • 3 years: $40/mo ($1,440)

Platinum Package

Includes 3 Instant Alert Pagers, 2 Cure-Cams, Hub, and Bed Monitor:

  • 1 year: $89/mo ($1,068)
  • 2 years: $59/mo ($1,416)
  • 3 years: $46/mo ($1,656)

Note: It appears the company runs specials each month for those looking to make one-time equipment payments, so be sure to see what they’re offering before finalizing your order.

Outside the packages above, additional equipment can be purchased individually for:

  • HD Sure-Cam: $199.99
  • Instant Alert Pager: $99.99
  • Instant Alert Emergency Pager: $99.99
  • Bed Monitor: $299.99

At the time of our research, HeyMomDad was also offering a credit of up to $200 to help cover any cancellation fees when switching from an existing health monitoring service.

All HeyMomDad systems come with a 30-day no questions asked guarantee, less S&H charges.

So, if you’re looking to keep your parents as safe as possible, should you sign up for a HeyMomDad contract? Before you do, let’s quickly discuss a few important topics.

Important Considerations About the HeyMomDad System

Is HeyMomDad a Nursing Replacement?

The HeyMomDad website likes to promote the fact that the cost of a private nursing home room is $90K a year. Sure, that’s outrageously expensive, but we’re not exactly comparing apples to apples here. Why?

Because the HeyMomDad system isn’t providing any nursing services; only 24/7 monitoring. And although it’s not quite the same, you can hire a nursing service to periodically check on your parents for about $20 per hour.

And because they’re not providing nursing care, this also means that your parents still need to be physically able to live on their own.

Questions About HeyMomDad’s Cameras & Pagers

Although HeyMomDad’s HD cameras provide remote control capabilities, night vision, and two-way communication, there’s no way to know what kind of quality you can expect. While this might not be too much of a concern if you’re leasing one of their packages (they’ll replace defective equipment for free), this is definitely something worth considering if you’ll be buying additional equipment.

Speaking of which, HeyMomDad’s Instant Alert pagers are rechargeable, but only by the company. They do this for free if you’re under a monitoring agreement, but we’re not told how much this will cost (or if it’s even possible) if you purchase one outright.

Pro tip: HeyMomDad claims their cameras come with “3D digital enhancement,” although this doesn’t appear to be much more than marketing hype.

Finally, we found it odd that HeyMomDad’s Pagers only have single functionality (one calls family, the other calls emergency services). So, if they wanted to carry it with them on their wrist or around their neck, they’d always have to lug two around.

Considerations About HeyMomDad’s Functionality

Next, remember that even with HeyMomDad’s top-tier package, you’re still only getting 3 Instant Alert Pagers and 2 Sure-Cams. So, while this might work for monitoring only the most important areas of a home (such as bedroom and living room), if you’re looking for whole-home coverage, you’re going to have to spend a lot more money.

In addition, HeyMomDad doesn’t make clear how many cameras and pagers one hub can support (how large can your system be?), or how close your loved one would have to be to each camera to pick up a clear audio signal.

Lastly, keep in mind that you’ll need a reliable high-speed internet connection to use HeyMomDad, and the system will immediately stop working as soon as the internet goes down.

Is The HeyMomDad System Right For You?

Type the phrase “elderly home monitoring” into any search engine, and you’ll quickly learn that if you’re looking to give your parents their freedom, while actively monitoring them at home, you have thousands of products to choose from. Certainly, not all of these feature the same plug-and-play functionality, all-in-one packaging, in addition to monitoring services, but many also come in much cheaper than HeyMomDad, without having to commit to a 1-year (minimum) agreement.

Sure, the company offers a 30-day refund policy, but after that you’re stuck for another 11 months. And since HeyMomDad isn’t currently covered by Medicare or medical insurance, you’ll be on the hook for the bill.

On top of this, Vitall, Inc. (the company behind HeyMomDad) is very new, and although they were listed with the Better Business Bureau, they weren’t rated. Elsewhere online, there was essentially zero feedback about the company or the HeyMomDad system.

Given all of this, we’d strongly recommend exploring all your monitoring options (and weight the pros and cons of each) before making a decision. And if your parent carries insurance, it might be worthwhile to call and find out if any monitoring services are covered, which could provide all the same benefits for a lot less money.

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