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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jul 21, 2016

Hollywood Bright Smile promises to make your teeth whiter and brighter, “just like your favorite celebrities.” If you’ve never considered whitening for a mega-watt smile, Hollywood Bright Smile claims that the benefits go beyond brighter teeth:

You are judged within the first 3 seconds of meeting someone new, what do you think they see first - your smile. Whiter teeth are sure to make you more attractive, which will do wonders for your dating, personal and professional life.

How does a single product improve your dating, personal, and professional lives? Apparently, with a simple click.

How Hollywood Bright Smile Works

Unlike whitening strips or trays, Hollywood Bright Smile is shaped like a felt-tip pen. The product dispenses gel with a rotating click, and application is as simple as coloring between the lines: Just paint the gel onto your teeth and keep lips from making contact for 30-60 seconds.

After the first minute, you can move your mouth normally. Rinse it away after 15 minutes, though you should avoid eating or drinking for one hour.

Hollywood Bright Smile claims that you’ll see professional whitening results after just one application—saving you the inconvenience and cost of visiting your dentist.

What’s In Hollywood Bright Smile’s Formula?

While we’re not told every ingredient in Hollywood Bright Smile’s whitening gel, text in the website's footer mention carbamide peroxide, which is a clinically proven (and common) ingredient in whitening products.

Carbamide peroxide is considered gentler than swishing with straight hydrogen peroxide. But the concentration of carbamide in a whitening gel can make the difference between an ineffective product (too little) and one that irritates your gums and mouth (more likely at higher concentrations).

There’s no single formula touted as most effective. However, for an at-home whitening product to be eligible to receive the American Dental Association’s (ADA) Seal of Acceptance, it must contain 10 percent carbamide peroxide.

How does it work? According to the ADA, “carbamide peroxide, used in many bleaching products, breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and urea, with hydrogen peroxide being the active bleaching agent. A bleaching product containing 10 percent carbamide peroxide yields approximately 3.5 percent hydrogen peroxide.”

Once the peroxide breaks down, it allows oxygen into the enamel of your teeth, which lifts away stains and can result in lightening.

It’s worth noting that Hollywood Bright Smile does not disclose the concentration of carbamide peroxide in their formula—nor is it stamped with the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance.

The lack of a seal doesn’t mean the product is necessarily ineffective, but it is a red flag that Hollywood Bright Smile might not live up to their claim to deliver the same level of whitening you could get from your dentist. This seems especially unlikely considering that the ADA lists professional carbamide peroxide solutions as containing 25 percent to 40 percent concentration—levels not available in at-home kits.

Is Hollywood Bright Smile a Unique Product?

You probably know this, but there are many whitening products currently available to consumers. They each vary in the amount and type of active ingredients, the form of the products, and how they’re applied.

We’ve reviewed some brands that are available by order, including Whitening Coach, Spark Whitening, Action Pro White, and White Light Smile.

However, there’s no need to shop online. You can also find popular whitening products on the shelves of your local drugstore or supermarket, including these similar whitening pens:

If you’re unsure what to look for in a whitening product that fits your needs, check out How to Choose an At-Home Teeth Whitening System That Works, in which we take a close look at the causes of stains and which ingredients can remove them.

One of the most important factors affecting which whitening product is right for you is likely the price. To see how Hollywood Bright Smile compares to those three name-brand whitening pens above, let’s look at the cost.

How Much Is Hollywood Bright Smile?

Available only through an exclusive trial offer, Hollywood Bright Smile claims that ordering is risk-free. It’s our experience that when a company claims that a trial offer is risk-free, they really mean that they’re at little risk of not keeping your cash.

Just take a look at the conditions of ordering Hollywood Bright Smile to see what we mean. To start, there’s no way to pay for the product upfront. Instead, you must engage their free trial offer.

Customers can choose between two shipping methods:

  • Standard shipping is free—no estimate is given for how long it will take your package to arrive.
  • Express shipping is available for $7.96—you’re told it should arrive within 3-5 business days after you place your order.

At this point in your order, you’re either going to pay zero for the free shipping, or just under eight dollars for express; there’s no charge for the product—yet. Your order will include a 30-day supply of Hollywood Bright Smile. We’re not told how many pens this includes, but the language is singular, so we have to assume just one.

Here’s where things get really messy:

  • You have 14 days from the time you order your product—not the day your receive it—to cancel the trial by calling 855-900-2425.
  • If you don’t cancel within 14 days of your order, you’ll be billed an insane $119.38 for your first shipment.
  • If you still don’t cancel, you’ll continue to receive shipments every 30 days—and be billed $119.38 once a month for ongoing shipments.

Just in case you don’t recall the prices of those three popular whitening pens above, not a single one was over $20. Purchasing one also comes with the added benefit of not handing over your credit card information to a company that will charge you the equivalent of three dental office copays to receive an ongoing supply of whitening pens.

Learn More: Think That Free Trial is a Good Idea? Why You Might Be Gambling with Your Money

Because $119.38 is such a steep price to commit to, we went ahead and called Hollywood Bright Smile’s customer service at 855-900-2425, just to check how easily reaching a representative to cancel might be.

The good news is that a friendly rep did answer the phone in under a minute—and there was no annoying call tree of sales messages to wait through before reaching a live person.

The downside? Hollywood Bright Smile uses a Virginia-based call center service to handle customer contact. This isn’t uncommon. However, it is worth noting that if you’re really ticked at the company, there’s only so much an outsourced representative will be able to do for you, as opposed to speaking with an actual employee.

What’s The Bottom Line On Hollywood White Smile?

While we’re impressed that the company’s call center put us in touch with an actual human, that doesn’t mean that Hollywood White Smile whitening pens are worth four times the cost of similar products you can purchase from your local store.

More so, whitening pens are generally best left for touch ups, not overall lightening. Because the solution isn’t trapped next to your teeth and instead comes in contact with your lips and gums, it can’t be of a particularly high concentration.

If you’re interested in touching up a few stains, we’d recommend talking to your dentist about which over-the-counter products will help your teeth without injuring your gums. Depending on your insurance, doing so will likely cost less than half of a single Hollywood White Smile order—which is reason enough for us to pass on this product.

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    Don't fall for it - total scam.

    • Minnesota,
    • Nov 4, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    This bright smile is a total scam. They never sent me the product but charged my credit about $150. They claim they sent it but I never got it. They won't tell you how or when they sent the product. The reason for this is because they never sent it or it got lost in the mail. DON'T give them a credit card number.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 2 out 2 people found this review helpful

    Huge ripoff

    • Indiana,
    • Oct 23, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    First of all, when I saw this ad, it was very catchy saying "don't pay hundreds of dollars for teeth whitening, order your sample here for $5.95 and $3.95," one is for the whitening tray, and one is for the pen. I never saw anything that said if I didn't respond within 14 days I would be billed another $118.24 and $114.22. I called customer service and spoke to a supervisor. The best they would do is offer a discount, not much of one either. This is a total ripoff, and I hope they go out of business. I'm writing my credit card company today and hope for a total refund!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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