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Hum by Verizon is a smart upgrade that attaches to your car’s OBD-II port, providing benefits like diagnostic information and roadside and emergency assistance. What are customers saying?

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Posted on Dec 10, 2020

Hum is a piece of junk

By Savon F., East Orange, NJ, Verified Reviewer

My car was stolen but Hum kept giving a reading that the car was parked where it was supposed to be parked. I came out but no car. I called Hum, informed them that something was wrong with their Hum, but instead of them assisting me with the Hum, they blocked me from getting any location and told me if I have any questions to call the police. They stated because the car was stolen for my own protection they could not tell me anything. Because of the delay in not locating my vehicle, it has disappeared into thin air and they are now saying that Hum is dead and disconnected from the vehicle.

Length of Use: 1–2 years

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Posted on Feb 6, 2020

Big piece of junk

By Juan O., Jacksonville, FL, Verified Reviewer

I do not recommend this device, it ruined my car computer, after showing what was received by dealer to Hum, they refused to pay it, said they're not responsible. It cost me the get the computer of my car working. $400 to get my car back working condition.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Dec 27, 2019

Free trial isn't free

By Nancy M., Washington Township, NJ, Verified Reviewer

Went to the Verizon Wireless store to replace my cell phone. The salesperson offered a free trial of Hum. Said I didn't need it, I have AAA. He found a way to lower my wireless bill. He emphasized that it was a free trial and I could bring it back any time within the next 30 days. I accepted the free trial.

I didn't drive my car until a couple of days later. I was doing errands in my Subaru (with the Eyesight package) when all of the warning lights came on and the safety technology turned off. Called the dealership and was told to remove the device. Went back to the Verizon Wireless store and asked the same salesperson to remove it from my car. His demeanor changed which lead me to think that salespeople get some type of added incentive. I went back home and returned with the original box. After lots of his pushing and my persistent "No," he reluctantly canceled the Hum.

Have not had any warning lights come on or problems with my safety technology since the Hum device was removed.

Received my wireless bill. Had a $10 charge for a phone line for the Hum and a $120 early termination fee for the Hum device that I didn't want and returned a week later. I'm fighting this.

According to my invoice, the list price of a Hum is $150. I'm paying $120 for a device that Verizon is reselling, maybe multiple times.

Either the salesperson or Verizon is misusing the phrase "free trial."

In my opinion, it wasn't worth having for free. Would not recommend it to anyone.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Dec 12, 2019

Waste of money and harmful to your car

By Daniel B., Coconut Creek, FL, Verified Reviewer

I got two Hum systems from Verizon for our cars in March 2018. The systems worked intermittently. Both were replaced at different times due to failure after hours and days of BS in the phone back and forth with Verizon and Hum. Now after having 2 dead batteries on a 2018 Subaru, the car dealer service dept is recommending we not use the Gym as it messes with the car's electrical system. If you have a newer car, chances are it came with some kind of system that does all the stuff Hum is supposed to do without wrecking your car. Do yourself a favor and activate or subscribe to that. Much better. I am over Him. I just paid $150 to terminate early in both. Never again!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Dec 7, 2019

Don't recommend this junk

By Jim W., Seward, NE, Verified Reviewer

I have two of these for my vehicles and all it does is beep every 15 minutes and never registered mileage. They sent one replacement and that did not work either. My 2000 Crown Vic nor my 2010 Escape. I will not pay to return defective units and waiting for someone to sue Verizon for their unethical cancellation and return policy. Would like a state attorney general, consumer protection, FTC and FCC, and any politician involved to make this unethical contract void.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Posted on Dec 7, 2019

Throw the dice

By Darrell B., New Orleans, LA, Verified Reviewer

I was persuaded to get a Hum because I spend a lot of time in my car, and the thought of WiFi sounded great. When it didn’t work, I took it back to the store. Verizon said to call Hum. Hum said to call Verizon. The store said that I had signed a contract for 2 years, so I couldn’t turn in my paperweight. After nearly 2 years, Verizon sent me another Hum. I called Verizon, and at first they tried to gaslight me into thinking I ordered it. Then, they told me it was free. When I said I wanted to return it anyway, they sent me an envelope without a mailing label or address to send it to. When I complained about this, they offered me a credit LESS TERMINATION FEE. But go ahead and try it, because the new model MIGHT WORK.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Posted on Nov 23, 2019


By Robert S., New Jersey, Verified Reviewer

Doesn’t work. Have had numerous issues with Hum. When I contact customer service it’s always the same. Unplug the device and plug back in. It doesn’t work. Doesn’t correctly track my vehicle. Waste of money.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Posted on Nov 22, 2019

Bad customer care

By Walter A., Jewett, OH, Verified Reviewer

I had to talk to four of your technical people today I started at 4 pm and didn't get an answer up to 6 pm. and then I hung up and I went on the internet and I finally figure it out myself how to fix it. If you're thinking about using the Hum please don't. The people don't back it up, there's no service with it, and these people just don't care. And another thing is they tell you they are recording your phone call but guess what, you're not allowed to record them. And if you are, they hang up on you, that's so they can cover themselves when they're lying to you. What a joke.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Posted on Nov 15, 2019

Piece of junk

By Richard O., Huron, OH, Verified Reviewer

We purchased Hum for our daughter's car. Being a new driver (age 16) we fell for all the claims of safety, security, and piece of mind.

For the first year, or so, the unit seemed to work flawlessly. We were already considering purchasing a second unit for whatever car our youngest daughter may drive when she turns 16. We even considered ones for both of our cars. Can't put a price on safety, right?

About 18 months into our contract Hum alerted us to a battery issue with our daughters car. I took it in and had the battery checked. Yep! The battery was faulty. This thing is great. But wait...

Just over 3 years, right about when our youngest would start driving, our oldest got in an accident IN the car with Hum installed on July 12, 2019. This accident was very serious, with massive front end damage to the vehicle and 4 out of the 6 airbags deployed.

Fortunately, our daughter wasn't seriously hurt, but Hum never worked as it was supposed to. We were told that Hum would contact the driver and send EMS/Fire/Police if no response from within the car.

Our daughter never heard anything from Hum. Hum never summoned any safety services. Our daughter had to search for her phone and call 911 herself. On July 22, 2019 I called Hum to inquire, and share my complete dissatisfaction. I was told by the representative that they would research this and they were escalating this to a special department. I should expect a response within 48 hours.

Fast forward two months later and several calls for answers with no response. I was looking at new phones inside a Verizon store. I shared my dismay with Hum. While in the store the rep called Hum. The answer was they tried calling me several times on my cell, but I never answered. I called BS immediately stating no calls from Hum, no messages, NOTHING. I then asked the rep if they tried calling multiple times that must mean they have an answer. When asked what the answer was I was told they would have to reopen the incident and research it again. Yep, you guessed it! I would hear something in about 48 hours. That was around 9/21/19.

Since then I have called and spoke with Edgar from Hum. He was less than understanding and spent more time pointing out that the rep in the store provided me a 1 (ONE) month credit for Hum because of my problems. He had the nerve to tell me he considered my case closed since I accepted a monetary fix.

HELLO! The rep offered. Why would I not accept? When did I ever agree to stop questioning why my daughters' health and safety were at risk all the time Hum gave us some false sense of security? He agreed to check with the engineers after he confirmed he saw no comments on why Hum didn't work from the 3-4 other claims to check. What about the claims they tried to call me multiple times to tell me the outcome of their investigation. NOPE, not a darn thing. That was on October 4.

On October 31 I again called looking to speak with Edgar to find out why he hasn't called me back in the 48 hours as promised. I spoke with Jerry, who said Edgar wasn't in yet. I spoke with Jerry, describing the whole incident. He shared my concern and promised I would hear something soon. He promised he would leave a message with Edgar and I would get answers. It is now 11/13/19, and I still have gotten no return call.

Edgar also promised a refund of 1 year (yes, ONE whole year of service) credited to my Verizon bill starting on the next bill cycle. Our bill just cycled, and I will be very surprised if I actually get what is promised.

So, unlike most people on this website that shared accident alerts on vehicles that were clearly never damaged we have the exact opposite problem. Our 18-year-old daughter was in an accident and had to summon help herself. We thank God every day she, and the other driver, were not hurt seriously. Thankfully she was able to contact safety services, but there is no record of any alert from Hum as promised.

As a matter of fact, during all these calls to Hum I pointed out the car was still showing as parked at the exact location the accident happened. I pointed out the unit was firmly seated in the OBD reader under the dash, and the whole car, including the hands free calling had power until the fire department cut the battery cables.

So, my suggestion is, please don't waste your time, money, and peace of mind on a system that doesn't seem to work as promised. If that isn't bad enough, the customer service sucks as they don't seem to follow through on any promises made to come to a swift resolution. Remember, her accident was on 7/12/19, and it is now 11/13/19. My first call to Hum was on 7/22/19 and still NO explanation.

Do you want to waste your money on a false sense of security? I don't. Service was cancelled 2 months ago.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Nov 11, 2019

You have been scammed

By David P., McMinnville, OR, Verified Reviewer

I purchased HUM and after 6 months they finally got it working. Seems there were recalls that HUM did not notify their customers. After HUM (with Verizon help) got me a working model and got it working (it took 6 months), they pushed an "Upgrade" of the firmware. It seems that the upgrade added Google Assistant to the system software. The hook being unless you set up Google assistant you CANNOT use the hands-free option (the main reason for me to order the HUM). As usual the HUM tech support is useless unless you ask the tech something covered in their checklist.

Verizon has sold me something I cannot use for what I ordered it for!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Posted on Nov 7, 2019

A total ripoff and they NEVER stop charging you!

By Lisa W., Jacksonville, FL, Verified Reviewer

What a total ripoff! The Hum device caused 187 faults (as diagnosed by BMW dealer, to whom I had to pay to tow the car because ripoff Hum never got a tow truck to me, their dimwits on the hotline put me on hold for 40 minutes, oh and their defective website was down).

I canceled this "service" TWO FRIGGIN' YEARS AGO AND YET THEY STILL KEEP CHARGING ME! Even their report last week indicated that I had not used this useless piece of crap in 560 days. Time for class action lawsuit. Oh, and I am canceling my decades-long Verizon Wireless service because they are sponsoring this scam.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 19, 2019

Worst piece of junk ever!

By David S., Omaha, NE, Verified Reviewer

This thing has never worked since day one about blew up my transmission and dropped my gas mileage by 9 miles a gallon, only had it on for 8 hours and could never make it work right. Verizon acts like they have not heard any complaints but yet I’m reading them all the time. Anyway, I would not even recommend this to my enemies, let alone a friend.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 16, 2019

Not worth the money

By Susan M., Michigan, Verified Reviewer

I had a bad device. It said that my battery was low. I got a new one and this one will not update at all. I have had nothing but trouble with this piece of crap. I can't wait to get rid of it next year. I would never recommend this to anyone.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Sep 21, 2019

App can't tell when I'm in my car or in an Uber

By Natalie S., Florida, Verified Reviewer

The phone app collects statistics when I'm in an Uber. This makes all the statistics completely irrelevant. Plus it's eating battery life for no reason. Figure out a way to turn this process off when the app can't "speak to" the programmed Him.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Sep 16, 2019

Crash notification failure

By Melissa O., Copperas Cove, TX, Verified Reviewer

We got two Hums in March 2019, worked well for about two weeks. Then the one in my husband's truck stopped working and just beeps, called tech support. They told me to unplug it and plug it back in. Did that, still doesn’t work. Did this several times. Still useless and we pay monthly on it, can’t get it shut off, can’t return it. Then today, September 8, 2019, while it is parked in my driveway with no one else around, it sends a crash notification to the local police department. They called me and asked if I was ok. I was shocked when they told me an alarm company sent them a notification that my caravan was in a crash. I said no, it is sitting in my driveway with no one around it. This is absurd. Will be taking them both out and just chucking them after cancelling it. This is the last straw.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 21, 2019


By Leslie L., Kingsporrv, Verified Reviewer

My husband was talked into purchasing two Hums by the salesperson when he went to a Verizon Store. They do not work properly and have started messing up our truck. All the warning lights came on our 2017 Ford truck and even the signal lights stopped working. My husband unplugged it and most went off and the lights started working again. I just hope it didn't ruin our trucks computer system. Hum is a big rip off.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 1, 2019

Buyer beware, it’s extremely fault (not free) misleading

By James C., Philadelphia, PA, Verified Reviewer

I was told I was receiving this great new device for free only to find out it was a $10 monthly charge. This Hum is useless, unless you forget where you park your car. On one incident cops were inspecting my car for damage late on a Friday night, when I approached them and asked them why they were looking in my car. I was informed the Hum called the police and now they were questioning me if I hit and ran. Obviously I hadn’t been in a accident when they realized I did not have a single mark on my car but why would this device contact police? No safety feature of the car went off but this device decided I was in an accident knowing that my car was moving decided to call police. The programming and features of this device are garbage. If you buy a new phone the app does not properly transfer from Verizon device to Verizon new device. I was locked out of the app with no customer support. I informed Verizon of this and I was told I was in a 2-year contract for a faulty device. To be honest, all the devices are faulty, misleading and a terrible buy.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 29, 2019

Hum OBD reader creating ghost signals.

By Michael J S., South Plainfield, NJ, Verified Reviewer

Two months I purchased a Hum Speaker with Blue Tooth GPS, OBD to monitor engine performance and if a problem came up, a code would be sent to my smartphone. Sounded like a deal not to pass up. Yesterday I was alerted that there was an emission problem and a mechanical problem with the transmission. Took the car to my mechanic and said a ghost code was created by the OBD reader, he removed out of the port and had to reset the module with the machine, there was nothing wrong after that. The port reader is only for a diagnostic tool not for OBD reader, car bulletins were sent out to mechanics regarding this issue, Verizon has no idea of a mechanical issue. And car manufactures did not install the port for this purpose for a reader, if this was true. Dodge would tell me to do this. The OBD is removed and the engine runs better without it. If the check engine goes on I will take it to my mechanic. I terminated the 2-year agreement and the fee was waived by Verizon because of my situation. I missed a day's work and will no longer be interested in promotional offers by Verizon and account was credited. Will keep the Smart Phone and Samsung Tablet. Very disappointed with Hum.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 22, 2019

Crash response

By Jerry H., Pennsylvania, Verified Reviewer

I had Hum in a 2011 Jeep Compass. I keep getting emails about Hum inactivity. Well, apparently the crash response feature doesnt work because the vehicle was totaled 2 years ago and I haven't had it since. I personally thought it was a waste of money.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 12, 2019

Waited 3 hours and STILL never got a tow!

By Rachel D., Colorado, Verified Reviewer

Tonight was one of the best examples of terrible customer service. I waited with my car for 3 hours at a public park. Also, mind you, two of those hours were after closing and I had a sheriff come up to me and talk to me about how I needed to get the tow service in order quickly because I probably would have other sheriffs coming to tell me the same thing. I was told multiple times that I would get someone to call me and explain to me why it was taking so long and I never got a phone call! I eventually just left and never heard from them. Worst experience ever! I will be going into Verizon and trying to cancel hum. You might as well just go with AAA.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jun 27, 2019

Fails with heat

By Frank M., Idaho, Verified Reviewer

We use it primarily for the "hot-spot" with an Amazon Echo Dot ver 1. What I've noticed is a reaction to heat. Driving into Boise (25 miles on a two-lane road) the Wi-Fi works perfectly, the vehicle has been garaged all night and is cool. Vehicle sits in a parking lot 86 degrees in the sun. On the way home, Wi-Fi fails consistently. The difference - heat. Verizon says to unplug it and plug it back in, not practical. Fix the device or refund.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jun 25, 2019


By John Y., Phoenix, AZ, Verified Reviewer

My 85-year-old mother went to get a new phone by herself. Two days later I go to her house to set up and show her how to use the phone. She then shows me this Hum thing that I never heard of. I asked why did they sell you this and they told her she should get this for her car to make her feel more safe, even though she told them she has AAA. So the next day we go down there and I tell them to take it out of her car and get rid of it because she has no need for it and doesn't even know what it was when they gave it to her. Needless to say, they took it out of her car and then charged her $55 to restock it on their shelf. I called them a nasty name and said how can you sit there and take advantage of an 85-year-old woman. Three days and they still had to charge her, what a bunch of bull. Verizon is a joke and nobody should buy this piece of junk.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jun 21, 2019

Not all it’s cracked up to be

By Jacjy L., Stuart, FL, Verified Reviewer

I purchased my Hum at a local Verizon store. Started receiving error code messages 2 days after my Hum was installed. This was very concerning. Every time I deleted them, new code error messages appeared.

Verizon rep told me this was completely normal and that my Hum...

Was working properly. Really? If all these error code messages were posting, how would I KNOW when I had a REAL problem. He had no answer.

When I bought the Hum, I was told I had a 14-DAY return option with no penalties. Finally decided to return the Hum on June 12th after many error code emails LATER.

I told the Verizon rep I didn’t like the Hum or want it. I was on my 14th day or the no-obligation period, and wanted to cancel my contract and return the Hum. That’s when the issues began.

You see, Verizon counts the day I purchased the Hum as day #1. They maintained that I was past the 14-day period by 1 day; and for that, I would be charged $120 to cancel my contract. This is clearly an attempt to make more money and totally unprofessional.

After debating the time sequence with 2 supervisors, they finally admitted that to the normal lay-person. My math was right. I was, in fact, on my 14th day.

Now the fun begins. I pulled the Hum out of the car and gave it to the salesperson. I was then told I couldn’t return it because it wasn’t in its original box. Well, of course, it’s not in its box - it’s in my car! No, I don’t have the box, I only kept the box flap with all the data stuff.

Another level of supervision later and I finally got my refund and canceled contract confirmation. Worst example of CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever had with Verizon. I’m certainly weighing my options.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jun 20, 2019

Don't do it!

By Christina F., Florida, Verified Reviewer

I am on my second replacement home in 6 months. Only because I cannot get out of the contract with Verizon. The Hum has given me false car readings when I took my car to the mechanic, he said absolutely get rid of it because they do cause car issues. Has given false readings about speed which in turn I grounded up my daughter for. When she explained it to me I took the car out and it did the same thing to me so bad mom there. Trying to get help with this device is more ridiculous than anything I have ever experienced. Save yourself the headache and the money! The worst part of this is when you call Verizon to try and talk to someone about Hum every representative I have talked to about it says we've heard that from several people that they wish they hadn't gotten the Hum. That's pretty bad for their own employees to say it.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on May 10, 2019

Blatant scam

By Jason P., Tennessee, Verified Reviewer

I used the app to get help from a locksmith. I was told I'd be called promptly. 90 minutes later I got a call after another locksmith I paid out of pocket for helping me. I was told by Hum customer service that I would get reimbursed if I mailed a receipt to an address, which surprised me as it's 2019, you would think a fax or scanned receipt would be good.

That was two months ago. I called asking where my reimbursement was. I was told to expect a call in two business days. That was a lie too.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Apr 17, 2019

A 2-day nightmare. Buyer beware. Scam?

By Lynne L., Rhode Island, Verified Reviewer

I saw a widget on my new phone so curiosity brought me in to see what this was. I only put my email phone and name. I didn't sign anything or agree to the terms or conditions. I received an email stating I was in a 30-day trial and would be charged after that. I immediately contacted Hum to say no way I did not ask for this...service response was " when you put your name number and email it's a partial agreement." No way! I contacted them, made sure I had no account and contacted Verizon immediately with bells and red flags going off. Verizon contacted Hum and made sure I had no account. Today I received an email stating "welcome to your 30-day trial." WHAT!? I called Hum. I was hung up on three times, put on hold over six minutes, all to get this straightened out. Their customer service had me with tech support. Sending me text codes when all I wanted was my name out of their system. I spoke to a Verizon rep who told me any emails sent out by Hum Verizon has copies of. She did not see any Hum emails. She stayed on the phone with me to make sure I would not receive any contact from them. I think it's a scam from China. Their customer service is abysmal.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Mar 14, 2019

Verizon Hum

By Marilee M., Omaha, NE, Verified Reviewer

I received the Verizon Hum in October of 2018. Less than three weeks later, my car died in the middle of a very busy intersection in 5:00 traffic. I was able to get it started and made it home. I called my mechanic who was nice enough to tow it from my garage to his shop. He tried several things and after quite a bit of money, was able to come to the conclusion that the primary computer for my Lexus RX 330 had been shorted out. He asked me more than once if I had tried to jump-start another vehicle, which I had not. The new computer had to be ordered; of course!

Two and a half weeks and $1600.00 later, my truck is running again. The first week of December on my way to work, the Hum keeps beeping. When I arrived at work, I called Hum. They informed me that "that just happens sometimes" and they would get back to me. In mid-January, I was at work and went to leave for lunch, the truck would not start...again! DRAT!

I called my mechanic who is about as far away from my work as he could be. He came and towed it. This time, he took it to Lexus. They spent over six hours looking for the problem. Yes, it was the Hum again. They removed the Hum and again replaced the computer which had been shorted out...again! I am now out over $3200.00 and had to borrow a car so I could get to work to pay for the repairs.

Fast forward a few weeks, it is now the second week of March, and they just called me to tell me there is a problem with my Hum and it has not been recording anything since December 10th when I called to tell them it kept beeping. They would like me to take it to Verizon and get a different one! They are nuts!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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