About Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop

Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop leaves your floors—or any other surface—sparkling clean, polished, and dried faster and easier than the competition, without drips, streaks, or messes.

Compared to the original (more about this in a second), Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop now features a longer, super light alloy handle that provides better reach, as well as a giant microfiber head that’s 30% larger and can even absorb up to 10X its own weight! You’ll also be able to prevent messes with the new splash guard.

Like the original, Hurricane Lightning comes with “spin dry bucket technology” that uses centrifugal force to spin your mop (hence the name) and clean it better than a traditional bucket. This also means you won’t have to worry about dripping or leaving a nasty trail behind when you mop.

And when it’s time, you can toss your Spin Mop’s into the washing machine, which can be washed hundreds of times, helping you to save money.

If Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop’s commercial is to be believed, it’s pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread. After all, the company claims it’s the “best mop you’ll ever own!”

But in reality, will Hurricane Lighting Spin Mop suck up huge messes in record time, or just plain suck? To get a good idea, let’s start with its predecessor.

Hurricane Lightning vs. 360 Spin Mop

They always say that in order to understand the present you have to look to the past. And in the instance of Hurricane Lightning, its “past” is in the original Hurricane 360 Spin Mop.

This product was a huge hit for Telebrands, but judging by HighYa reader feedback, the feeling isn’t mutual. Why?

Among more than 150 reviews, Hurricane 360 Spin Mop had an average rating of 2 stars at the time of our research. Overwhelmingly, most customers complained of poor quality, including:

  • Flimsy, cheaply made materials
  • Foot pedal broke
  • Handle was too short (we’ll come back to this in a second)
  • Mop always remained wet (didn’t dry properly)
  • Head didn’t pick up debris as well as advertised
  • Wheels/bucket broke after only a couple uses (in several instances, products arrived broken)
  • Mopping heads locked up or stopped spinning after 1-2 uses

Compared to this original version, Hurricane Lighting Spin Mop features a longer handle, a giant microfiber head that’s 30% larger, and a new splash guard.

Did you pick up on what happened? Basically, the company created a whole new version of the 360 Mop, but other than the longer handle, didn’t seem to address any of their customers’ concerns.

Pro tip: One HighYa reviewer claimed that the mop handle was too short, and she was only 5’ tall. So, even though Hurricane Lightning features a longer handle, you might want to keep your expectations realistic as to how much longer this will actually be.

So, in our opinion, we think it’s important that you keep these quality concerns in mind before placing your order.

Who makes Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop, anyway?

Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop’s Manufacturer

Like the original, Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop is manufactured by Telebrands, the “top dog” within the ASOTV industry. In their top spot, Telebrands pretty much has a big hit on their hands all throughout the year, which in addition to Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop, includes TouCan Opener, Pocket Hose Ultra, Copper Hands, and many more.

Despite their popularity, many of these products don’t fare well from a customer satisfaction standpoint. You’ll even find many of the same quality-related complaints that we learned about with the original Hurricane 360.

As a company, Telebrands recently settled a case with the NJ Attorney General’s office for allegedly violating the Consumer Fraud Act. After paying a $500K fine, the company admitted no wrongdoing.

Now, how much will it cost you to buy Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop?

How Much Does Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop Cost?

Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop is priced at two payments of $19.99 plus $12.99 S&H. During checkout, you’ll also be able to purchase an second mop for an additional $19.99 S&H.

With your order, you’ll receive a Power Pac, which are pre-packaged soap containers that drop right in the water, and are formulated with the perfect amount of soap for your bucket to instantly cut through grime.

The Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. In order to request one, you’ll need to contact customer service at 855-668-1655.

The Mop also comes with a 10-year guarantee, although no additional information was available on the product’s website.

Let’s bring it all together: Should you roll the dice on Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop?

Will Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop be a Storm of Frustration?

Is Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop really the “perfect mop”? Sure, it’s definitely possible, but given its predecessor’s low-quality customer reputation, we think there’s a very real possibility it might not live up to expectations.

Yes, it’s positive that the manufacturer addressed the handle length. But it seems like far more consumers were peeved about quality issues, so it might be that these other changes (e.g. larger head, splash guard) are simply marketing hype.

Our recommendation? The goal of most ASOTV products is to make it to store shelves, so we’d wait to purchase Hurricane Lightning Spin Mop until it arrives locally. This way, you might save yourself a ton of hassle (not to mention S&H charges) if you’re not satisfied.

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