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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jan 8, 2015

Veet’s Infini’Silk Pro is an in-home, FDA-cleared IPL hair removal device that claims to feature the same technology found in clinics and salons, while delivering “touchably smooth skin” and long-lasting results.

What is IPL?

Intense Pulsed Light is a hair removal technology that’s commonly used to perform a variety of treatments in your doctor’s office, and more recently, has become popular in at-home hair removal treatments as well.

While not technically lasers, IPL works on the same principle: a device containing a broad-spectrum light source emits a flash of light containing hundreds of wavelengths.

This light from Infini’Silk Pro targets the melanin within each hair follicle. It effectively heats up and damages the follicles during their active growth cycles (e.g. Anagen), although overall results depend heavily on the color contrast between a user’s hair and skin tone. The device is claimed to provide the best results to those with a greater degree of contrast between fair skin and dark hair.

A Note of Caution Regarding Skin Tone

Because IPL technology targets darker pigmentation, these treatments are often considered unsafe for those with darker skin tones and less contrast between their skin and hair.

Those with fairer skin (and red hair) are also cautioned to use caution when considering IPL hair removal devices. Users are also highly cautioned against tanning during IPL treatment periods.

Promising Permanent Hair Removal

The Infini’Silk Pro claims it takes only six weeks to provide permanently smoothed skin. Of course, personal results depend on how frequently the device is used, but the company claims that most users see results after four or five treatments, with permanent reduction in hair density after ten or more treatments.

Contrary to popular belief, photoepilation (the scientific name for IPL hair treatments) is reported to be a method for permanent hair reduction, but not removal. This means that ongoing treatments are necessary to maintain a visible reduction in hair growth on the treated areas.

Using Infini’Silk Pro (Not For the Impatient)

Because there are limitations on who can safely use the device, Veet requires that users read the complete Infini’Silk Pro User’s Guide before beginning the at home treatment.

Prep: Before treating an area, users should shave all unwanted hair to ensure the device’s light waves effectively reach hair follicles. Because the follicle must be intact, waxing isn’t a suitable method of pre-treatment hair removal. If an area isn’t shaved prior to treatment, the follicle will remain intact, and no permanent reduction will occur.

Power Up: The device needs to remain plugged in throughout the treatment, and it makes a fair amount of noise, similar to a hair dryer. For best results, it’s suggested that users start at a low setting and move up levels to suit their individual comfort level.

Pulse: To treat an area, just press the rectangular lamp to the desired treatment area and pull the pulse trigger. The device blinks every few seconds to let you know it’s working, and users will feel a sharp sensation, much like a rubber band being snapped against the skin.

Safety Considerations

It’s very important that users note this device can cause burns if used improperly.

There is a helpful skin sensor on the device that stops it from pulsing if your skin is considered an “unsafe” tone. Additionally, users should note that treatments aren’t something that can be rushed, as the device only pulses once every three seconds to avoid over-treating the same spot.

Infini’Silk Pro Overall User Experience

The Infini’Silk Pro is sold for six payments of $39.95, or a single payment of roughly $240. Free shipping is offered when ordering through their website, and the Pro model comes with two free replacement cartridge replacements.

Speaking of which, cartridges burn out after 5,000 pulses and must be replaced at a cost of $69 each. The amount of treatments each cartridge yields will vary depending on the size of each treatment area and how quickly each user’s hair follicles respond.

Infini’Silk Pro comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling charges.

Unlike many products that promise big results, the Veet Infini’Silk Pro gets fairly positive ratings on both Amazon reviews and a wide sampling of beauty blogger posts. The consensus is that this device delivers results, provided you possess the correct combination of skin tone and hair color.

These positive reviews may have as much to do with their realistic promises as overall results – in how long treatments take, what to expect, and how long hair removal results last.

However, an aspect of the user experience that isn’t getting rave reviews is Veet’s customer service. Once specific review details a customer’s difficulty ordering replacement cartridges, a lapse in which can affect long-term results.

Customers who reported the most positive results from this device had considered their individual pain tolerance and skin/ hair coloring contrast before purchasing.

Is Infini’Silk Pro the Way To Take It All Off?

IPL is a proven method of permanently reducing hair growth, both in and out of the doctor’s office. While there are safety risks if it’s improperly used, the device offers features to keep users as safe as possible (providing both common sense and user directions are followed.)

Users should keep in mind that according to Wikipedia, up to 20% of hair follicles can recover from the treatment. This means that a lifetime of using the device is required to keep up results. However, with the convenience of at-home use and a total cost that’s only a fraction of in-office IPL treatments, the Veet Infini’Silk Pro device seems worth considering for those who are serious about hair removal.

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