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Insta Press is a portable iron that uses dual spring-loaded ceramic heating plates to help you get a perfect crease every time. And because it simultaneously irons both sides of your clothes, without the need for an ironing board, it can “cut your ironing time in half”!

Insta Press is super lightweight (making it a perfect travel accessory), heats up in seconds, and features adjustable temperature control to ensure you’ll never scorch or burn your sheers, curtains, or suits—whether made of cotton, rayon, silk, or any other fabric. When you’re finished using Insta Press, it conveniently stores away until you need it again.

These all sound like great benefits, especially if you travel frequently. But will Insta Press really give you “professional results every time,” or is the commercial just professionally crafted to make it look better than it really is? We’ll help you answer this question.

First, how does Insta Press stack up against the competition?

Is Insta Press a Unique Product?

This depends on what you consider unique. Are there any other travel irons, hanging clothes irons, or dual-plate irons exactly like Insta Press? Not really, at least for ironing clothes.

However, you probably picked up on the fact that Insta Press features the same basic design as a flat iron used for straightening hair: from the quick-heating ceramic plates and hinged arm, to the adjustable temperature control.

Granted, most hair irons feature much smaller ceramic plates than Insta Press. But if you search online for “wide plate flat iron,” you’ll find options that could just as easily be used for the same purpose as Insta Press, although they might not be designed in the exact same way.

What’s all this mean for you? We’ll get to that in a second, but let’s take a look at pricing.

How Much Does Insta Press Cost?

Insta Press costs $39.95 plus $5.95 S&H. With your order, you’ll get a “bonus” over-the-door hanger, which will cost you an extra $5.95 processing fee, bringing your total to $51.85.

All Insta Press orders come with a 60-day money back guarantee, less S&H charges. This means you could lose $15+ right off the bat if you decide to request a refund!

Pro tip: Remember how we talked about wide plate flat irons above? Many of these can be purchased from local retailers for half the price of Insta Press. On top of this, you won’t lose a ton of money in non-refundable S&H charges if you’re not satisfied.

Nonetheless, if you’d like to return your Insta Press, you’ll need to call Idea Village customer service at 844-463-1128. Just who is Idea Village, anyway?

Is Insta Press a Quality Product?

After reviewing hundreds of As Seen On TV products, we’ve encountered Idea Village quite a bit, who seem to be a middle-pack player within the industry. They’ve released a lot of popular options, including Snackeez, Miss Belt, Micro Touch Tough Blade, and many others.

The consensus? Their products come with an average 2-star rating. Why? Common complaints reference that they don’t work as advertised, don’t last very long, and come with poor customer service. This is pretty much par for the course for the entire ASOTV industry, so it’s not unique to Idea Village.

Just because it’s not unique though, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep it at the top of your mind before placing your order.

Taking a Closer Look At Some Of Insta Press’ Components

Because Insta Press seems to be a unique product, we can’t compare its performance with the competition. But we can take a closer look at some of its components.

Insta Press’ Ceramic Plates

Ceramic plates are a common feature in flat irons because the material heats quickly and evenly. This is also why you’ll find the material used in a wide variety of other consumer products, including non-stick frying pans, space heaters, hot plates, and more.

But not all ceramic plates are created equal. In the Modern Mom article above, the author noted that some companies use whole ceramic plates, while others use metal plates coated with ceramic, which might not provide the same quick and even heating.

Do traditional electric irons also use ceramics?

What Do Traditional Irons Use?

Most modern electric clothes irons feature a sole plate (the bottom metal part that comes into contact with garments) made of iron, which is usually heavily coated in a non-stick chromium plating.

The main difference? Iron is typically better at conducting heat than ceramic—which actually acts as an insulator—so traditional irons will probably heat up faster than Insta Press. Although because of its insulating properties, Insta Press’ ceramic plates might remain warmer longer.

Is Insta Press an Insta Fail?

As such as new product with no competition to speak of, there’s no way to know if Insta Press will work as well as the manufacturer makes it seem. In other words, this lack of competition could mean that Insta Press is breaking new ground, or it could mean that their flat-iron-turned-clothes-iron is just an overhyped gimmick. We’ll have to wait and see what customers say.

But consider this: If you feel like giving Insta Press a try and end up dissatisfied, you could lose $15+ in non-refundable S&H charges.

Given everything we’ve discussed here, if you’re looking for something almost identical to Insta Press, we’d recommend searching locally for a wide plate flat iron. This will not only save you cash on S&H, it’ll also make the return process super easy if you’re not satisfied.

Alternately, if you’re more focused on Insta Press’ portability than its dual-sided plates, you can search locally or online for travel irons, some of which can be purchased for $20 or less. Ultimately, this might provide much more bang for your buck.

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