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Instagone Max claims to be a multi-purpose stain removing formula that erases most types of stains, including water, mold, mildew, rust, soot, and more, without rubbing or scrubbing. In addition, the manufacturer claims that Instagone Max can also be used to clean patio furniture, vinyl seat cushions, exterior siding, caulking, gutters, stone, stucco, ceiling tiles, as well as masonry.

Unlike other stain removing products that can sit around and lose their potency though, Instagone Max’s power packets are claimed to help “conserve all the cleaning power.”

In order to use Instagone Max, the company claims you just need to add one power packet to the included spray bottle, and then fill with water. Afterward, spray Instagone Max onto the surface you’re looking to clean, and the super strong formula is claimed to remove stains in seconds.

Cleaning tough stains out of different surfaces can take a lot of hard work, which can be all but impossible if you suffer from mobility issues or joint pain. But can Instagone Max provide you with maximum strength stain removal, with a minimum amount of work? Consider the following:

What Ingredients Does Instagone Max Contain?

In short, we’re not told. And after an intensive search, we were unable to locate this information on any third-party websites.

Because of this, there’s no way to compare Instagone Max’s cleaning power with other products available through local retailers, or whether it really is a hands-free cleaning solution.

Consider All Your Options

Speaking of other products, there are dozens upon dozens of multi-surface cleaners available, whether online or at local retailers. On top of this, many of these are priced lower than Instagone Max, especially when factoring in the high S&H charges (more about this in the Pricing section).

For an idea of just how many products are out there, run a quick search for “multi-surface cleaners” in your favorite search engine and see how many results turn up.

Do Instagone Max’s Packets Improve Its Cleaning Power?

According to the product’s website, the fact that Instagone Max is contained in power packs means that it won’t lose its potency when sitting in your cabinet, unlike other cleaners.

However, when you think about it, this claim doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. First, once you open the packet and pour its contents into the spray bottle, unless you use the entire bottle all at once, it will sit in your cabinet and “lose potency,” just like any other cleaner.

Second, since we’re not informed which ingredients Instagone Max contains, there’s no way to gauge its shelf life, or how this compares to other cleaners. With this said, A View at Five-Two provides a fairly comprehensive list of common cleaning ingredients and their average shelf lives.

Are Customers Singing Instagone Max’s Praises?

Instagone Max is a very new product, so it didn’t have any online customer reviews available at the time of our research.

However, Instagone Max is manufactured by Telebrands, one of the largest companies in the ASTOV industry, who also makes other popular As Seen on TV products such as Amish Secret, Copper Hands, and Hurricane 360 Spin Mop. Between these three products, more than 200 HighYa readers have provided their feedback and have given them an average rating of 2 stars. Some of the most common complaints appear to reference poor quality products that don’t perform as advertised, high S&H charges that are non-refundable, and poor customer service (difficulty obtaining refunds, numerous upsells during calls, etc.).

This shouldn’t be taken to mean that you’ll experience the same with Instagone Max, but it’s definitely worth noting.

Instagone Max Pricing & Refund Policy

Two packets of Instagone Max are priced at $10 plus $6.99 S&H. The product’s commercial claims that you can double your order for an additional $6.99 S&H, although this option wasn’t available when we attempted to check out.

Instagone Max comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. Important note: To put this in perspective, if you’re unhappy and decide to return your Instagone Max, you’ll immediately lose almost $14 in S&H, plus whatever it will cost to ship the packets back to the manufacturer. After everything is said and done, this means you could spend twice as much in S&H charges as you’ll receive as a refund.

With this said, you’ll need to contact customer service at 855-668-1655 in order to request a refund.

Will Instagone Max Make Cleaning Easier?

Chopping to the point: Without knowing exactly which ingredients Instagone Max contains, it’s all but impossible to address whether or not it:

  • Will remove stains as well as it claims,
  • Will make the stain removal process as easy as it claims, or
  • Is comparable with other widely available products.

Considering this, along with Instagone Max’s very high non-refundable S&H charges, means that you might consider local options before giving it a try.

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