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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: May 19, 2016

The InStyler BLU Ionic Dryer promises to help you easily create your perfect look, from sleek and shiny to voluminous body, claiming to be the lightest and most powerful blow dryer available.

However, we’ve heard these promises from hair dryers before. Before dissecting the how, let’s take a look at what benefits InStyler claims that their BLU Ionic Dryer brings to the dressing table:

  • Faster Drying Time: InStyler says that the BLU Ionic Dryer gives you more than hot air, thanks to its high-power DC Motor and Jet Turbine Fan. (Capitalization theirs.) The website claims that these two elements combine to create an extremely powerful airflow that helps hair dry faster.
  • Lightweight & Comfortable: Even though InStyler supposedly has you holding the BLU for less time, they still want you to be comfortable. Promising a lightweight and ergonomic design, the website claims that the BLU makes hair drying easier.
  • Controlled Airflow: Using BLU’s Infinity Dial, you’ll be able to control and customize airflow based on your hair’s needs. No more having to choose between just two different settings.

The InStyler BLU Ionic Dryer wouldn’t live up to its name without some kind of ion action, would it? Sure enough, the device features an Ionic Generator, which supposedly “bathes hair in soothing ions to produce smooth, frizz-free hair.”

InStyler BLU Ionic Dryer Features

According to InStyler, the BLU Ionic Dryer does the job faster, more comfortably, and gives you more control. But, what bells and whistles help make all this razzle dazzle possible? Here’s what the BLU Ionic Dryer features:

  • A High Power Motor: The BLU’s website states pretty much the same information as above—technologically advanced DC Motor that creates an extremely powerful airflow.
  • Turbine Fan: InStyler claims to have modeled the BLU’s fan after those used on jet planes, stating that it features thinner, lighter blades that create a compressed and powerful airflow.
  • Infinity Dial: Again, as mentioned above, the Infinity Dial supposedly allows users complete control over their airflow for a custom drying experience.
  • Two Heat Settings: Scratch that. The InStyler BLU Ionic Dryer allows users complete control over their custom airflow...within two settings. Looks like someone in InStyler’s marketing department should research the meaning of “infinite.”
  • Cool Shot: Not just your nickname in high school, the InStyler BLU also delivers a blast of cool air to help set your hairstyle.
  • An 8’ Cord: Long enough to allow for mobility when styling. However, inspection of an image of the cord shows that it doesn’t appear to swivel.
  • Concentrator Nozzle: Need an extra blast of extremely powerful airflow? The concentrator nozzle is an additional attachment that allows you to do what the name implies—concentrate a stream of hot air for styling precision.

How Does the InStyler BLU Ionic Dryer Work?

According to the BLU Ionic Dryer’s official website, the device uses the aforementioned DC Motor and Jet Turbine Fan to create an extra powerful airflow. The InStyler BLU’s website goes on to state:

“BLU Photonic Ions interact with wet hair, they transform the large droplets of water into fast drying micro-beads. The powerful airflow of the BLU Ionic Dryer drives the micro-beads of water to rapidly evacuate from the hair strands.”

The website claims that this process helps to retain your hair’s natural moisture, resulting in healthier, shinier, more lustrous hair.

InStyler BLU Mini Ionic Dryer

The BLU Mini is a travel dryer that’s bundled with every BLU Ionic Dryer purchase. The website claims that the BLU Mini offers all the power of the full-size, while fitting easily in your travel bags.

The only differences? The BLU Mini comes with a five-foot cord, instead of eight, and comes with a decorative chrome ring.

How Much Does the InStyler BLU Ionic Dryer Cost?

This is where things get a little iffy. The product’s official website features large text advertising the BLU Ionic Dryer for $14.95 (+ tax), plus free shipping. This is followed by text stating the purchase is valued at over three hundred dollars.

Screenshot of InStyler’s website

However, smaller print clarifies that this price is only a 30-day trial offer. Potential shoppers need to scroll down the website’s fine print, located at the very bottom, to learn that, after 30 days, they’ll be charged three additional payments of $39.95.

This brings the total cost of the InStyler BLU Ionic Dryer and BLU Mini up to $134.80. Additionally, orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands or Canada will include a $10 surcharge per order. Residents of California will also be charged a state sales tax.

Want to Return Your InStyler BLU Ionic Dryer?

The manufacturer allots unsatisfied customers 30 days from the date that the product is shipped. However, the trial price of $14.95 is non-refundable.

To return your InStyler BLU Ionic Dryer, you must contact customer service representative and receive a Credit Return Authorization Number by calling (800) 906-7290. Additionally, you are responsible for the cost of return shipping.

The InStyler BLU Ionic Dryer is covered by a three-year warranty. If your device breaks within that time, call the customer service number above for instructions on receiving a replacement.

Is the InStyler BLU Ionic Dryer Really All It Claims?

InStyler makes some impressive claims about their BLU Ionic Dryer. But, we couldn’t help notice that many of the terms used to described their features, such as “DC motor” and “jet turbine fan” were both incorrectly capitalized—giving the impression that they’re trademarked technology—and hyped up.

What do we mean?

To begin, a DC motor isn’t anything unique—it’s any machine that converts a direct current of electrical power into mechanical power. More simply, many appliances that you plug into power mechanical parts (they go “whirr!”) use a DC motor—including toy cars, treadmills, and blenders. This is in contrast to AC motors, which use alternating currents.

To add insult to injury, many stylists prefer hair dryers with AC motors.

According to The Beauty Department, “an AC motor is the one in the big bad heavy duty hair dryers that the pros use” because they:

  • Have a longer life expectancy
  • Are more powerful
  • Are quieter
  • Are more durable

The benefits of a DC motor? They’re easier on the wrists due to being lightweight, and cheaper to buy because they don’t last as long.

What About Those Jet Turbine Fan Blades?

InStyler’s statement that their fan blades blast more power due to a jet turbine design is intriguing—especially because anything associated with a jet engine is notoriously expensive, as materials must be incredibly light and strong.

So, what are the BLU Ionic Dryer’s fan blades made of that makes them so powerful, light, and strong? To clarify, we contacted InStyler’s customer service:

Autumn [HighYa]: What are the fan blades made of?
A: The website says that they are thinner and lighter -- are they made of plastic?
Sandy [InStyler]: They are made of Turbine.
S: Yes it's lighter.
A: Turbine is a component in a machine--one that spins. Not a material. That's like saying they're made of an oven coil :)
S: Unfortunately this is the only information I have in regarding the fan.
S: I apologize.

According to Wikipedia, turbine blades are a piece of a turbine engine. When used in jet engines, they are tasked with moving large volumes of energy from a high-temperature, high-pressure environment. To do so properly, they are often made of exotic, and very expensive, materials such as superalloys. Unfortunately, turbine is not a material itself.

Bottom Line on the InStyler BLU Ionic Dryer

Given the discrepancies in Instyler’s claims, including an Infinity Dial that really only gives you two options, a DC motor that turns out not to be the first choice for professional stylists, and fan blades that are made of who knows what, it’s our opinion the BLU Ionic Dryer’s marketing claims blow more hot air than the device itself.

With those things in mind, we’d be wary of purchasing the device on a free trial basis. That’s because it’s our experience that companies who offer products on a free trial basis tend to have higher-than-normal customer complaints and poor service.

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