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By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff Published on: Sep 14, 2017

By providing customers with real, accurate quotes from more than 90 carriers, Insurify promises to deliver a clear, simple, and intuitive car insurance shopping experience—including helping you make the right coverage choices for your needs and preferences.

How’s it work? In just three minutes, Insurify’s ‘Super Agent’ engine will instantly verify your customer data, “analyze millions of records, identify patterns, and build models to match to your profile.” From there, you’ll receive personalized coverage and carrier recommendations that the company claims can help you save time and money on your insurance every year.

In this way, Insurify’s website notes that they’re the first online car insurance shopping platform, although you’ll still purchase your policy through and retain access to your personal agent, who can also help ensure you’re receiving all available discounts. You can even choose to be notified via email when your rates drop.

When shopping for auto insurance online, it’s often the case that choosing the right coverage options, getting a quote from multiple carriers based on your needs, and then opening a policy involves several different parties. So, by bringing the process under one roof, Insurify’s basic concept certainly seems compelling.

But are they the right choice for you? Here, we’ll take a down-to-earth approach to help you make a more informed, empowered decision. Before diving in, though, we’ll need to address a fundamental concept.

What’s the Difference Between Lead Generation, Quote Aggregator, & Insurance Agency Websites?

Although there are perhaps hundreds of sites competing for many of the same customers as Insurify, in The Pros and Cons of Using Auto Insurance Comparison Sites, we discuss that there are really only three business models in this industry:

  • Lead generation – After a customer enters all their relevant auto insurance details (vehicles, drivers, activity, coverage levels), these sites will send the information out to independent agents who have purchased your ‘lead.’ Then, they’ll contact you to see if they have an insurance carrier that meets your needs.
  • Quote aggregator – The owners of these third-party sites solicit insurance carriers, who then advertise their services to customers searching for auto quotes. In exchange for providing a customer’s information, these sites might earn a commission.
  • Independent agencies & brokers – These individuals and companies act as a go-between with you and the insurance carrier. These licensed individuals can help you better understand your needs and find the most appropriate company. In return for selling a policy, they’re provided a commission by the chosen carrier.

Of these, Insurify is an agency that represents more than 90 auto insurance carriers. Compared to the other two business models, agencies and brokers are the only ones that work on behalf of the consumer to help counsel them on the appropriate coverage levels, and to find the best fit as far as a company.

How Does Insurify Work?

Regardless of the type of site you visited, if you’ve ever obtained an online auto insurance quote before, you’ll find that Insurify’s system asks most of the same questions.

You’ll start by entering your zip code, followed by your vehicle’s year, make, and model, along with how it’s used (commuting, pleasure, rideshare, etc.).

Then, you’ll indicate if you lease or are still making payments, details for all drivers in your household (name, DOB, gender, licensing status, age first licensed, credit rating, etc.), and any applicable discounts (if you own a home, have a job, are a student, military/veteran, and so forth).

Final entries include your current insurance carrier (how long you’ve been with them, policy expiration date, any lapses, etc.), activity (accidents and violations), and the type of coverage you’re looking for (liability or full coverage).

After choosing a coverage package, you’ll then save your profile by entering your email, phone number, and vehicle garaging address. From there, Insurify will display rates from 10 companies and provide apples-to-apples comparisons of features and payment options for each one.

You’ll also have the option of speaking with one of the company’s agents at any point.

Insurify Summary ScreenAfter entering all your details, Insurify will display the rates from up to 10 different auto insurance carriers. From there, you can view the deal and then buy online if you choose. Image credit: Insurify

Compared to many of the other auto insurance comparison sites we’ve investigated over the years, all the details we entered into Insurify’s site successfully transferred over to the appropriate carrier after pressing the ‘Buy’ button. In most instances, we’ve found that customers are forced to start the quoting process all over again, so it’s certainly beneficial if you’re ready to buy.

And while the company didn’t have an iOS or Android app available at the time of our research, their quoting system was available through Facebook Messenger. There, you could text a photo of your license plate and talk with your personal virtual insurance agent.

Next, let’s take a look at what you might expect to pay for this convenience.

How Much Does Insurify Cost?

Like most personal lines insurance agencies, Insurify does not charge policyholders for their services. Instead, they’ll earn a commission from the carrier for each auto policy they write, so it’s in their best interest to find the right match, which is why we noted earlier that they work for the customer.

With this in mind, as you can see from the screenshot in the previous section, Insurify returned rates between $58 and $347 per month, based on primary factors like a single male driver, one vehicle, pleasure use, and the highest coverage package available.

Cancellation and refund policies will depend on the specific carrier you choose, although if you need assistance at any point, Insurify’s customer support department can be reached at 877-577-7111.

What Are Insurify Customers Saying In Their Reviews?

Although Insurify was founded in 2013, we didn’t find a whole lot of online customer feedback at the time of our research. In fact, other than a handful of cursory write-ups and press releases from nearly two years ago, we didn’t encounter any direct policyholder reviews.

Despite this general lack of feedback, Cambridge, MA-based Insurify—piloted by founder and CEO Snejina Zacharia—won second place in MIT's 100K competition, as well as first place in the Startup Disruptors category of the AIIC Northeast challenge.

Head of Engineering Steven Moseley previously worked as Lead Developer for TripAdvisor Rentals, while Kayak chief technology officer Giorgos Zacharia is one of the company’s main backers. Together, this is why Insurify’s promotional video states that they “wanted to bring that same hotel shopping experience you love to car insurance.”

But is there anything else like it?

Insurify vs. The Zebra

Earlier, we outlined that—as an agency—Insurify differentiates itself from many other auto insurance quoting websites, who act as lead generators or company-sponsored quote aggregators. And as most of us understand, it’s easy to get a quote direct from just about any carrier by visiting their website.

But are there other online agencies competing in the same space as Insurify?

Claiming to represent more than 200 insurance carriers, The Zebra is arguably Insurify’s biggest—and perhaps only—competition. And since the former was founded in 2012, we’re not sure that Insurify’s claim as the “first online car insurance shopping platform” is necessarily accurate.

From a user experience perspective, when the HighYa team researched The Zebra, we found their quoting system much like other comparison sites, including Insurify. Their results pages were even similar, displaying matches in order of price, which could be changed if any of the factors (drivers, vehicles, etc.) were incorrect.

However, there seemed to be much more policyholder feedback for The Zebra than with Insurify as of this writing, most of which was positive. With one customer complaint regarding quoting frustrations, the company held an A+ Better Business Bureau rating as of 9/12/17.

Rolling everything we’ve learned together, what does this mean for Insurify?

Our Final Thoughts About Insurify

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), when choosing an insurance agent, you’ll want to start by focusing on things like referrals from family, friends, neighbors, online reviews, trade associations, and other business owners.

Then, once you have a core list, consider factors like the agent’s personality, credentials, and licensing. When speaking with them, don’t be afraid to ask for references or ask questions.

The problem? With little-to-no online feedback to go on, it’s all but impossible to know what Insurify’s policyholders are experiencing.

On the upside, though, the company has been in business for more than fours years and is funded by some big-time backers. On top of this, if you value having access to a virtual agent 24 hours a day—something not offered by The Zebra, then Insurify might be right up your alley.

The bottom line is that most insurance professionals recommend shopping auto and home rates about once per year. If it’s about that time for you, at the very least, it might be worthwhile to take a few minutes, obtain a basic quote with Insurify, and see if the coverage options and prices offered by any of their carriers might help save you money.

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    Short on results

    • Kentucky,
    • Dec 15, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    Although this is advertised as comparing quotes from 90 or 100 insurance companies, it actually only returned two for me. It had a few other companies listed with no prices but a "Check Rates" button, but when I clicked it took me to individual company sites that required me to fill out all my information again, negating the whole purpose of using a site like Insurify.

    Also, it is December 2017 and Insurify would not allow me to select 2018 for one of my cars. And the employment choices were inadequate to cover many jobs ("Other" and "None of the Above" were not options).

    The site worked fine and was fairly quick, but the results were not useful and will require me to start over on another site.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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