Intellibed Review: Is It Worth the High Cost?

By Lydia Noyes
HighYa Staff
Updated on: Feb 26, 2020

You spend almost a third of your life in bed, so it makes sense to invest in a mattress that keeps you comfortable.

Intellibed brands itself as a future-focused mattress company with a range of options scientifically designed to provide maximum back support, spinal alignment, and pressure point relief.

The company claims its Gel Matrix technology is the “most disruptive technology in the bed industry since the invention of memory foam” to provide firm support while feeling soft.

Intellibed’s mattresses got their start in the healthcare industry, where they were used in hospital beds so that burn victims and other long-term patients experienced less pain from pressure points compared to traditional mattresses.

The average price for a new mattress ranges from $1,500–$2,500, but Intellibed’s cheapest model costs close to $4,000. Will investing in their mattress really help you get your best night’s sleep? Here, we’ll share the facts about different models, customer reviews, and more so you can make the right decision.

Pros: Cons:
  • Gel Matrix has proven record for relieving back pain and reducing pressure points

  • The company offers a 20-year warranty

  • More cooling than memory foam

  • The company pays return shipping costs

  • More expensive than the average mattress

  • Some customers struggled to get the company to honor the warranty agreement

  • Extremely uncomfortable for some users

What Is Gel Matrix Technology?

All Intellibed mattresses contain a proprietary support system called the Gel Matrix. This is made from a material known as Isoflex that is formed in a patented system of buckling columns that work together to redistribute your body weight.

Intellibed claims that its Gel Matrix system creates a durable support structure that won’t melt, leak, or crumble over time. It is purportedly three times firmer than a traditional foam mattress and capable of relieving pressure points up to 60% better than a standard mattress.

The honeycomb-shaped structure is also designed to optimize airflow so that you don’t overheat at night, and the material is made from food-grade mineral oil the company claims is so safe that it’s used for baby pacifiers.

As the company claims the Gel Matrix will last 4–10 times longer than memory foam, each mattress is protected with a 20-year warranty.

Intellibed Mattress Options

Intellibed currently offers three collections of mattresses:

Legacy Collection

This collection has Intellibed’s best value mattresses.

Azure Sapphire Indigo
Price for Queen $3,799 $4,199 $5,499
Features Intellibed’s most basic model includes 2.5" Gel Matrix layer and one Coil Zone for focused support. Includes 2.5" Gel Matrix Layer, one Coil Zone for focused support, advanced motion control support and a quilt cover. Includes two layers of Gel Matrix (2.5" and 1.25") and three coil zones for focused support.

Signature Collection

This line pairs state-of-the-art cushioning materials with their proprietary Gel Matrix.

Matrix Matrix Deluxe Matrix Supreme Matrix Grand
Price for Queen $5,999 $6,999 $7,999 $8,999
Features A single 1.25" Gel Matrix layer is covered with soft cushioning material for support and comfort. Titanium fiber technology adds extra durability so that the mattress is less likely to indent over time. 2.5" Gel Matrix technology combined with two layers of Titanium Fiber technology and ultra-supportive reticulated foam. Two layers of 2.5" and 1.25" Gel Matrix technology with two layers of Titanium Fiber technology.

Limited Collection

Available only at Mattress Firm, these mattresses combine latex support layers with Gel Matrix technology.

Starlight Twilight Nightfall Midnight
Price for Queen $6,999 $6,999 $7,999 $8,999
Features Single-layer of 1.25" Gel Matrix covered by cushioning material, pocket coils for motion control, one coil zone. 2.5" layer of Gel Matrix material for extra support, pocket coils for motion control, one coil zone. Dynamically adaptive 2.5" Gel Matrix layer with quilt cover, pocket coils for motion control, three coil zones. This premier bed includes Quantum Edge motion control and two layers of Gel Matrix (2.5" and 1.25").


Beyond mattresses, it’s also possible to purchase an adjustable bed base from Intellibed that lets you change the angle of your bed at any moment. Produced by Malouf, each model offers flexibility to put your feet up or elevate your head to ensure you stay comfortable in every position.

A 20-year warranty covers each base, and they range from $1,499 to $2,199 for a queen.

How to Buy Intellibed

It’s possible to buy Intellibed mattresses, toppers, adjustable bed frames, and other accessories all from the company website. Regarding shipping costs, the company offers a flat rate delivery charge of $269 for mattresses and $369 for bed frames. Those who live in Alaska or Hawaii can speak with customer service at 877-626-6249 for their specific details.

You can also purchase Limited Collection Intellibed mattresses directly from Mattress Firm retail locations around the country.

Delivery includes a full service set up, which provides for assembling the bed frame (if purchased) and removing all packaging materials. The company will even remove your old mattress for a $99 recycling fee.

Warranty and Return Policy

All Intellibeds qualify for a free 60-day trial, though the company requires you to try the bed for at least 30 days before initiating a return to have your return shipping costs covered.

If you exchange your mattress for a new model, you need to pay additional shipping costs though Intellibed will cover the cost of return shipping for the old one. Note that your exchanged mattress won’t receive a new 60-day trial.

Once Intellibed receives the mattress again, they will inspect it for stains, rips, tears, and other signs of damage. So long as it is found to be in like-new condition, you will receive a full refund. Some Intellibed products don’t qualify for returns, refunds, or exchanges. This includes adjustable bases, box springs, mattress protectors, pillows, sheets, and other accessories.

Regarding the warranty, Intellibed guarantees each mattress against manufacturing defects for 20 years after purchase. This warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by improper care or maintenance. Floor models or demonstration models also aren’t covered by warranty.

Analysis of Customer Reviews

HighYa customers have given Intellibed an average rating of 3.3-stars after 24 reviews. While that’s not a large enough to come to conclusions about this company, we’re sharing a summary of what they say below.

Flawed Return Process and Warranty Policy

A number of Intellibed customers found the company’s warranty to be overly harsh because they inadvertently voided it due to small stains or because they didn’t use a mattress cover every single night they slept on it.

Many reported that they requested a new mattress less than five years after purchasing theirs but were turned away due to technicalities, which left them feeling scammed.

Great for Pressure Point Relief

Many Intellibed users shared that they loved how the mattress soothed their sore backs and other pressure point pain areas. Some reported that their Intellibed mattress helped them fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and it reduced pain in their hips and spine.

These users noted that they felt an immediate difference when they slept elsewhere when traveling and often couldn’t wait to get home to their Intellibed.

Compares Well to Other Brands

In many cases, Intellibed customers had owned other high-end mattress brands before making their purchase. They shared that the mattress stacked up well against the competition because it kept them cooler at night than memory foam did and that it held its firmness and shape for years after purchase better than their previous bed.

Better Temperature Control

One common compliment for Intellibed mattresses seems to be that they keep sleepers cool and comfortable throughout the night. Users shared that included air chambers seem to encourage airflow so that they didn’t wake up in a pool of sweat.

Disappointing Delivery Service

Something that came up repeatedly in negative Intellibed reviews was dissatisfaction with the delivery process. Some wrote that the delivery team scratched their floor bringing the mattress indoors and left all the packaging materials behind, despite the company’s claims to clean everything up.

Increased Back Pain for Some

Not all Intellibed users felt pain relief using this mattress. Some shared that it made their backs ache to the point that they refused to sleep on it after the 30-day trial period. Others wrote that the mattress formed to the shape of their back after a few months, which meant they were sleeping in a deep indent that didn’t offer any support.

Key Takeaways

Mattress preferences are a personal matter, and what works for someone might not be ideal for you. Many Intellibed customers thought this mattress was worth every dollar, while others couldn’t wait to get it out of their house.

If you decide to take a risk on it, keep in mind that the company is strict on what qualifies for their return and warranty programs, so you will need to keep the bed in pristine condition beforehand.

Intellibed vs. Casper Mattress and Sleep Number

There is no shortage of options to consider when purchasing a mattress online. Two popular brands include Casper Mattress and Sleep Number. How do they compare to Intellibed? The following chart illustrates some key differences.

Intellibed Casper Mattress Sleep Number
Number of Mattress Options 11 3 9
Cost Range $3,799–$8,999 $395–$1,395 $899–$4,499
Primary Material Gel Matrix Memory Foam Air-filled chambers
Distinguishing Feature Gel Matrix is designed to disperse body weight to reduce pressure points Mattresses arrive in a box for easy delivery It’s possible to adjust each side of the mattress independently for different firmness levels
Refund/ Warranty Information 60-day refund, 20-year manufacturing warranty 100-night risk-free trial, 10-year limited warranty 100-night trial, 25-year limited warranty
Average HighYa Customer Reviews 3.3 3.8 2.1

These three companies offer mattresses at significantly different price points. Casper mattresses come in lower than the national average, and their convenient delivery style makes them ideal for people who move frequently or don’t want to commit to a bulky mattress and box spring. But with this lower price, you might get a shorter lifespan, as Casper beds only come with a 10-year warranty.

Sleep Number beds, in contrast, are tailored towards couples who might have different sleeping preferences. The innovative air-chamber filling system makes it possible to adjust the firmness settings of each side independently to your preferred number. One problem is that these beds tend to develop leaks or become less effective over time, which can cut into their expected lifespan.

Finally, Intellibed has more of a pain relief focus. The mattress’s material was first used in medical settings, and it’s designed to disperse your weight so that you don’t wake up with a sore back. If you struggle to sleep well on traditional box spring mattresses or memory foam, the gel matrix material may help you find relief.

The Bottom Line

Overall, deciding which mattress makes sense for you comes down to your budget and priorities. Intellibed mattresses are expensive, and customer reviews show that there’s no guarantee they will last longer than the ten years you can expect from the average mattress.

While customer reviews show that many people love the comfort and cooling properties of this new-age mattress, others found it too uncomfortable for quality sleep and resented that the company didn’t honor their warranty.

If you’re feeling unsatisfied with traditional mattress styles and have the money to spend, then Intellibed mattresses might be the right option for you.

Shopping for a mattress is a personal decision, and other people’s experiences can only tell you so much. If you have the chance, we recommend trying out an Intellibed at Mattress Firm before committing.

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Bottom Line: 54% would recommend it to a friend
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  • Bogus company with nonexistent 30-year warranty.

    • By George K.,
    • Utah,
    • Jul 22, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I purchased the intelliBED mattress three years ago with assurance from the sales representative that we would have no problems with the mattress, and if it did break down quickly, they have a 30-year warranty that is valid and presents no problems for customers.

    Now three years after our purchase both my husband and myself wake up in pain due to the fact the middle part of the bed does not have enough support. After contacting the company and filling out all the correct paperwork, and taking pictures, they told me that they could not honor their 30-year warranty due to the fact that normal wear and tear on a mattress is ½ an inch.

    They also sent out two employees to measure and take pictures of the bed as well. When they measured the bed, it was ½ inch and ¾ of inch wear and tear on the bed; with ¾ of an inch in the middle portion of the bed, where we complained there is no support. They never called me or returned my two placed calls to customer service. On the third call, the customer service representative put me on hold, and then came back and said that they would not honor the warranty due to the fact the mattress needs to sag or have a wear and tear measuring over ¾ of an inch.

    Consequently, the change in their measurement requirements according to what they measure, there is definitely no warranty. They also do not stand behind their product or their selling promos that we were promised at the purchase of the bed. I would never suggest purchasing an expensive intelliBED unless you feel that a $4000.00+ bed is worth about two and a half years of comfort.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • The Warranty claim department does not communicate

    • By MN,
    • Texas,
    • Jun 12, 2015

    I bought an intelliBED in May of 2006. I had researched beds to help my lower back issues. I will state, for the record, the intelliBED was VERY helpful and quite comfortable. I did not have the problems with aches and pains I had experienced before.

    With that said, I began having trouble with aches, pains, and piriformis syndrome about 12-18 months ago. I noticed that there was a sizable “hump” in the middle of the King-sized intelliBED I share with my spouse. In fact, I had to literally PULL myself up in order to breach the hump. I had done everything required to maintain the bed (6-month rotations, etc.) and contacted intelliBED regarding the warranty. The individual with whom I chatted on April 6th had even indicated the beds manufactured during the time I purchased mine had inherent issues with support and were not up to the standards intelliBED requires. Without great detail (which I do have), the last communication I received from them after submitting my warranty claim form and other documents was April 13, 2015, advising my paperwork had been received and I should hear from them within 24-72 hours. I have sent two follow-up emails, May 9th and June 1st, requesting some communication from intelliBED about my warranty claim. Nothing. I can only presume perhaps they don’t want to cover 100% of the warranty work since I am entering year #10. The warranty covers 100% (although YOU pay for shipping to Utah both ways!) the first 10 years, then begins to pay less each year for the remaining 10 years of the warranty.

    I hope you do NOT have to deal with the company. I have friends who swear by other beds they own and I am now in the process of investigating those options. I assure you I would NEVER purchase from this company again. They do NOT respond to customers in a reasonable manner. I cannot get anyone to tell me WHY I am being ignored. Having a good product helps with sales… but follow-up is far more important to me. I will never recommend intelliBED again and I have contacted friends I had recommended them to in the past to advise of my problem.

    UPDATE #1:

    I was astounded to receive a call from the Operations department at IntelliBED today (6-18-2015). While there was no explanation for the lack of communication previously, it appears they are wanting to resolve my warranty claim. The information I received was very positive. I will reserve judgment until all has been handled. I will return to update my post regardless of how it goes.

    UPDATE #2:

    On June 7, 2015, I posted a review of my personal experience with the intelliBED Warranty/Customer Service department(s). I was extremely displeased with the lack of response from the company after my initial contact on 4/6/2015. You may read the first review dated 6/7/2015 for details.

    This follow-up is to provide information on what happened after I posted my review on several blog sites as well as the Utah BBB site.

    On 6/18/15, I received a call advising my warranty claim had “just hit (my) desk” from the Operations Department. The caller could not or would not discuss why I had not heard from anyone after my attempts for communication but rather suggested we simply “move forward” from this point. He reiterated the same information I had garnered from my initial chat with Customer Service on 4/6/15. He advised he was going to simply replace my mattress with a comparable one with the “new and improved” internal components. He then told me it would be $700 for them to ship the new mattress. I advised I had a copy of my transcript chat where the Customer Service Representative had checked with the Warehouse Manager and quoted me $500 total for the two-way shipping of my old mattress for repair. He said he was the Warehouse Manager and he would honor that. (See summary for my question on why a one-way shipping charge would be the same as a two-way shipping charge.)

    On 6/19/15, I received a call from Customer Service to get credit card information to charge the “discounted” shipping charge to me (again… shipping charge is a sore point with me). She indicated the new mattress would likely ship out on 6/22/15.

    On 7/8/15, after some confusion with the shipping/delivery company, the new mattress arrived. My old mattress was removed & destroyed while on the truck. I took photos of the destroyed mattress per the Warehouse Manager’s request.

    On 7/13/15, the Customer Service Representative called me to check up on the delivery and to request I forward the photos of the destroyed mattress to them which I did. On 7/17/15, the delivery company called asking if I had photos of the destroyed mattress they picked up. Yes. She asked if I would email copies which I did.

    I have been sleeping on the new mattress for 3 weeks now. It is the way I remember my old mattress was in the beginning. I have not experienced any of the problems that had begun cropping up in the past year with my lower back issues or my Piriformis Syndrome. My sleep is back to what was advertised to me in 2006 (which I experienced and loved the first 8 years).

    SUMMARY: I am very satisfied with my new warranty replacement mattress. I was always happy with the product until it began to fail. I remain less-than-happy with the entire Warranty experience. I cannot resolve in my head why a one-way shipment charge would be the same as a previously quoted two-way shipment charge. I do not understand why no one could explain the excessive length of time before anyone contacted me even after I followed-up twice. I have suggested to intelliBED the need for some improvement and consistency in its Warranty/Customer Service communications. I am fairly certain they are simply glad to be done with me. Quite honestly, I am glad this ordeal is over, too. My sincere recommendation to anyone who may need to work with intelliBED on any Customer Service issue is to GET IT IN WRITING! Use the Chat mode or Email mode. Copy/paste the entire chat transcript to a document to which you can refer later on. Keep a running document on any/all communications with dates, times, and names that you can refer back to if something changes. As a final, rather humorous note… I received an email yesterday from an individual identified as a “Customer Service Champion” thanking me for my purchase of the intelliBED mattress. I didn’t purchase it. It was a warranty replacement. The intelliBED company really needs to do some extensive organizing and coordination among its departments.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • More back pain than ever

    • By L,
    • St. Louis, MO,
    • Jun 12, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I bought an intelliBED a little over a year ago. I was looking for something without all the chemicals and something to support my back after having a microdiscectomy. Originally, I bought the Posture Perfect, but after so many uncomfortable nights sleeping and feeling like the bed was way too hard, I decided I needed to trade that bed in for a Relief Perfect.

    Their customer service was pleasant to deal with, and I didn't have any problems with the switching. Yes, there was an adjustment period of almost a month for me. My husband never really had an adjustment problem, but he has commented from the beginning that he doesn't think either bed is that comfortable. After the adjustment period, I did think I was getting a deeper sleep. However, I think because I maybe don't move around more at night, I am stiffer in general in the morning. I've also noticed that the middle of the bed is higher than the two sides where we sleep.

    I kept the bed, but now I wish I hadn't. Every time I go to a hotel my first impression is that the beds are so comfortable and I sleep sound with no pain or stiffness. I have never had the "this bed is so comfortable, I love it" feeling for the intelliBED. Now, every time I go out of town and then come back to my bed, I go through what the customer service may try and call an "adjustment period." This is my 6th night in a row of no sleep because my back aches from the top to the bottom and my muscles are screaming at me. Just last week I was in a hotel sleeping like a baby in a very comfortable bed.

    If I hadn't paid so much for this bed, I'd get rid of it in a heartbeat and get a chemical laden comfortable one. At this point, I just wouldn't care. Having sleep and a pain-free back is worth breathing the chemicals. I hurt THAT bad.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Mattress failure

    We purchased two of these intelliBED mattresses. Together they cost about $6000.00. The Queen mattress is fine. The California King began to fail well within warranty period. I could not get through to the company as it appeared to be out of business at that time. Later when I saw it online, I tried again. Still under warranty, I jumped through the myriad hoops: photos, descriptions, forms. The mattress cover was pristine. The company agreed it was failing. Then they told me I had to wrap and send it back to them for "repair" or I could buy a new one from them at a discount. All options were very costly and difficult for an elderly woman to do.

    Finally, I did contact them again, prepared to avail myself of one of the options and was told that the man I had dealt with was no longer with the company. They could not locate the files. They wanted me to start all over again. What this warranty was is a pure scam. The service was really appalling when one has purchased such an upscale mattress.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Very Disappointed

    • By Gary,
    • Saint George, UT,
    • Feb 10, 2016

    I bought a queen size intelliBED in 2010. It was a great bed for about three years, but then it started to sag and not rebound. We turned the bed, head to foot, about once a month. Both sides of the bed have noticeable dips in them, mine more so since I'm heavier and weigh 207 lbs. If one person sleeps in the middle on their own it is still comfortable, but that hardly ever happens. I didn't even think of using the warranty because I never want another one of these beds. It costs $2,300, and only lasts about four years!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Disappointing delivery and service

    Our IntelliBED mattress was delivered to our home on Jun 14, 2016. The young men who arrived were very nice but not well trained. They dragged the boxed mattresses across our wood floors, struggled to get them out of the boxes once in our bedroom and set them up leaving the plastic on. The bed frame we had ordered wasn't on the truck even though their packing list clearly stated three items to be delivered. When the frame was finally delivered two days later, they handed the pieces to Dan, leaving us to put it together and set up the mattresses.

    Now, as for the mattress, we have liked it since day one. It is very comfortable and seems to be holding up well. Thank goodness because we have been disillusioned by the service department.

    That is the reason we are writing this review - the service or lack of communication from someone in the department. Since June 2, 2016, when we received an email letting us know the mattress had shipped, we have not received a telephone call or an email asking us how the delivery went or how we like the mattress. I feel like I am hounding them when I call to get an update on an item that is back ordered when all service would have to do is send us an update every so often.

    I spoke to the young woman who sold us the mattress on July 27th and, as of today, August 6th, we have heard nothing from the company.

    So, although the sales pitch and the product rates very good, the service leaves me no choice but to say I could never recommend this company.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Sep 2, 2016

      Company Response from intelliBED

      Hi Dan and Mary Anne, I'm glad to hear you like the mattress and are sleeping comfortably. I wanted to reach out and apologize. It appears our customer service follow up did not follow our standard operating procedure and I apologize for that and will use this as a training opportunity with our team.

  • No warranty, quick breakdown, terrible support

    I purchased the form support mattress with a 10-year warranty for around $6k. We have had this mattress for about 5 years. Two sides of the mattress have huge enclaves that cause on the roll into them while sleeping. The top middle portion of the mattress has no support left. With the sides enclaved and the lack of support in the center of the mattress, there is nowhere for one to lay that doesn't cause pain and discomfort.

    Upon contacting the company for the warranty, they stated the warranty is void due to the fact that there is a small stain on the mattress. When the salesman explained the warranty, he said the warranty would be valid so long as their mattress protector was used on the mattress (which we purchased and only removed 1x per week to wash, but always placed back on the mattress prior to sleeping again). At this point, we spent $6000 for a mattress that didn't last even 5 years (that equates to $100/ month) and now we need to find another mattress.

    The experience we have had both with the product and the company has been awful. We would warn anyone who would listen to NEVER purchase this product!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Stay Away from Intellibed

    • By Nacho,
    • Salt Lake city,
    • Aug 28, 2015

    Awful experience. The mattress is super warm and they will not honor a refund. Very bad costumer service. Avoid it at all risks.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Worst mattress ever

    • By Ronna,
    • Los Angeles,
    • Aug 2, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer

    I bought an Intellibed. What a $2200 mistake. Every morning I wake up with pain I didn't have before this mattress. My arms and hands are constantly numb throughout the night. New pain and discomfort in my hips and legs. Never mind how much my back hurts. Such misery.

    If only I had returned it that first day or when they were bringing that flimsy thing they call a mattress in!

    Now I have to buy a new mattress and throw this one out as I wouldn't want to be responsible for inflicting it on someone else. Yes it is that bad. Squishy with absolutely no support.

    You see I went over their 60 day "trial" period and they will not take it back. What kind of company won't stand by their product? Now I will be buying a new mattress from Costco, who will take it back for any reason whatsoever. Now that is a company you can trust.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Do not buy an IntelliBED

    • By Brad,
    • Salt Lake City, Utah,
    • Aug 14, 2015

    First of all, the beds ARE NOT comfortable. They feel like you are sleeping on a life raft. Secondly, they will not honor the 60 Day Free Trial when you buy the bed from an IntelliBed store.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • The sleep I've always dreamed of

    IntelliBED Sapphire – The sleep I always dreamed of.

    For years I had the desirable pillowtop memory foam mattress. I spent way more than I want to remember on this bed. I had it for almost ten years until I finally said enough is enough and wanted to try something new. I moved out of a cooler state to a hot climate, and I’m sure like most know, memory foam and heat do not mix even if you have the A/C going and it's still hot! Waking up to night sweats is the worst, especially when you have dogs that are a basically a living furnace laying next to you or in one case right against you at all times.

    After attending a show, I inquired about a few beds on the show floor from Tempurpedic and Serta with the thought about just getting another memory foam bed with possibly more advanced features, but they had sold out immediately upon entering the show floor. Luckily for me at least, I stumbled upon IntelliBED, a brand I admit I’d never heard of before. After listening to their speech about why I should buy their bed and testing their examples available the Sapphire and the Azure, I went home that night and did some research.

    There weren’t too many reviews, I suppose simply because their buyers were sleeping in, HA! But I believe it's because Tempurpedic and Serta have been the go-to beds due to their mass advertising campaign. I’ve stopped by all the local mattress stores, and not one had this brand. So I admit I was hesitant to buy at first since it is a great deal of money. IntelliBED’s price isn’t too much more than the Tempurpedic Breeze cooling bed, but since they had either chosen not to sell or truly had sold out, they lost out on a potential review and possibly a loyal customer.

    Now, why did I compare them to the Tempurpedic Breeze? The answer is simple. Since purchasing this bed I have not woken up drenched in sweat, and even with my living heater sleeping against me I’ve still remained fine, even to the point that my dog now sleeps under the covers even though she had never done so in the past, so I’d say dog approved too! Although a very pricey dog bed none the less. I also have a mattress protector, and it doesn’t affect the airflow of the mattress either.

    I have had this bed for almost 60 days and can’t say I regret a dime. The only issue I will bring up is that the bed is very deep and not a whole lot of sheets fit on the bed itself. I had to modify my favorite sheets that I refuse to replace with straps to hold them down, but for those not as stubborn as me it’s not a huge issue as they make specific sheets for that. I will also note my friend (400+ lbs) also bought a bed from them, the Azure, and he loves it as well. He has also commented that his sleep has improved since upgrading along with no more night sweats. The only reason I mention his weight is because it doesn’t affect the bed at all and it has decreased his loud snoring by a great deal.

    We both live in the two hottest states in the US, so this is just an awesome discovery since we battle with the thermostat on a regular basis. I will update this post again in another year to see if I’ve discovered anything new or feel differently.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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