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    Mattress failure

    We purchased two of these intelliBED mattresses. Together they cost about $6000.00. The Queen mattress is fine. The California King began to fail well within warranty period. I could not get through to the company as it appeared to be out of business at that time. Later when I saw it online, I tried again. Still under warranty, I jumped through the myriad hoops: photos, descriptions, forms. The mattress cover was pristine. The company agreed it was failing. Then they told me I had to wrap and send it back to them for "repair" or I could buy a new one from them at a discount. All options were very costly and difficult for an elderly woman to do.

    Finally, I did contact them again, prepared to avail myself of one of the options and was told that the man I had dealt with was no longer with the company. They could not locate the files. They wanted me to start all over again. What this warranty was is a pure scam. The service was really appalling when one has purchased such an upscale mattress.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    The Warranty claim department does not communicate

    • Texas,
    • Jun 12, 2015

    I bought an intelliBED in May of 2006. I had researched beds to help my lower back issues. I will state, for the record, the intelliBED was VERY helpful and quite comfortable. I did not have the problems with aches and pains I had experienced before.

    With that said, I began having trouble with aches, pains, and piriformis syndrome about 12-18 months ago. I noticed that there was a sizable “hump” in the middle of the King-sized intelliBED I share with my spouse. In fact, I had to literally PULL myself up in order to breach the hump. I had done everything required to maintain the bed (6-month rotations, etc.) and contacted intelliBED regarding the warranty. The individual with whom I chatted on April 6th had even indicated the beds manufactured during the time I purchased mine had inherent issues with support and were not up to the standards intelliBED requires. Without great detail (which I do have), the last communication I received from them after submitting my warranty claim form and other documents was April 13, 2015, advising my paperwork had been received and I should hear from them within 24-72 hours. I have sent two follow-up emails, May 9th and June 1st, requesting some communication from intelliBED about my warranty claim. Nothing. I can only presume perhaps they don’t want to cover 100% of the warranty work since I am entering year #10. The warranty covers 100% (although YOU pay for shipping to Utah both ways!) the first 10 years, then begins to pay less each year for the remaining 10 years of the warranty.

    I hope you do NOT have to deal with the company. I have friends who swear by other beds they own and I am now in the process of investigating those options. I assure you I would NEVER purchase from this company again. They do NOT respond to customers in a reasonable manner. I cannot get anyone to tell me WHY I am being ignored. Having a good product helps with sales… but follow-up is far more important to me. I will never recommend intelliBED again and I have contacted friends I had recommended them to in the past to advise of my problem.

    UPDATE #1:

    I was astounded to receive a call from the Operations department at IntelliBED today (6-18-2015). While there was no explanation for the lack of communication previously, it appears they are wanting to resolve my warranty claim. The information I received was very positive. I will reserve judgment until all has been handled. I will return to update my post regardless of how it goes.

    UPDATE #2:

    On June 7, 2015, I posted a review of my personal experience with the intelliBED Warranty/Customer Service department(s). I was extremely displeased with the lack of response from the company after my initial contact on 4/6/2015. You may read the first review dated 6/7/2015 for details.

    This follow-up is to provide information on what happened after I posted my review on several blog sites as well as the Utah BBB site.

    On 6/18/15, I received a call advising my warranty claim had “just hit (my) desk” from the Operations Department. The caller could not or would not discuss why I had not heard from anyone after my attempts for communication but rather suggested we simply “move forward” from this point. He reiterated the same information I had garnered from my initial chat with Customer Service on 4/6/15. He advised he was going to simply replace my mattress with a comparable one with the “new and improved” internal components. He then told me it would be $700 for them to ship the new mattress. I advised I had a copy of my transcript chat where the Customer Service Representative had checked with the Warehouse Manager and quoted me $500 total for the two-way shipping of my old mattress for repair. He said he was the Warehouse Manager and he would honor that. (See summary for my question on why a one-way shipping charge would be the same as a two-way shipping charge.)

    On 6/19/15, I received a call from Customer Service to get credit card information to charge the “discounted” shipping charge to me (again… shipping charge is a sore point with me). She indicated the new mattress would likely ship out on 6/22/15.

    On 7/8/15, after some confusion with the shipping/delivery company, the new mattress arrived. My old mattress was removed & destroyed while on the truck. I took photos of the destroyed mattress per the Warehouse Manager’s request.

    On 7/13/15, the Customer Service Representative called me to check up on the delivery and to request I forward the photos of the destroyed mattress to them which I did. On 7/17/15, the delivery company called asking if I had photos of the destroyed mattress they picked up. Yes. She asked if I would email copies which I did.

    I have been sleeping on the new mattress for 3 weeks now. It is the way I remember my old mattress was in the beginning. I have not experienced any of the problems that had begun cropping up in the past year with my lower back issues or my Piriformis Syndrome. My sleep is back to what was advertised to me in 2006 (which I experienced and loved the first 8 years).

    SUMMARY: I am very satisfied with my new warranty replacement mattress. I was always happy with the product until it began to fail. I remain less-than-happy with the entire Warranty experience. I cannot resolve in my head why a one-way shipment charge would be the same as a previously quoted two-way shipment charge. I do not understand why no one could explain the excessive length of time before anyone contacted me even after I followed-up twice. I have suggested to intelliBED the need for some improvement and consistency in its Warranty/Customer Service communications. I am fairly certain they are simply glad to be done with me. Quite honestly, I am glad this ordeal is over, too. My sincere recommendation to anyone who may need to work with intelliBED on any Customer Service issue is to GET IT IN WRITING! Use the Chat mode or Email mode. Copy/paste the entire chat transcript to a document to which you can refer later on. Keep a running document on any/all communications with dates, times, and names that you can refer back to if something changes. As a final, rather humorous note… I received an email yesterday from an individual identified as a “Customer Service Champion” thanking me for my purchase of the intelliBED mattress. I didn’t purchase it. It was a warranty replacement. The intelliBED company really needs to do some extensive organizing and coordination among its departments.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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