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By J.R. Duren
HighYa Staff
Published on: Oct 25, 2017

The JetBlue Plus Card is an airline rewards credit card that JetBlue fans may just love because of its robust points bonus structure that gives a considerable bonus for buying tickets from the airline.

All of this is probably the proverbial music to traveler’s ears because JetBlue is pretty well known for its comfortable flights and high customer-service rankings.

But be forewarned; just because JetBlue’s credit card has some really interesting rewards doesn’t mean it’s automatically the right fit for you.

We know; it’s hard to pass up some of the great perks you’ll read about in the next few minutes. All we’re asking you to do is to hold out on your decision until you read through what we have to say about the card’s rewards, benefits and rates and fees.

Sound good? Let’s get started.

The JetBlue Plus Card’s Rewards

Earlier we used the phrase “airline rewards credit card.” That’s industry talk for a credit card that’s linked to a particular airline and allows you to earn points/miles for said airline’s frequent flyer program.

These cards are actually pretty great because, until they came along, earning frequent flyer miles was pretty tough. Airlines handed them out based on how many miles you flew on a flight. If you only flew on the airline once a year, the rewards miles you earned really weren’t that significant.

For example, you might get 3,000 miles for a cross-country flight on JetBlue. Booking a rewards flight (a ticket you purchase with your points/miles) might cost 25,000 points. Travelers who only fly once a year would have to fly for nine years to get enough miles to buy a free flight.

A buy-nine-get-one-free deal might work for buying coffee at your local gas station but not with travelers who’ve become accustomed to airline rewards cards like the JetBlue Plus.

Just a quick note. The JetBlue frequent flyer program is called TrueBlue. If you have a TrueBlue account, you’ll enter your membership number when you fill out your JetBlue Plus Card application. If you don’t have a TrueBlue account, JetBlue will assign you one when you’re approved for the card.

6x Points on JetBlue Purchases

Whenever you use your JetBlue Plus card to buy travel directly through JetBlue, you’ll earn six points for every dollar you spend. So, if you pick up a $350 round-trip ticket to New York, you’ll get 2,100 points.

The bonus applies to more than just flights, though. The card’s fine print says you can get the bonus by booking vacations through the JetBlue website, too.

Here are the sites through which you can earn the 6x bonuses:

  • JetBlue.com
  • JetBlue reservations (phone)
  • JetBlue Getaways (vacation packages)
  • JetBlue airport ticket counters

We discovered that there are a couple of purchases that wouldn’t count toward the 6x bonus. Those purchases include duty-free buys on JetBlue flights as well as frequent flyer points purchases through JetBlue.

2x on Restaurants and Groceries

The next round of bonuses is double points on grocery and restaurant purchases. That means that anytime you swipe your card at a grocery store or a restaurant, you’ll earn two points for every dollar you spend.

There are a few exceptions to this though, as listed in the JetBlue Plus’ fine print:

  • Big-box stores like Walmart and Target
  • Warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club

Based on what we know about the average American’s spending habits, we’d say this bonus could earn you more than 14,000 points a year.

1x on everything else

This final category is the catch-all bonus. Nearly every purchase not classified as JetBlue, restaurant or grocery will earn 1 point for every dollar. According to our calculations, an average household’s spending in this category could earn at least 18,000 points a year.

When you add these projected points total to the 2x and 6x bonuses, we’d say the JetBlue Plus card can earn the average family at least 35,000 points per year.

30,000 Bonus Points

While the previous few sections were all about points you earn on purchases you make every year, the 30,000-point bonus is only something you get once.

The only rule is that you have to spend $1,000 in the first 90 days of owning the card, a goal that most families can meet in the first month of owning the card.

Once you hit the spending requirement, Barclays says it will take up to 4-6 weeks for the bonus points to show up in your account.

5,000 Anniversary Points

The final points bonus you get with the JetBlue Plus card is a 5,000-point bonus added to your account on your cardmember anniversary. Like the 30K bonus, it will take up to 4-6 weeks for the points to show up in your account after your anniversary date.

First-Year Points and Their Value

Based on our calculations (30K/5K bonuses included), we believe that the average American household can earn around 70,000 TrueBlue points the first year, which is a pretty solid total.

Exactly how much those points are worth is based on one factor: the cost of JetBlue rewards flights. Seventy thousand points would be useless if flights cost 80,000.

We did a quick search of flights from Los Angeles to New York and found several round-trip rewards seats for 18,400 and 20,600 points. The 18.4K seats had inconvenient departure times: early morning, late night, redeye.

If you value reasonable departure and arrival times, then we think there’s a good chance you can book three flights with the points you accumulate in the first year. In our opinion, that’s a pretty good value considering three flights at the national average of around $350 would cost more than $1,000.

Pro tip: Points don’t expire unless you’re super late, inactive for 12 months or account closes for various reasons.

0% on Balance Transfers

The final “reward” you get with this card is an intro offer of 0% interest on balance transfers for 12 months, provided the balance transfers take place within 45 days of being approved for the card.

Once the 12 months is up, any remaining balances will be hit with the card’s APR (more on that later).

The JetBlue Plus Card’s Benefits

We define benefits as the extra stuff a card gives you that isn’t related to rewards you get from spending.

10% Rewards Redemption Bonus

Whenever you redeem your TrueBlue points, JetBlue will credit to your account 10% of what you spent. So, if you buy a ticket from L.A. to New York for 20,600 TrueBlue points, 2,060 points will arrive in your account in 4-6 weeks.

TrueBlue Mosaic After $50K Spend

If can spend $50,000 on your card in one calendar year, then you’ll earn Mosaic status for the rest of that year plus the following year.

What is Mosaic? Great question. Mosaic is JetBlue’s top-tier frequent flyer status that gives you the following perks:

  • No change or cancellation fees
  • Expedited security line
  • Early boarding
  • 9x bonus on JetBlue purchases
  • Free on-board alcoholic beverages

Mosaic is a great program, especially for those who love to travel in comfort and style.

JetBlue says that it will take 4-6 weeks for your Mosaic status to kick in after you hit the $50K spending requirement.

$100 Statement Credit for Vacation Purchases

Whenever you book a vacation through JetBlue’s travel booking site, you’ll earn a $100 statement credit as long as the purchase was at least $100. It will take 4-6 weeks for the credit to show up.

50% Off In-Flight Food and Drink

The final main benefit you get with this card is a 50% discount on certain in-flight purchases including food and drink. Duty-free and internet purchases don’t count, the fine print says.

The discount isn’t taken off your purchase, though; it will arrive on your credit card statement in 4-6 weeks. So, if you spend $16 on snacks, then an $8 credit will show up on your statement within the specified amount of time.

Free First Bag

Whenever you book a flight with your JetBlue Plus card or your TrueBlue points, you won’t have to pay for your first checked bag. Normally, you’d pay $25 for the first bag.

The JetBlue Plus Card’s Rates and Fees

All the awesome rewards and benefits in the world won’t mean much if you carry a balance on your credit card. The interest payments alone may cancel out the cash value of the free flights you’ve gotten. Our advice: Pay off your balance every month and pay on time.

If you don’t you can expect the following fees:

  • Purchase/Balance transfer APR: 12.99%, 20.99% or 25.99%
  • Cash advance APR: 26.24%
  • Balance transfer fee: 3%
  • Cash advance fee: 5%
  • Foreign transaction fee: None
  • Annual fee: $99
  • Late/returned payment fee: $37

The card’s low-end APR is far better than comparable airline rewards cards:

  • United MileagePlus Explorer: 16.99%
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier: 16.99%
  • Gold Delta SkyMiles: 16.74%
  • Virgin America Visa Signature: 16.98%

Also, while the annual fee ($99) may seem high, it’s on par with some of the better airline rewards cards on the market. To get an idea of what the competition offers, check out our in-depth review of the best airline rewards cards of 2017.

Pro tip: You have to pay the $99 annual fee and hit the $1,000 spending requirement to get the 30K points.

Public Opinion About the JetBlue Plus Card

The general opinion from experts other than HighYa is that the JetBlue Plus Card is a solid choice for travelers because of the 6x bonus on JetBlue purchases.

The consumer reviews we read about the JetBlue Plus were positive as well, with multiple consumers saying they think the rewards and benefits on the card are worth the $99 annual fee.

Pros of the JetBlue Plus Card

The strengths of this card are the number of points you can earn the first year, the 6x bonus on JetBlue purchases and free first checked bag.

Cons of the JetBlue Plus Card

Based on our research of this card and other airline rewards cards like it, we believe the only real “weakness” of the JetBlue Plus is that it doesn’t waive the annual fee the first year like the United MileagePlus Explorer, Gold Delta SkyMiles or Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select.

Who This Card Is Good For

We think that this card is a great choice for travelers in general who want the best airline rewards card.

We also believe, based on what we’ve learned about the card, that it’s an excellent fit for people who love JetBlue and/or fly the airline often.

Those who would enjoy this card the most, in our opinion, are consumers who love JetBlue and spend at least $50,000 a year on their card. Why? Because they’ll most likely love the perks that come with Mosaic status.

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