About Jiffy Fries

Jiffy Fries bills itself as the fast, fresh, easy way to make crispy restaurant-quality french fries using the microwave. They claim its crisping technology requires no grease and you can have hot, delicious fries in minutes that are perfect every time.

Jiffy Fries is based in Rock Hill, SC but there is no other information provided on their site or the BBB. Therefore, there is no accreditation or rating available on the company.

How Jiffy Fries Works

Jiffy Fries is a red tube-shaped device (they call it a Hot Pod) with two different round slicers. To use Jiffy Fries, choose your slicer (thin fries or steak) and place on top of the inner (base) tube. Put your potato on top of the slicer and cover with the outer tube, which has handles on either side. Then, push down using the handles and the unit will close together, slicing up the potato into fries.Then, pop into the microwave, laying the Pod on its side, and minutes later, they claim you will have a plate of delicious, crisp fries.

They tout its secret is the design of the patented Hot Pod, which uses “crisping technology” to circulate heat from the microwave above, below, and between the slices to create the perfect temperature and texture for fries. (The Pod appears to have 3 different “shelves” inside to separate the potatoes.)

They claim Jiffy Fries are fun, the perfect snack, and make every dinner a “winner”. They insist you can also make things such as cheddar buffalo fries, or ones sprinkled with bacon (a recipe guide is included.)

They say Jiffy Fries takes the oil and grease out of your diet and you can make healthy sweet potato fries as well. They add that Jiffy Fries is dishwasher safe, making cleanup as quick and easy as cooking (and eating) the fries.

Each Jiffy Fries Order includes:

  • Jiffy Fries Hot Pod
  • 2 slicers (regular or steak fries)
  • Recipe guide
  • Jiffy Secret Seasonings

Jiffy Fries Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

JIffy Fries is available for $10 plus $7.95 S & H for a total of $17.95. They ask you allow 4-6 weeks for shipment of your order. There is no information listed about any money-back guarantee.


  • Unit makes slicing and cooking fries safe and easy, even for kids
  • Oil-free


  • Expensive
  • No money-back guarantee
  • “As Seen On TV” products sometimes do not live up to expectations

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