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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jun 17, 2016

Jonathan Bender was considered a prodigy when his was selected as the number five pick during the 1999 NBA draft. Over the next two years, he would amaze crowds and rack up records, only to be struck by a knee injury and recurring pain.

To help himself play the game again, Jonathan created a series of unconventional techniques during his down time that helped him relax, release, and reactivate his muscles, while reducing his joint paint. Now, Jonathan is releasing all this information as part of his Joint Pain Relief Codes e-book program. This way, he promises everyone will be able to reduce their joint pain, and even eliminate it altogether, without drugs, surgery, or physical therapy.

To do this, Jonathan’s Joint Pain Relief Codes features two key parts:

  • A series of bodyweight exercises that are designed to work alone, without any additional equipment required.
  • Delicious, easy-to-make recipes that can help you avoid foods that aggravate joint pain.

Taken together, we’re told that Joint Pain Relief Codes can help you enjoy stability, mobility, and peace of mind—along with “rapid, profound, and drastic” relief—whether your pain is caused by an accident, osteoarthritis, or anything else.

Until you started experiencing chronic joint pain, you probably took joint health for granted. Now though, you’d probably do just about anything for relief. Will Joint Pain Relief Codes help you get there, or is something else going on that we don’t know about?

Let’s start by taking a look at the root causes of joint pain.

What’s Causing Your Joint Pain?

Imagine that you walk into your doctor’s office and inform them that you’ve recently been experiencing frequent headaches. In response, they suggest taking a couple over the counter pain relievers and send you on your way.

Now, this obviously wouldn’t be a good doctor. Why? Because there can be hundreds of different causes of frequent headaches, from excessive caffeine and insufficient sleep, to brain swelling and tumors. And by giving you a remedy that may or may not be based on your specific diagnosis, your doctor would be doing you a huge disservice (not to mention potentially harming your health).

Thankfully, this isn’t something that most doctors would do. However, this is exactly what Joint Pain Relief Codes is doing when claiming that it can alleviate almost every type of joint pain, regardless of the cause. Needless to say, you should always check with your doctor in advance of beginning any new “natural” program that claims to address pain.

Speaking of which, exactly how is Joint Pain Relief Codes supposed to work?

Is There Really a “Code” to Joint Pain?

As we outlined in the previous section, different types of joint pain can stem from different causes. Osteoarthritis is caused by inflammation from cartilage degradation. Lyme disease is caused by bacteria. Joint injuries are caused by blunt force trauma.

In other words, pains is more like a puzzle that is unique to each individual, moreso than some kind of lock that has a single, underlying code for everyone.

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Nonetheless, how does Joint Pain Relief Codes promise to address all of these causes in one fell swoop? About the exercises, all we’re told is that they involve your own bodyweight (no need for additional equipment—more about this in a second).

We’re also told that “every joint has its own unique, devastatingly simple code,” and “the specific muscles you relax, release, and reactivate in a specific and natural sequence” can help you “unlock your pain [and make it] flow away like water down a drain.” The only example we’re given is sitting with your knees in a certain position and leaning forward, stretching your back.

Regarding food, Jonathan only talks about eating less sugar, which can help you lose weight and put less strain on your joints. That’s about it.

Although we’re told almost nothing of importance about Joint Pain Relief Codes, does the company provide any evidence to back up their claims?

Is Joint Pain Relief Codes Clinically Proven?

On the Joint Pain Relief Codes website, the company references two studies:

  • A study titled “Biomechanical Analysis Study of a Lower Limb Strengthening Device” conducted by Purdue University
  • A gait analysis study conducted by Indiana University Health Neuro Rehabilitation and Robotics, Motion Analysis, NeuroScience Center.

Did you notice that neither of these studies references bodyweight stretches or an altered diet? Instead, directly counter to what we’re told about the need for additional equipment, both of these studies looked at the effectiveness of the JB Intensives MedPro.

Also developed by Jonathan Bender, the MedPro is a soft neoprene-type belt with two elastic bands attached in the back. Each of these appears to connect at the ankle, which provides resistance when certain moves are performed.

Now, we think there are three important takeaways here:

  • First, the results of these studies aren’t published, so we can’t be sure how well the device works at reducing pain in the real world, or at providing any of its other claimed benefits.
  • Second, according to Jonathan’s video interview on Taking Stock, he basically came up with the idea based on his own “creativity,” and didn’t mention seeking the device of medical professionals during design.
  • Finally, even if the previous two points weren’t the case, none of this has anything to do with Joint Pain Relief Codes.

Taken together, we can’t help wonder if Joint Pain Relief Codes is really some kind of expensive advertisement (that the customer has to pay for, obviously) for MedPro.

How Much Does Joint Pain Relief Codes Cost?

Joint Pain Relief Codes can be downloaded immediately after your $37.99 payment is processed.

Money Saving Tip: If you attempt to click off the page, the price will immediately drop to $19.

Along with your order, you’ll receive two free bonus reports:

  • Easy Yoga for Full Body Healing
  • Meditation for Stress Relief e-book and audio series

Joint Pain Relief Codes is sold through third-party retailer Clickbank, who offers a 60-day refund policy on all their purchases.

Is Joint Pain Relief Codes Really a “Health Revolution”?

Did ex-NBA star Jonathan Bender really use the bodyweight exercises and nutritional information found in Joint Pain Relief Codes to make his comeback? Perhaps.

However, after hurting his knees, it should be noted that Jonathan played fewer and fewer games for the last five seasons of his career. He did go from playing just 2 games during the 05-06 season to 25 during 09-10 (after 4 years off!), but he retired the following year, so we’ll leave it up to you whether or not that’s considered a comeback.

Even if he did come back though, the fact of the matter is that Jonathan provides little-to-no information about what you’ll find in Joint Pain Relief Codes, or an explanation as to why clinical studies for his MedPro device are listed on the program’s website.

Similar to dozens of these other cure-all e-books like The Arthritis Off-Switch, Restore Lost Hair, and many more though, we think Joint Pain Relief Codes probably contains information you could find elsewhere online for free. At worst, it could simply be a way to try and upsell you on MedPro.

Considering all of this, we think your money would be much better spent by speaking with your doctor about your chronic joint pain instead of ordering the Joint Pain Relief Codes program.

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