What Is Keto Burn Protocol?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Dec 14, 2017

Written by John Sims, a personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and fat loss specialist, the Keto Burn Protocol is a secret metabolic “hack” that promises to rewire how the human body processes fat, helping you shed pounds without a single second of exercise, or ever feeling hungry. And all of this in as little as three days.

By doing so, John tells us the science-backed program can help you not only lose weight, but also slash your blood sugar levels, improve your cardiovascular markers, boost energy, and even reverse type 2 diabetes, improve brain function, and kill cancer cells. Together, this is why he claims it’s been used by 54,893 people and counting.

All you need to do, he says, is reduce your carbohydrate intake to a very specific level, and “then replace those carbs with high-fat foods, such as beef, eggs, cream, cheese, butter, and yes… bacon!” From there, you’ll be given the precise ratio of fat, carbs, and protein in order to trigger ketosis with zero side effects.

Is it really this easy? In other words, once you’ve handed over your money and put the Keto Burn Protocol into practice, can you realistically expect to experience much of the same? That’s the central question we’ll help you answer here, starting with some basics.

What Is Fat & How Does It Relate to Ketones?

LiveScience’s Jessie Szalay tells us that fat is an important macronutrient that’s necessary in order for the body to properly function—especially when it comes to energy. It's so important that when we consume more calories than we expend, the excess is stored in specialized fat cells for later use.

But if we continue with this excess calorie consumption long enough, fat (known as adipose tissue) will continue to accumulate, which could lead to obesity. In turn, this can vastly increase the likelihood of serious conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, bone and joint diseases, sleep apnea, and metabolic syndrome, to name just a few.

A special type of fat mentioned on the Keto Burn Protocol website called visceral fat is also strongly linked to conditions like stroke, breast and colorectal cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. How does all of this relate to ketones?

Normally, your body’s standard metabolism process is enough to supply itself with the energy it needs. But, WebMD explains that ketosis occurs when the body “doesn't have enough carbohydrates from food for cells to burn for energy,” so it “burns fat instead.”

They report, “For healthy people who don't have diabetes and aren't pregnant, ketosis usually kicks in after 3 or 4 days of eating less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. That's about 3 slices of bread, a cup of low-fat fruit yogurt, or two small bananas.”

When this occurs, ketones are released, which are acidic chemicals produced in the liver. Since ketosis is a common weight loss strategy and also a concern for diabetics, there are over the counter products that can test the ketone levels in your blood to verify when you’re in the state.

According to WebMD, though, most ketosis diets focus on eating low carb/high protein meals, compared to the high-fat content emphasized on the Keto Burn Protocol site. Brad Dieter, Ph.D. writes that this approach has some clinical support that it could oxidize more fat for ATP, although it doesn't appear to make your body use more energy or offer any other metabolic advantages.

With these details in mind, let’s find out specifically how the program in question does its job.

How Does the Keto Burn Protocol Work?

According to the website, the Protocol involves two different phases:

Keto Burn Phase 1: Launch

This seven-day phase was designed by a team of doctors, certified nutritionists, and ketosis experts to help trigger ketosis as quickly as possible. Even though it’s labeled as a one-week phase, Jim emphasizes that in the majority of cases, users will enter the state in as little as three days.

In all, you’ll get 35 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks, including a “comprehensive breakdown of ingredients and full shopping lists for the entire week.”

Keto Burn Phase 2: Maintenance

In this 30-day, step-by-step phase, you’ll introduce a wider variety of delicious high-fat foods and proteins into your meal plan, including avocados, eggs, and coconut oil. You’ll also gain access to a total of 150 recipes, including detailed preparation instructions and full shopping lists.

Could Following the Keto Burn Protocol Cause Side Effects?

Returning to the WebMD article cited earlier, they note that a healthy low-carb diet shouldn't cause a problem for most individuals.

However, they point out that if you maintain a ketogenic state for too long, these acids can build up in your bloodstream, leading to a potentially fatal condition known as ketoacidosis. Even before this occurs, users could experience side effects like dehydration.

For these reasons alone, we think it’s mandatory that you speak with your doctor before entering into any ketogenic diet, Keto Burn Protocol or otherwise.

How Much Does the Keto Burn Protocol Cost?

The Keto Burn Protocol is priced at $37 and can be downloaded to and viewed on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone within 90 seconds. Each order also includes the following three bonuses:

  • Low-Fat Frauds – A comprehensive list of popular low-fat foods can help you lose belly fat, shed weight, and get healthy.
  • The Sex Drive Stimulator – Reveals dozens of powerful and 100 percent natural aphrodisiacs.
  • The Keto Cheat Sheet – Keto-friendly alternatives to many of your favorite carb-heavy foods.

All Keto Burn Protocol purchases come with a 60-day money back guarantee, which can be requested by reaching out to BuyGoods (the online retailer) at 302-404-2568.

How does this price compare?

Keto Burn Protocol vs. Other Ketogenic Diets

A quick online search for ‘ketogenic diet’ revealed hundreds of relevant results at the time of our research, the vast majority of which provided comprehensive information at no charge. These included beginner to advanced versions, food lists (including specific foods to avoid), recipes, snacks, meal plans, and user guides—all of which Keto Burn Protocol promises to deliver. How to choose?

As mentioned earlier, whenever you’re thinking about starting a new weight loss program, ketogenic or otherwise, the first person you should speak with is your doctor. They’ll discuss your goals and recommend specific options based on your individual diagnosis.

At this same time, you can inquire about whether or not paying for programs like the Keto Burn Protocol will deliver more value—and potentially better, faster results—than the wealth of free information available elsewhere online. Let’s continue this thought as we wrap things up.

Our Final Thoughts About the Keto Burn Protocol

As consumers ourselves, after watching the Keto Burn Protocol video in its entirety, John (who by all appearances isn’t a real person) doesn’t provide a lot of detail to clearly indicate why we should pay $37 for his program, versus using free third-party information online.

And based on what we learned from sources like WebMD and ScienceDrivenNutrition.com above, entering a ketogenic state seems relatively straightforward, with the potential for few side effects if done properly. As such, it doesn’t appear that most users will experience difficulty trying it out on their own.

Just make sure to keep your expectations realistic, since the Centers for Disease Control emphasizes that ‘healthy’ weight loss is classified as one to two pounds per week, and that a combination of healthy eating habit and exercise is ideal for losing weight. Also (again), be sure to speak with your doctor before doing so.

And if they recommend giving Keto Burn Protocol a try, the retailer seems to stand behind it with a 60-day refund policy, so you might not have much more to lose than time by giving it a try.

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