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Knix is a company that sells intimates in categories such as underwear, bras, and tops. See how customers are reviewing this company.

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Posted on Nov 29, 2018

You call this service?

By Armida M., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Verified Reviewer

First off, both phone numbers on their website DON'T WORK. I purchased a bra on October 24th. Just looking at it and measuring it against my other bra, I knew it would not fit. I went on their website to find out how to return it. Nothing, although it tells me to go to a certain page on their website. Then for some totally inexplicable reason, I received another perky little message from them stating that the bra I had just ordered would be arriving in the next few days. Huh?? I want to SEND back a bra, not purchase another that doesn’t fit! Next, I ordered a t-shirt and a top. I paid for these two items. So now, I’m stuck with a bra sitting here on my desk, another bra which I refused when the post person delivered it, and an order for over $120 which I have not received yet.

What’s with this company? I just want either my money back for four items or money back for two items and the other two items delivered.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Nov 3, 2018

Not for bigger cups

By Ericka L., Florida, Verified Reviewer

I bought the evolution padded and unpadded bra in size 8 first and then 7. I'm a 38DD. At first, I loved them. Over time and use, they made my breasts look horrible. They both warped on the edges close to the armpits, which makes them stick out and the pads are also warped. I cannot use tight-fitting shirts because of this. My breasts also do not feel supported at all. A total waste of money.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 22, 2018

I think not

By Leslie R., Maine, Verified Reviewer

$85.00 and they don't even put it together you get to do that. I'm going back to Natori - less money and it's all put together. Plus it takes a long time to receive the item. Now I am asked to post at least 180 characters so I will say this is likely a company that won't last long.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 15, 2018

Frustrated at first

By Andrea O., Edmonton, Canada, Verified Reviewer

I bought the evolution non-padded bra from a neighbor who ordered the wrong size for herself, and the size would fit me according to the Knix website. At first, I was very frustrated as the bra was too tight and their sizing system made me very angry. I stuck it out, and by the third time I wore it, the bra molded to my shape (even with washing it between each wearing), and I am now happy with the bra and fit. No issues, very comfortable. I do not find materials cheap like some of the other reviewers; I think it is a very good quality material. I am overall very happy with Knix Evolution...although I am not throwing out all my other bras as there are many other quality bras out there that I love, and Knix is only one of them.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 8, 2018


By Mindi R., Ohio, Verified Reviewer

I ordered the Evolution bra and I love it. I am plus sized and hate underwires. I find this bra very comfortable, and it stands up to repeated washing. I just ordered three more.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Posted on Oct 3, 2018

Promising but not for larger women

By Brigitte L., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Verified Reviewer

I love everything about the bras...amazing fabric, seamless, the potential to be super comfortable. Sadly for larger women, even the 8 and 8+ sizes they offer aren’t suitable. My other bras are 40DDD, which should fit based on their sizing guide. The Knix bras also moosh into a mono-boob and cause flesh-bunching on the back and under the arms.

I had very high hopes for this bra, as most conventional underwire bras (even professionally fitted ones) cause pressure points and, when the wire pokes out of the fabric, OUCH! They aren’t for long-term wear. Hopefully, with feedback and a bit more hands-on research with larger women, Knix can bring relief to the single most critical market for bras - larger women with larger breasts.

It’s all there, it just needs fine tuning.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Sep 13, 2018

Sweat-proof t-shirt

By T R., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Verified Reviewer

I ordered this a few months ago and it took a while to come as they oversold. That wasn't a big deal for me. I have used it many times now, and my biggest complaint is that the neckline is too high so you can see it under my dresses at the front and the back. I don't like that look. Also, it traps odor and doesn't wash away. I know it's meant to trap sweat, but I find it gives me a strong smell of BO that I didn't have before. The fact that it doesn't wash away is a problem. I recommended this to two friends who also noted this problem. I have stopped wearing this t-shirt as I would rather wear black and mask the sweat spots than smell really bad!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 26, 2018

Don't waste your time or money

By Luminous A., Arizona, Verified Reviewer

I ordered a bra in my size, and it would not even come close to going around my body. I called in and they said to keep it (for what?), and they would send next size up. That came, and with an extender could squeeze into it, but the front bulged out, even those this next size up was a double D cup and I am a C, which was not the problem in the first place.

I now own two useless bras that I can probably use to hang bird feeders from?

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 22, 2018

I love their thigh savers and bra

By Steph D., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Verified Reviewer

I actually love Knixwear despite all the negative reviews on here. Their thigh savers have been amazing under my dresses in the summer. The bra I purchased is just as awesome! I would say to order a size up in bras if you fall in the middle of two sizes though. I get it can be frustrating when it comes to returns, but it does state on the website. (

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Posted on Aug 18, 2018

Love turned to disappointment and lachrymose

By Ana K., Wilton, CT, Verified Reviewer

I at first I was so thrilled with my 6 new Knixwear bras! From the packaging to the soft material. I invested almost $300 in what I was sure was my long-awaited, comfortable, long lasting bra collection.

But sad to report that after only 3 months of wear, I only enjoy wearing 1 sole bra - the Longevity bra, but only in blue.

The Longevity bra in grey - the material is non-breathable and contributed to my developing a fungal rash in my cleavage from sitting sweat.

The "Evolution" padded bras - not only did the pads inside float and warp, they are now too loose to provide any comfort let alone support.

The Racerback bra had the same issues as the Evolution bra.

I wrote to Knix and included photos highlighting all of the rapid decline. They at first wanted to resize me. But I had already been through 3 sizes, so I requested a refund.

They refunded me for 2 of 6 - better than nothing. A big waste of excitement, time, and money.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 12, 2018

No returns accepted

By Shirley Y., Sarasota, FL, Verified Reviewer

I ordered two bras and both offered insufficient support for a big bust. When I attempted to return them via the online return system, I was not allowed to request a refund, only a credit. This is not what I read when I ordered these bras or I would not have placed the order. There is no human you can talk to, no phone number, no response to a message on facebook. Sham or not? I say SHAM!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 11, 2018

Promised return, would not honor

By Eileen S., Chicago, IL, Verified Reviewer

I tried a Knixwear bra for the first time online. Size 5 was too big around the ribs so I exchanged for Size 4. It was too small in the front. I wanted to return but they would only give site credit, not a refund. I would not have tried the bra without a return guarantee as I did not know how it fit. Bait and switch.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 11, 2018

Impossible to get a decent fit, and impossible to get refund

By Patty B., La Quinta, CA, Verified Reviewer

I ordered three tops and based on my size, I should wear a Small. I'm 5'3" 110 pounds. They were so tight, they hurt.

I tried for a refund, but no, I could only do an exchange. Okay, I'll try different products and go for a size medium. A couple of the items seem to fit, and I will be able to use them, but they aren't particularly comfortable...but not unusable either. But one item, which was on clearance, was so large that I could be six feet tall and it would still be too long in the trunk. The sizing of this item is in the extreme, the opposite of all the other items. It too is a Medium, but I probably need an Extra Small. Of course, since it was on sale, it's not refundable, and it doesn't even qualify for an exchange. So, I have this thing that is not sized in relation to any of their other products, and I can't exchange it, and it's like throwing money away.

The products themselves are quite cheap and not very comfortable. The prices seem way out of line with the quality. I gave them two chances and tried a variety of their products in the process. Save your money. These products are sized randomly, and impossible to get a good fit without several tries. And if you happen to take advantage of a price reduction take a match to your money, it will save you time and effort.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 7, 2018

Not worth the hype

By Tina S., Denver, CO, Verified Reviewer

I got a 15% off coupon that wasn’t taking 15% off. I contacted them to find out not all items qualify for the 15% off order. I personally think that when companies do this, they are jerks. Then I ordered the three mystery pairs of undies and I got three slate green. OK, so when they offer that deal, they have a color they want to get rid of, and you are just going to get one color.

Then I put them on. I thought, oh, these fit nice. Not pinching anywhere, feel really smooth and flat against the skin. I went to put my pants on, and they rolled down. So on top of them just not giving a crap about the consumer, their product is not that great for what you pay.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 6, 2018

Wish I’d never bought

By Shelly W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Verified Reviewer

I ordered a Racerback bra through a link on Facebook. The sizing was way off, and despite claims that it would not create a uni-boob, it created the worst uni-boob I’ve ever seen.

Because I used a promotion to buy it, I wasn’t eligible for a refund, just a store credit. What the heck am I supposed to do with that?

I gave a one-star review on their site. They don’t display it.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 27, 2018

NIX the Knix bras

By Susie V., Iowa, Verified Reviewer

I was excited when I read about Knix bras on a social media ad. I went onto their website and ordered several bras and a couple of pairs of panties ($213 worth) to try. I have ordered thousands of dollars of clothing and undergarment items online. Places like Victoria's Secret allows returns for unworn items. Even Bravado, a nursing bra, which I bought after having our first child allows returns if they don't fit. I did not look at the fine print on the returns (my bad, but this is the first time I have had such an unfavorable customer experience, so I rarely ever look at return policies because most online sites allow returns within 30 days).

After trying on the first bras I ordered (the day the shipment arrived), the material was too thin to be modest even with a shirt on. The panties were not all that comfortable, so I decided to return everything (the day after the shipment arrived). As I was trying to return online, everything was denied for a refund, and it only allowed me the option of store credit (the panties were not returnable). Ok even though that is frustrating because other websites allow panties to be returned, I at least wanted to get close to $200 worth of money back on the bras. Nope. Bras cannot be returned for a refund when on sale. Now because one of the styles of bras I ordered was on sale, it kicked the whole order into a return for store credit only mode. I emailed customer service and they were VERY SORRY but suggested to try other items.

I was upset but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and try the one padded bra option, so I completed the exchange. At this point, there was nothing else on their website to order that I could wear so I knew I would be stuck with this order but I tried to be positive hoping that the padded bra would be my new favorite. So, I washed one up and put it on and within an hour of wearing it, I was hot and sweaty because the material wasn't breathable. I took it off and went back to my worn comfortable bras of another brand. I wanted them to work badly for them but now I am now out $200.

Disappointing, to say the least, and I will not ever buy from this group again. How is one supposed to know what will fit without trying on for comfort when buying online? I just placed another order for Victoria's Secret bras because they don't play games with returns and exchanges. I do not recommend Knix!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 20, 2018

Do not trust the "easy" return policy!

By Heather A., Seattle, WA, Verified Reviewer

I purchased two Knixwear bras. They didn't fit right and were super uncomfortable. No problem, I thought, their return policy said I could return within 30 days!

So that's exactly what I did. Returned both bras ($90 + shipping) and the policy stated that I would have my credit card refunded within 7-10 days once they received the bras.

I sent them back in April 2018, it's now July 13, 2018, and I've yet to see a refund. I've also tried to contact them via email (they do not give a phone number) THREE TIMES and have heard nothing.

If you choose to order Knixwear, you had better sure of the fit because their return policy is a joke in my experience.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 16, 2018

Knixwear does not fit like they say.

By Deborah S., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Verified Reviewer

Knixwear measuring does not actually fit properly. I measured 3 times to make sure I measured according to their charts.

The tank was so tight I could not get it on. The V bra was loose on the sides and was loose on the back.

I am 60 years old and the fabric does not support the way the advertising says it does. I was under the impression I could receive a full refund if returned in 30 days. I receive an email for a gift card, not a refund.

So now how do I know what actually fits? I would not recommend anyone order these products.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 13, 2018

I got ripped off by this company

By Lynn S., Palm Coast, FL, Verified Reviewer

Unfortunately, I decided to try their bras based on the hype they put on their website about the bra.

I used their sizing chart to measure myself for a bra. They said I wore their size 3. I fell in the middle of the range for who would fit this size bra. So, it should have been a perfect fit. Instead, it was WAY too tight. It was very uncomfortable. Also, I had spillage on the sides of the bra, and I am by no means overweight. The other big issue was the color. It was a dark green and brown; it did not match the color they showed in a small thumbnail at all, NOT EVEN CLOSE to the color they showed. It is so dark, it could only be worn under a black shirt.

This is the most uncomfortable bra I have ever purchased in my life. Do NOT get scammed by this company. They are refusing to do a return because they said it was a discounted item. This must have been in fine print somewhere on their website because I can't find their reason for refusing to refund me on the website. This means they were trying to unload product that they could not sell. I disputed the charge for the bra on my credit card.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 9, 2018

Dissatisfying ordering experience

By Lesley P., Washington, DC, Verified Reviewer

Buying bras in the store is always a difficult experience for me, so I have never considered trying to buy one online. But the promise of a super-comfortable bra with no underwire caught my attention.

I carefully followed the instructions on how to measure myself and came up with a 34B, significantly smaller than the 36D I recently bought, but the site says their bras fit differently so I thought, ok, they must know what they're talking about. Then, I went to shop for a bra. The first bra I looked at was sized S, M, L, etc. The second bra I looked at was sized 1-8. Neither provided an equivalency chart to the 34B size determined by their system.

I got on the chat and expressed my disappointment at the lack of consistency between the three different sizing systems. Their representative corrected me that they only have two different sizing systems. Apparently, she doesn’t consider 34B to be a sizing system. She told me I would wear a 1. I expressed surprise since the last bra I purchased at Macy’s was a 36D. Then she said I would wear a 5 because I should be using the size I purchased in a store rather than the size determined by their measurement instructions (despite the fact that their website says their bras fit differently, so you should follow their system). By that point, I had lost any confidence in the advice she provided as well as in my ability to buy a bra that fit from their site. The fact that there were no returns, only exchanges, sealed the deal.

As the axiom goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Buyer beware on Knixwear!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 2, 2018

Bras do not last more than six months...

By Louise G., Ontario, Canada, Verified Reviewer

I'm so disappointed...I cannot wear the bras I bought anymore. They have completely lost their shape and are too loose. I washed them in the super delicate cycle in cold water and hung them to dry. I bought one last August and two more last winter. I'm used to bras lasting at least a year. At the price I paid for the bras I cannot afford to replace them every six months. It's unfortunate because they are so comfortable.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jun 30, 2018

"Sweat-proof" shirts are not at all sweat-proof

By Sasha N., California, Verified Reviewer

I bought one of their "Don't Sweat It" shirts to wear under my work shirts to prevent armpit stains. Not only was the shirt pretty uncomfortable, but I still got sweat stains on my work shirt! Totally useless!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jun 27, 2018

Great customer service and solid product

By Elaine T., Denver, CO, Verified Reviewer

I was looking for a comfortable, wire-free bra that would stay on my shoulders without being a sports-bra/uni-boob style. Knixwear does offer an unconditional 30-day return on the bras, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I have a terrible time with my right bra strap sliding off because decades of hauling a heavy briefcase on a shoulder strap on that shoulder have left it really somewhat deformed. For decades, I've had to wear racerback or rig extra velcro straps across the back to wear a bra. This is complicated by the fact that I'm full-figured - 42D. The Knixwear 8-in-1 worked. Comfortable and the straps stayed in place. Nice support and shape.

So, I wanted to try the underwear but was not happy about the no return policy with the cost involved. So, I started an email correspondence with Knixwear. They offered advice and information and, surprisingly, offered to accept a return of the underwear if necessary because it was my first underwear purchase. I figured trying the underwear was then risk-free because I had the promise in writing in an email.

I was lucky. The Athletic Boyshorts they suggested worked. No roll down on my less than flat stomach (which I normally get with hipster fit) and comfortable fit across my rear with no uncomfortable ride up. I admit that they are a little higher cut on the rear than I like, but, maybe because of the very soft, seamless fabric, I don't notice any discomfort from riding up in my crotch. I put the underwear through a full day of sitting, walking, squatting, etc., before ordering more. I even washed it out in the sink to see how quickly it would dry (2 hours in our dry climate) and whether it would affect the fit (it didn't).

So, now I have all new underwear and bras. The coupons for first-time purchase help with the price. The kits give a good discount if you are buying bras and underwear. Still, it's not cheap. However, to me, it is worth it because of the quality and comfort. If not for the very responsive, helpful customer service, I wouldn't have tried the underwear.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jun 25, 2018

Worst company ever!

By Michele - Ashley A., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Verified Reviewer

I did a couple of return and rebuys to find my mom the PERFECT FIT. At first, the customer service was great, and then they refunded someone else a different credit card MY MONEY! It has been two weeks. I called the bank, called Apple (as they tried to blame Apple Pay), and even sent screenshots of the transaction on the same day for the same amount on MY CARD number, and they stick to the story that they refunded my card and are trying to tell me what MY CARD number is. So I explained, if I am trying to scam them and get a duplicate refund then how would I have transaction history of this purchase, same day, under my same account on THEIR WEBSITE on my credit card number?

That would mean my account under their records would have TWO transactions for that day same amount but different cards, but they don’t! To top it off, they haven’t answered my emails in days, I have no phone number to call, and they deleted my customer profile under their website (they use Shopify, and I am very familiar with Shopify).

Do NOT get involved with them!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jun 22, 2018

Cheap, and a scam

By Barb P., Maple Grove, MN, Verified Reviewer

I don't want any of this junk and can't return it, except for the bra, which is returnable. The bra costs $55, and they will give $38 in a refund. I paid $85 for the order. I will call the Attorney General for my state and complain to Facebook also.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jun 21, 2018

I'm amazed and thrilled

By Carolyn G., Ontario, Canada, Verified Reviewer

I've always had an issue wearing a bra. I never found any bras to be comfortable, especially over a long day or during an exercise session either jogging or aerobics. The first thing I did when I returned home after work would be to remove my bra for the evening to be comfortable.

Over the past year, I lost over 70 lb of unwanted weight. Unfortunately, the first place the weight left was my breasts. I went from a size 40D to a 35B and a half. This made finding a proper fitting bra even more difficult.

I saw a Knixwear advertised on social media and thought I might as well give it a try to find a bra that I might enjoy wearing. I ordered the standard Knixwear bra. When it arrived, I was quite skeptical as it didn't feel like it would offer comfort or support. The material is very light and thin and different from any bra I'd ever warm before. I did like, however, that it was reversible in two colors, which made it practical almost like having two bras in one. I tried it on and initially wasn't very confident that it would be right for me. I decided to leave it on and carry on with my day and see where it ended up.

At the end of the day when I was changing into my pajamas, I realized I still had the Knixwear bra on and I hadn't even noticed it the entire day. My body didn't display any of the usual crease marks that I get from wearing regular bras, and when I removed it, it wasn't like a big relief like it normally is. The next day I decided to put it to the test, and I wore it on a 5km jog. It offered the perfect amount of support, wicked away sweat and was cool and comfortable the entire time. I'm thoroughly impressed with the Knixwear bra so much so that I may order more in the future. It's even more comfortable than any sports bras that I own.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Mar 27, 2018

Bigger than a C-cup? Waste of money.

By Sue Ferguson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Verified Reviewer

I'm a 36F/G in regular bras, and was sick and tired of underwire bras. I longed for something that would give me a respite from them. I realize I will never get the same support and lift an underwire does with a non-wire. But was hoping for at least a comfy lounge-wear style bra for wearing around the home. I followed Knix "find your size" and ordered the correct size (7) in black. The model I picked was their basic, with straps that can reconfigure to X or regular over the shoulder.

I've worn it for about a year, and I'm finally fed up trying to get this thing to work. My boobs fall out EVERY SINGLE TIME! If you are a well-endowed gal, do NOT drink the Kool-Aid from Knix stating their bras will keep your girls in place. They won't. Unless you stand utterly, totally, 100% immobile after putting it on. However, it you step, move, bend, stretch, walk, reach or basically, you know, live and breathe, your boobs will fall out. If you walk, within 20 steps, you will get the dreaded "quad boob" with spillage everywhere. If you bend over to do anything (pick up stuff, reach for stuff), within minutes, the elastane fabric will roll underneath your boobs entirely, disappearing under your breasts (where the moss grows), now giving a horribly uncomfortable mass of fabric under your tits, while your breasts spring free up top. Requiring you to lift your shirt, tug, pull, and smoosh everything back into place every 10 minutes.

Well endowed sisters, do NOT waste your $65-85 per bra on Knix. If you are more than a D-cup, this brand is not for you. I've gone back to a Champion racer-back style in a cotton-elastane blend I got for $24.

I'm not saying Knix products are crap. If you're an AAA-C cup, I bet they are just fine. But I am saying their products are crap for large breasted gals.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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