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The Kreg DIY Kit is claimed to provide you with the tools and step-by-step plans you need to create high-quality, custom wood projects for your home, even if you’re a first-timer. Not only is the Kreg DIY Kit claimed to help you achieve this faster and smarter by turning “ordinary power tools into easy to use, precision building tools,” but also to help save you thousands of dollars in the process.

In order to accomplish this, the Kreg DIY Kit is claimed to include everything you need to get started cutting, connecting, and customizing (more about this in a moment), such as:

  • Kreg Rip-Cut Saw Guide – Attaches to almost any circular saw and allows you to quickly and accurately cut plywood and other sheet materials, without having to measure or follow cut lines.
  • Kreg R3 Pocket-Hole Jig – Easily creates strong pocket joints using your handheld drill, followed by the insertion a self-tapping screw.
  • Kreg Shelf Pin Jig – Lets you add holes for shelf pins and customize them with ease, including positioning them exactly where you want. Claimed to provide perfect hole spacing and depth every time.

The Kreg DIY Kit is also claimed to include a 6” driver bit, allen wrenches, self-tapping screws, wood plugs, and shelf pins.

Starting a new home project can be daunting, especially if you don’t have all the know-how required in order to achieve professional-looking results. After all, who wants to spend a lot of time and money, only to create something substandard? But can the 3 items contained in the Kreg DIY Kit help you accomplish professional results with amateur experience? Consider the following:

Even When Using the Kreg DIY Kit, Experience Still Matters

What does this mean? In other words, even if you’d classify yourself as a beginner, you’ll still need some basic construction skills under your belt, such as knowing how to operate power tools and how to read instructions/blueprints. 

Does the Kreg DIY Contain Everything You’ll Need?

Speaking of tools, although the manufacturer claims that the Kreg DIY Kit comes with everything you need to get started, this isn’t quite the case. This is because—at minimum—you’ll still need power tools, a circular saw, a handheld drill, bits (with the exception of 6” driver bit that’s included), and clamps. On top of this, depending on your ultimate goal, you’ll also need to purchase the lumber and finishing materials (e.g. sealant, stain, paint, caulk, sandpaper, wood filler, wood glue, etc.) to complete your project.

What Are Consumers Saying About the Kreg DIY Kit?

It appears that Kreg has only recently started promoting their DIY Kit, so there were no online customer reviews available at the time of our research.

However, from a company perspective, Kreg Tool Company, based out of Huxley, IA, has been in business for more than 25 years and holds an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, with just one closed complaint (as of 1/5/14). As such, they appear to be a reliable company who stands behind their products, and as such, have earned a solid customer reputation.

Kreg DIY Kit Pricing & Refund Policy

If purchased directly through the manufacturer, the Kreg DIY Kit is priced at 3 payments of $33.33 or one payment of $99.99, plus $14.99 for Standard S&H (Rush shipping available for an additional charge).

With your order, you’ll also receive high quality, color-coded plans for a modular closet organizer, entryway organizer, and garage storage system. In addition, you’ll be able to download 7 additional plans from the Kreg website for a bookcase, coffee table, desk, kitchen cart, and more, in addition to a wood buying guide. 

All Kreg DIY Kits come with a 90-day refund policy, less S&H charges. In order to initiate the process, you’ll need to contact Kreg customer service at 800-447-8638.

Note: Keep in mind that the Kreg DIY Kit is also sold through a wide variety of third-party retailers, including Home Depot, Woodcraft Supply, ToolBarn.com, and many more, although some of these options are more expensive than purchasing directly through Kreg.

Can the Kreg DIY Kit Help Give Your Home Project Professional Results?

Chopping to the Point: While the company’s claim to include “everything you’ll need to get started” could be considered overblown, the Kreg DIY Kit appears to provide you tools that could be immensely helpful in building a variety of different storage projects for your home, including shelving, organizers, and more, without all the skills that projects like these would generally require. In addition, Kreg appears to have a positive online reputation with customers.

Considering all of this, it’s likely that the Kreg DIY Kit can help you get professional-looking results in less time (and with less money) than attempting it on your own. And if you’re ultimately not satisfied, you can take advantage of Kreg’s 90-day refund policy.

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