What Is Lash Ease?

By Lydia Noyes
HighYa Staff Published on: Jun 27, 2017

Perfectly applying makeup every day is an art form that only a select few can master. For everyone else, there is a major market of beauty products specifically designed to make looking your best easy and effortless, and Lash Ease is one of them.

Introduced in April 2017, Lash Ease is an eyelash applicator marketed for making applying false eyelashes less aggravating. The specially designed application tool cuts out the inconvenience of clumsily messing with false eyelashes by instantly dispensing and adhering the lashes directly to your eyelids. This device is advertised as making it simple to customize your look by adhering small “lash buds” to your natural eyelashes.

Claimed to be long lasting and comfortable to wear, Lash Ease eyelashes are designed to make it simple to change the look of your eyes in mere seconds. Each of the two included applicators (one with long lashes and one with medium length) comes with 60 eyelash buds that can be “clicked” and glued into place to enhance your look.

How Does Lash Ease Work?

Lash Ease promises that you will enjoy “bold, flirty, and sexy” eyelashes in seconds when you use their applicator to enhance what nature gave you. To apply them, simply wind the scroll until a single set appears in the opening near the top of the applicator. When the lash is nearly out, you can click the front button to lock it in place.

Next, gently apply the included lash glue to your eyelid and wait about fifteen seconds for it to get tacky to the touch so that it can support the weight of the eyelash bud. Then, glue the lash to your eyelid by positioning it in place and clicking the release button to secure the strip.

To add more lashes, just wind the scroll again until a new cartridge comes out and repeat the process. After some practice, the Lash Ease website claims that women can easily fill out their eyelashes in minutes and create custom looks that reflect their own personal style.

Will Lash Ease Provide Salon Quality Results?

While the Lash Ease website advertises that their customers will experience “salon quality results” for their eyelashes. While we didn’t test them firsthand, the reality is that the end result will realistically be less long lasting than what a beauty parlor would give you. Why?

According to a summary report from the Huffington Post about false eyelashes, salon-quality lashes take about two hours to apply, and they are designed to last up to eight weeks before needing to be reapplied.

In contrast, Lash Ease lashes are adhered with lash glue, which isn’t designed to last more than a day or two and quickly deteriorates when wet. Moisture naturally warps and curls inexpensive false eyelashes, and at least one beauty blogger has noted that clear eyelash glue turns white and looks “lice like” when her face gets wet.

Though the Lash Ease commercial shows a woman in a bathing suit, the company makes no claims that their lashes are designed to be waterproof, meaning that they probably aren’t.

Pricing, Refunds, and Lash Replacements

On the company website, Lash Ease is advertised as “buy one applicator, get one free” for $19.99, and every order comes with two Lash Ease applicators, one with medium length lashes and another with long ones. Each order also comes with a “bonus gift” of eyelash glue with a precision application tip.

However, each order of Lash Ease from the company website requires that you pay separate shipping and handling for each applicator, which comes to $4.99 each, or $29.99 for the entire order. At the time of publishing, Lash Ease isn’t for sale anywhere else.

Each Lash Ease order is protected by a 30-day money back guarantee, minus the $10 shipping fee. To process the return, customers need to contact Lash Ease at (855) 721-3319 between 8am and 10pm EST from Monday through Friday.

Though each Lash Ease dispenser comes with 60 lash buds, there is currently no option available from the company to buy more or reload them in the applicator once they run out. Instead, Lash Ease applicators are designed to be tossed away after they are empty.

What Do Customers Think of Lash Ease?

At this time, there are no customer reviews on the Lash Ease website or high quality online reviews from verified customers, though the product has a 4-star rating after 14 reviews by the website TV Stuff Reviews.

According to a product review on James White’s Freakin’ Reviews, Lash Ease does fulfill its claim of reducing the need for multiple tools for applying false eyelashes, and the larger size makes it easier for people with unsteady hands to apply the lashes.

However, the same website listed the shipping costs for the “double offer” to be unfair because there wasn’t an option to buy a single applicator or replacement lashes.

What are Some Comparable Options to Lash Ease?

There is no shortage of options in the market today for women looking for ways to enhance their eyelashes. While we didn’t test any of these products firsthand, based on the images shown on their websites, Lash Ease appears to be functionally identical to Flirt Flashes, a product that was released in early 2017.

Described by the company as “a staple gun with a cartridge full of lashes”, Flirt Flashes comes pre-loaded with 44 lash buds that can be applied with a click, just like Lash Ease. But since each applicator retails for $28, it’s about twice as expensive.

More traditional options for false eyelashes abound as well. For $6.21, you can own 32 eyelash buds. However, these inexpensive lashes lack the applicator that comes with Lash Ease lashes.

Taylor Baldwin: The Face of Lash Ease

Advertised on the website as the inventor and producer of Lash Ease, Taylor Baldwin is the head of a health and beauty brand whose products are often advertised on TV infomercials. Taylor maintains a personal blog called “Taylor Time” which provides health and wellness advice as well as press releases about her products and TV spots.

Taylor is also the actress for the Lash Ease commercial, as well as the face for Hot Buns, Sleep ‘n Beauty and other As Seen on TV products.

In Summary: Who is Lash Ease Designed For?

Lash Ease is designed for women looking for an easier way to enhance their look with false eyelashes. If you’re comfortable with a pair of tweezers, paying for the Lash Ease applicator probably isn’t the right choice for you.

It’s also important to note that rather than being a one step process, Lash Ease still requires you to apply eyelash glue to your eyes before applying the lashes. However, the applicator is designed to remove the difficulty of dealing with a pair of tweezers so that you can easily and accurately position each eyelash where you want it.

For this reason, it might be the case that women who are already comfortable applying false eyelashes using traditional methods won’t find the extra money spent provides an equal level of value.

However, (again, while we didn’t test it firsthand) if you don’t have much practice applying false eyelashes and are seeking a straightforward way to wear them, Lash Ease provides an applicator device that might make the process more simple.

Just keep in mind that if you give it a shot and it doesn’t meet your needs, you’ll immediately lose $9.98 S&H, plus whatever it will cost to send them back to the company. This is always something to watch when it comes to ASOTV products.

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