What Is Lashnetics?

By HighYa Research Team
Updated on: Aug 31, 2017

Instead of requiring messy glue or adhesives, Lashnetics false eyelashes use micro-magnetic technology to apply in seconds, without irritating eyes or damaging your natural lashes. How?

To use them, you’ll start by placing one lightweight fiber strip over your top lash, and then placing the bottom portion underneath. The ultra-small magnets in each section are attracted, which then sandwich your natural lashes in between, leaving you with a long, thick, luxurious, and natural look.

Then, the website indicates this “budge-proof” technology will secure Lashnetics in place until you’re ready to remove them, regardless of age, ethnicity, or eye shape.

If you’re looking to snazz up your eyes and really make them pop, false eyelashes can be a sure bet. But it can take quite a bit of trial and error to properly apply them; and even once you become adept, it’s still often a mess.

But have you finally found a safe, easy, reusable, and glue-free method of creating salon quality results with Lashnetics? Here, we’ll cover all the high points so you’ll be more empowered to answer the question: Is this product right for me?

Let’s start with a solid foundation and then work our way from there.

What Causes Less-Than-Stellar Eyelashes?

Inside each of our follicles, the bulb at the base is where cells, nourished by blood vessels, grow and divide. Ultimately, they expand in size to a point where they exit the skin and become hair, whose cells are protected by tough keratin fibers (one of the main factors that gives hair its strength).

With these details in mind, eyelashes are simply specialized hairs that grow from the eyelid and help shield it from small debris like dust and sand. They also reflexively close when touched (such as by an insect), providing further protection.

Like other hair on the body, some of us didn’t win the genetic lottery when it comes to eyelash beauty. There are other factors can impact lash health and subsequent appearance as well, such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, poor grooming habits (not washing off makeup frequently enough, over plucking, etc.), as well as certain diseases and medications.

However, if you’re looking to achieve butterfly-envy inducing lashes, the good news is that there are hundreds of extension brands that could help you do just that. And many salons now offer lash extension services, so you could even achieve these benefits while remaining completely hands-off.

On the other hand, the bad news is that DIY options typically involve messy glue or other adhesives, not to mention the patience and skill it can require to place these lashes in an oh-so-perfect spot using tweezers. And avoiding this at a salon will certainly cost a pretty penny.

Enter magnetic options like Lashnetics, which claim to do away with the cost, time, mess, and inconvenience associated with traditional extensions.

How Much Does Lashnetics Cost?

Two Lashnetics sets (one natural and one bold) are priced at $19.99 plus $4.99 S&H. Each order also comes with a bonus compact with built-in mirror.

All magnetic eyelashes sold through Allstar Products Group come with a 30-day money back guarantee, less S&H. To request one, you’ll need to call support at (866) 879-3790.

How Does Lashnetics Compare to Other Magnetic False Eyelashes?

Invented by real estate developer Katy Stoka, One Two Lash was the first widely available pair of reusable magnetic false eyelashes, a design that remains patented to this day. Since that time, however, many other companies (and individual entrepreneurs, too) have released their own versions.

Here’s a quick rundown of how some of the currently popular competitors stack up:

Brand Price Length/Special Options
Lashnetics $24.98 for two sets Natural, Bold
One Two Lash $59-$69 per set Original, Bold, Accent (long and short versions included in each set)
iLash by Follacure $39.99 12mm (0.47 inch)
Absolute Amazing $16.95 None noted
Motaist $27.99 8 different styles
Bonanza Mag Lash $26.99 None noted

And this is to say nothing of the independent sellers on sites like Etsy and eBay, some of which priced their magnetic lashes as low as $1.10.

Outside of their price and specifications (when available), we found that most competing options made variations of the same claims; that they are easy to fit in seconds, without glue, the magnetic technology keeps them in place, and that they’re barely noticeable.

With meaningfully similar claims, how can you decide? In the end, it all depends on those factors most important to you.

For example, from a price perspective, Absolute Amazing was the least expensive option by a decent margin, followed by Lashnetics and (closely) Motaist and Mag Lash.

Important note: Many of these competitors indicated wait times of anywhere between two to four weeks at the time of our research, which was not something noted on the Lashnetics website. So, if you’re looking to get something in your hands as fast as possible, this might be a key factor in your decision.

What about different styles so you can mix things up, depending on the occasion and your mood? While Lashnetics automatically comes with natural and bold options, One Two Lash offers a third option (Accent), although you’ll have to purchase an entirely new set if you want different versions.

Let’s continue this thought in the next section.

Consider Your Beauty Goal & Eye Shape

EOnline’s Raleigh Burgan tells us that strip lashes like Lashnetics (or any other brand, magnetic or otherwise) can often provide the fullest, most natural-looking results, and can be ideal for those without thick, long lashes.

However, keep in mind that magnetic options tend to be heavier than traditional strips, which means you’ll likely need more of a natural lash base to support them. Otherwise, if your natural lashes are too thin or sparse, they might not stay on.

Returning again to our discussion about the different styles available, Raleigh notes:

  • Feathered lashes can provide lighter shadows for a more whimsical look

  • Tapered (short to long, from inner to outer) can enhance your makeup cat eye effect

  • Lashes that “start shorter and end shorter, with longer and denser lashes in the center” can provide a nice round eye effect

Huda Beauty founder Huda Kattan also notes that you’ll want to take your eye shape into consideration when choosing false eyelashes (whether magnetic, like Lashnetics, or more traditional options).

For example, longer lashes are typically ideal for those with deep set eyes, winged and wispy for round eyes, and lashes that taper at each end can help create depth for those with hooded eyes.

Professional Tips for Buying Magnetic Eyelashes

Erika G., owner of Lashology Lash & Beauty Studio in Denver, CO, provided us with some more professional insight into magnetic lashes. On the upside, she emphasized that they’ll theoretically help you avoid lash glue and could be simpler to apply, “if you can get them straight and close enough to your lash line.”

In order for it to work, she recommended that users have strong and thick natural lashes. Otherwise, “they will just fall down into your eye,” she said. Despite repeatedly watching the manufacturer’s videos and constantly trying, Erika also found the application process much longer and more difficult than with traditional glue-on strip or cluster lashes.

Also, she emphasized that users shouldn’t apply mascara to their expensive magnetic eyelashes, as it could “eventually ruin the expensive magnetic lash strips by gunking them. It also puts a strain on the natural lash follicles." In the end, Erika recommended:

“[Magnetic lashes] are only designed for the outer corner of the eye. So, these lashes will only look good on someone with naturally dark and thick eyelashes. Blonde, Asian, and aging women are not ideal candidates for these, but are probably the people most likely to want to use them.”

Where does all of this point you when it comes to Lashnetics? Let’s go ahead and wrap things up.

Our Bottom Line About Lashnetics

Based on the number of options that have emerged over the last year or so, it would seem that many consumers are looking for magnetic lashes to potentially provide them with a solid balance between cost, appearance, and efficiency.

Taking everything we’ve learned here, though, we can see that not all of these options are necessarily the same.

For example, of the magnetic lash brands we encountered during our research, Motaist offered the most style options (eight), with One Two coming in at three (and long and short versions of each) and Lashnetics with two. So, if you’re looking for the most customization, one of the options might suit you well.

On the other hand, One Two’s lashes were the most expensive by a fairly wide margin, while Lashnetics’ were the second least expensive.

Regardless of the brand or style you choose or the price you pay, though, writing about similar magnetic false lashes, blogger Mary Hood Luttrell notes that it took her “about 40 minutes of tedious practice” before becoming even somewhat proficient at locking the two halves in place. The takeaway? While options like Lashnetics might make the process easier, this doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t experience a learning curve.

Other considerations she noted was that her magnetic lashes looked decent but didn’t exactly blend well, that they looked cheap when viewed up close, and that her mascara and eyeliner smeared when they needed to be adjusted.

Obviously, these comments were directed at a different brand than Lashnetics, so we’re not insinuating you’ll experience the same. But given the close similarities between most of these brands (even down to the red dots), we feel it’s relevant and worth mentioning in this instance.

The bottom line is that, outside of these factors, Allstar seems to stand behind Lashnetics with a 30-day refund policy. So, if you’re not satisfied, you might not have much more to lose than a few dollars in S&H for giving them a try.

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