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Lava Lunch is a neoprene tote bag that features a double insulated, heat-reflective lining that, when used in conjunction with microwavable heat packs known as Lava Rocks, is claimed to keep your food hot for up to 5 hours. Because of this, Lava Lunch is claimed to provide you with hot lunch any time, anywhere, and to save you thousands by bringing your food from home.

According to the manufacturer, Lava Rocks contain an organic, plant-based material developed by NASA that absorbs heat after just a couple minutes in your microwave, and then slowly releases this heat inside your Lava Lunch bag. The company claims your Lava Rocks can be used thousands of times, and will not leak, even if punctured.

Each BPA-free Lava Lunch is claimed to feature 2 compartments; a larger bottom section intended to store hot foods (along with your Lava Rocks), and a separate upper section for cold foods. Ultimately, the manufacturer claims that this allows you to bring fresh, nutritious foods and drinks along with your warm and delicious ones.

Let’s be real: It’s difficult to get excited about bringing your lunch to work. After all, who’s thrilled about brown bagging it with a lukewarm sandwich and chips? However, you know that bringing your lunch can help you save a ton of money each month.

With this in mind, can Lava Lunch help you expand your lunch selection by bringing warm foods each day? Perhaps, but consider the following:

Keep Your Options Open

Granted, Lava Lunch appears to provide many features that people looking to bring warm lunches to work would be interested in, including a durable neoprene exterior, a thick, heat-reflective lining, and 2 compartments to store hot and cold foods.

However, keep in mind that there are hundreds of neoprene food totes available online, and even more heat packs that can also be frozen. Granted, not all options will have 2 compartments or a heat-reflective lining, although most will feature a zippered opening and will be large enough to hold 1-2 hot/cold packs, so most of Lava Lunch’s primary benefits can be mimicked by other products.

Lava Lunch is a New Product

While we didn’t locate any online customer reviews for the exact same product, we did locate numerous reviews for another neoprene lunch tote named Lava Lunch, although its design was meaningfully different than this ASOTV version. However, both were currently out of stock at the time of our research (more about this in a moment), so they may be different models of the same product.

With this said, the non-ASOTV version appeared to have primarily positive online customer reviews, with the most common compliment citing its ability to keep foods warm. However, several consumers complained of its small size.

How Well Can You Expect Lava Lunch to Perform?

Despite the lack of online customer reviews available, Lava Lunch (and its Lava Rocks counterpart) represent basic, tried-and-true concepts for keeping foods at a constant temperature; e.g. providing a heating or cooling source, and maintaining as constant a temperature as possible using insulation.

As such, unless there is some massive flaw in its construction (e.g. a hole in the side), we can’t imagine that Lava Lunch wouldn’t work to keep your foods cold or hot for several hours. Now, whether you can realistically expect hot food to still be steaming (as shown in the product’s commercial) at that time could be up for some debate.

With this said, at least some of the heat in Lava Lunch’s bottom section will make its way to the top (after all, heat rises), so if you have some foods in the upper section that need to be kept very cold, you’ll almost certainly need to include a freezer pack.

Lava Lunch Pricing & Refund Policy

Lava Lunch totes are available in black, purple, and blue colors, and are priced at $24.95. For this price, you’ll receive 1 Lava Lunch and 2 Lava Rocks.

Important note: At the time of our research, Lava Lunch was listed as out of stock, with no indication as to when they’d be available again. We contacted customer service at 844-281-1529 in order to find out this information, although the representative we spoke with had never heard of Lava Lunch.

Can Lava Lunch Help Get You Excited About Lunch Again?

Chopping to the Point: As we mentioned above, it’s almost certain that without a huge design flaw, Lava Lunch will keep your food at least moderately warm by the time you eat it. While this may not be important for individuals who work in an office and have access to a microwave, those who work outside for a living (e.g. construction workers, tradesmen, etc.) might find it immensely useful.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until it’s back in stock to place your order. Alternately, you can find many similar options by performing an online search.

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