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Lifestyle Lift is a nationwide cosmetic and facial surgery practice that advertises minimally invasive procedures and promises to deliver maximum results.

Founded in 2001 by Dr. David Kent, the Lifestyle Lift company has now grown to encompass more than 50 affiliated offices, with over 100 physicians performing their namesake facial surgery, in addition to other cosmetic surgery options.

Lifestyle Lift is one of several patented facelift surgeries marketed in the US primarily through infomercials. True to their medium, the Lifestyle Lift company uses a heavy-handed, salesy approach in their advertising, which compels viewers to “Do something for yourself!” And it seems like the message is working: According to their website, over 172,000 Lifestyle Lift surgeries have been completed to date.

In fact, Lifestyle Lift has been so successful that available services have branched out beyond their namesake to also include:

  • Fractional Laser Skin Treatment
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Eyelid Procedures
  • Brow Lifts
  • Naturalyn Volume Enhancement

What Lifestyle Lift Claims

The Lifestyle Lift facial surgery is advertised as a minimally invasive procedure, unlike its cousin the rhytidectomy, more commonly known as a facelift. Wikipedia states that this is accomplished through a so-called “short-flap facelift,” which is performed under local anesthesia.

Despite the fact that it’s less invasive, the Lifestyle Lift website promises long-lasting and proven “natural results” due to their:

  • Specific technique
  • Board-certified expert specialists
  • Safer and less invasive local anesthetics

The site goes on to list reasons why so many have chosen their procedures, including claims that:

  • Lifestyle Lift offers the best medical team, who perform more face and neck surgeries per year than the average plastic surgeon does in their lifetime.
  • Their namesake procedure is not only less risky due to local anesthesia, but also requires less recovery time.
  • Their procedures are all more affordable, and offer results that last up to a lifetime.

How Do Find Out More about Lifestyle Lift?

At www.lifestylelift.com, there’s a telephone number listed where you can learn more information. In addition, visitors to the site can chat with a specialist, and even sign up online for a free information kit. The kit includes:

  • A free facial analysis
  • $250 in coupon savings
  • A skin treatment reported to be worth $100

While the costs of treatments aren’t listed outright, the procedure has received over 600 reviews on the website Realself.com, which lists the total costs of each reviewer’s combined procedures.

At the time of our research, prices averaged $6,425 USD per Lifestyle Lift, but can go up to $12,000, presumably when additional a la carte services are added, such as chin implants or skin laser resurfacing.

What People Are Saying About Lifestyle Lift

There were a minimal number of YouTube reviews for Lifestyle Lift, although more than 214 reviews were featured on Consumer Affairs’s website. These, combined with innumerable Yelp reviews for each of Lifestyle Lift’s affiliated locations, give the service consistent ratings of two stars or below.

Alternatively, the ratings on Realself.com are comprised of reviews left over the past 24 months (but as you’ll read soon, there are some discrepancies as to their validity). At the time of writing, there were 639 reviews on Realself, which can be broken down as:

  • 365 users rate the procedure as “worth it”
  • 264 users rate the procedure as “not worth it”
  • 40 chose “not sure”

If you find this information conflicting, it’s worth noting that Lifestyle Lift was the subject of a CBS eight-part miniseries, after which the company attempted to sue both the station and the reporter for defamation. The miniseries snippets can be viewed on YouTube, where you’ll find multiple patients who claim to have been scarred—and some even physically disabled—by the surgery.

Other facts from Wikipedia that should be seriously considered before undertaking this procedure:

  • Lifestyle Lift and its doctors has been the subject of multiple alleged malpractice claims in the state of Florida.
  • Lifestyle Lift reached a settlement with New York State after being found to have paid for false customer endorsements on third-party sites, including Realself.com—the only site where positive reviews of this procedure can be readily found.
  • At least one Lifestyle Lift patient has died on the operating table due to complications with local anesthesia.

Lifestyle Lift Concerns

Despite how they market themselves, there have been some unsavory concerns appearing online about Lifestyle Lift. These include a reputation for high-pressure sales tactics when signing up new clients, and that you’re initially treated like a star, but their level of customer service drops off dramatically after your treatment is complete.

From a procedural standpoint, many customers have complained of pain during their treatment (despite being advertised as “pain-free”), and that the recovery period is longer than advertised. In addition, numerous customers have complained that wrinkling and sagging skin has reappeared within months of the procedure, despite it being advertised as lasting 10 years.

Lastly, according to this ABC News investigation, “In 2009, the New York Attorney General’s Office found Lifestyle Lift was intentionally and illegally ‘duping consumers’. Lifestyle Lift agreed to pay a $300,000 fine for creating fake reviews of the surgery online, written in the names of patients who did not exist.” [Editor’s note: the page with the details about this investigation has been removed from the ABC Action News’ website.]

General Concerns About “Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures”

According to Surgery.org, one of the primary concerns regarding minimally invasive surgical procedures are that they’re a one-size-fits-all solution to a very individualized problem. In other words, it’s very likely that not all Lifestyle Lift patients will experience the same results. In addition, most modern facelifts utilize “short incisions” during their procedures—the difference being that most of these are handled by surgeons with a significant level of expertise.

With this said, Lifestyle Lift practitioners may not be as highly trained as board-certified plastic surgeons, which may cause some safety concerns for patients.

The Bottom Line About Lifestyle Lift

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that over 125,000 standard facelifts were performed in the US in 2011 alone. From those numbers, it’s obvious there’s a demand for surgical methods to achieve a younger looking face, and it’s understandable that many interested consumers are lured by Lifestyle Lift’s promise of a less invasive (and less costly) procedure.

However, some of the claims on their site are just as worrying as the claims against them: The Lifestyle Lift messaging sounds more like a car sales ad than a professional medical organization, and it’s worrisome to put your health and appearance in the hands of a doctor who partakes in an organization that seems more concerned with protecting their image than your own.

Finally, the reported national average cost of a facelift for 2010 was only $6,231. That’s almost $200 less than the Lifestyle Lift alternative! So much for their claim of lower cost, too.

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, it’s important not to be persuaded by catchy names and understand all invasive (whether “minimally” or otherwise) procedures carry a certain level of risk.

Research the right questions and speak with a medical professional before deciding what’s best for you, and HighYa’s a great place to start!

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    Upset not hearing from company

    • Dallas,
    • Jul 4, 2014

    I am still waiting for a refund on lower procedure for bags under my eyes. Right before my surgery I asked my consultant and doctor if they could remove bags. I was told that it was a very good idea and that I'd be glad I did it was another 2500.00 and had me write a check at that moment. I am not happy the bags are worse than before. I voiced my complaint and still haven't heard anything.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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