About Liver Spot Away

Liver Spot Away promises the dark spots on your skin due to aging will disappear if you regularly apply their ointment. They claim it is clinical strength with “potent” C vitamins, FDA approved, and doctor recommended; they add it’s painless, quick, and will make you look younger again.

Liver Spot Away is sold by Telebrands – the reigning kings of the infomercial for 30 years. They are accredited by the BBB and currently have an A- rating (the BBB says that even though they have received hundreds of complaints, the number is relatively low compared to their size and all have been satisfactorily resolved.)

What Are Liver Spots?

Liver Spots are dark blemishes on the skin, usually appearing after age 40. They were once thought to be associated with the liver (hence, the name) but are actually due to exposure from the sun; as we age, our skin loses the ability to regenerate, resulting in brown spots on the hands, face, or anywhere on the body. Liver spots are not harmful and require no medical attention, but they have a negative stigma and many older people seek to erase them to appear younger.

How Liver Spot Away Works

Liver Spot Away is made from “pure potent vitamin C” and an FDA-approved active ingredient which they do not disclose. They claim Liver Spot Away formula is “clinical strength”, although it is unclear what that means. Dr. John Diaz, who claims to be a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon says he suggests Liver Spot Away to his patients, so they add “doctor recommended” to their description as well.

To use Liver Spot Away, they say to use the dropper and apply to the dark spots every day. They tout it is fragrance-free and can be worn under makeup. They claim your liver spots will simply “fade away” but give no timetable to see results.

Liver Spot Away includes:

  • Liver Spot Away 60 day supply bottle
  • Second bottle (extra S&H)

Liver Spot Away Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Liver Spot Away sells for $12.99 plus $6.99 S&H for a total of $19.98. At time of order, you can add another bottle for $6.99 in fees, for a total of $26.97 for a 120 day supply. Telebrands products all have the same money-back guarantee – consumable items (such as Liver Spot Away) can only be returned UNOPENED for your money back (minus S&H). In addition, you must include a “detailed explanation” as to why you are returning the product, or you risk rejection.


  • FDA approved active ingredient which they do not disclose
  • Fragrance-free


  • Expensive
  • Active ingredient unknown
  • Mainly vitamin C
  • Can only return if unused

Bottom Line: Is Liver Spot Away a Scam?

First of all, Liver Spots, no matter how “old” they make you feel, are not harmful. Second, the only listed ingredient is vitamin C, which can be purchased at any drug store for much cheaper. (Even though they say its “active” ingredient is FDA-approved, it gives us no information as to what it is.)

And, perhaps most importantly, you cannot return opened/used merchandise. This fact essentially nullifies their “money back guarantee.” On top of that, if you were to decide to return your unopened order of Liver Spot Away, they will still keep at least $6.99 in non-refundable fees (and you have to pay the postage to return.) We suggest to either learn to love your body or try another company/remedy with a better rating. 

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