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Luma Hydrate by Lumanelle claims to be a luxurious, advanced anti-aging moisturizer and wrinkle-fighting system that is proven to reduce the signs of aging over time. In other words, Luma Hydrate is claimed to help your skin look years younger, which will become increasingly apparent the more you use it.

According to the product’s website, Luma Hydrate accomplishes this using a special blend of ingredients that stimulate collagen growth, a patented matrikine stimulant claimed to help your skin heal and repair itself, and hyaluronic acid to moisturize.

Luma Hydrate is claimed to absorb into your skin in 3-5 seconds, and to leave you with healthy, glowing, and silky soft skin. The company claims that Luma Hydrate will provide noticeable results within 15 days, and that you can expect to experience a smoothing effect within the first few weeks of application.

You’ve reached the age where the years are beginning to catch up with you, but you want to look your best for as long as possible. But is Luma Hydrate a cost-effective way to achieve this? Consider the following:

Do Luma Hydrate’s Ingredients Work?

Since we’re not informed which ingredients in Luma Repair help stimulate collagen production, these claims can’t be addressed. With this said, most anti-aging products that claim to address collagen production contain peptides that help this to occur. However, WebMD states that what causes collagen production within the body may not cause it to occur when applied outside the body.

Hyaluronic acid has been used for many years in everything from acne treatments to anti-aging serums like Luma Hydrate. Although it may be effective for reducing the appearance of facial lines when injected, there is insufficient clinical evidence online showing that it’s effective for anti-aging purposes when applied topically.

We’ve reviewed dozens upon dozens of anti-aging products here at HighYa, and this is the first time we’ve encountered the “patented matrikine stimulant” that Luma Hydrate claims to contain. Unfortunately, when searching for this term (or any variant thereof), the only online results that appear are directly related to Luma Hydrate.

While there aren’t any clinical trials provided on the Luma Hydrate website, or a list of the moisturizer’s other ingredients, all of this would lead us to believe that it’s unlikely Luma Hydrate will provide you with the results they claim.

Are Customers Pleased with Luma Hydrate’s Results?

Overall, it appears that Luma Hydrate has a very negative online reputation with customers. In fact, among the product’s 33 customer reviews on Amazon, 26 rate the product as 1 star. Among these reviews, the most common complaint was failure to work, followed by difficulties cancelling trials (e.g. difficulty reaching a customer service rep, who were rude and made the cancellation process as cumbersome as possible) and skin reactions such as dryness and rashes.

There are a lot of Luma Hydrate affiliate websites posing as legitimate reviews, but considering the product’s very poor online customer reputation, the reality is that they’re very likely fake.

However, this probably shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that one of the company’s other products, Lumanelle Luma Repair, currently has more than 20 HighYa reader reviews and an average rating of one star. Most of these complaints are identical to those noted above.

Luma Hydrate’s Images Are Not What They Appear

If you were casually browsing through the Luma Hydrate website, you’d probably take a look at the before and after pictures and be impressed with the differences. Upon further inspection though, at least one of the before and after pics is a “dramatization of results.” In other words, it was Photoshopped in order to show you what you can expect to achieve, not what one of their customers actually achieved.

Speaking of pictures: The Luma Hydrate website includes a random picture (see below) that appears to reference the signature portion of a Spanish clinical trial.

The Luma Hydrate website
A picture from the Luma Hydrate website

Regardless of what it is though, what’s it doing on the Luma Hydrate website? Are these doctors the ones who formulated Luma Hydrate? Are these the doctors who were responsible for a clinical trial? Did these doctors test Luma Hydrate for purity and safety? We just don’t know, but based on our experience, it’s our opinion that this image is included just to make you think there’s more scientific support for Luma Hydrate than there really is (which is to say, none).

Is Luma Hydrate Award-Winning?

Finally, Luma Hydrate claims to be an award-winning anti-aging product, although the company doesn’t inform us which awards it’s won, or who awarded them.

If your company’s product won an award, wouldn’t this be a big deal that you’d want to advertise to all your customers though? Given this, it’s interesting that the company didn’t provide any additional information, which leads us to believe that it may not be true.

Luma Hydrate Pricing & Refund Policy

Luma Hydrate is only available through a 14-day trial for the cost of $3.95. This trial will begin from the date your order is placed, and you’ll receive a 30-day supply in the mail. After your trial expires, you’ll be billed $79.95 for the full price of the product.

Once this occurs, 40 days after your original order, you’ll be signed up for Lumanelle’s autoship program. This means that you’ll continue receiving a fresh supply of Luma Hydrate once every 30 days, and your credit card will be charged accordingly.

Important note: Free trials and autoship programs are something we’ve talked about extensively here at HighYa, and we generally recommend staying away from products sold in this manner.

In order to cancel your trial, you’ll need to contact customer service at 800-562-9682 for RMA, at which point you’ll need to mail the bottle back to the manufacturer. However, keep in mind that one of the most common complaints for Luma Hydrate was that the company’s customer service reps will try everything in the book to keep you from cancelling. Expect this when you call.

Can Luma Hydrate Help You Look Your Best?

Chopping to the Point: Considering Luma Hydrate’s poor online reputation with customers, lack of online clinical evidence showing the ingredients can reduce the signs of aging, the company’s questionable marketing tactics, and the presence of a free trial/autoship program, we’d recommend saving your hard-earned money.

Also, be sure to educate yourself as much as possible about the anti-aging industry by reading our Comprehensive Guide to Buying Anti-Aging Products.

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