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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: May 30, 2016

Luma Smile, an at-home tooth polisher, promises to deliver brighter, whiter teeth by gently removing stains missed by normal brushing—all in just a minute a day.

To do this, Luma Smile’s motorized rubber cups feature “virtually the same power and precision” as your dentist’s polishing tool, while remaining easy on enamel. The company claims Luma Smile is even ideal for those with sensitive teeth.

The process works over three steps:

  1. Attach Luma Smile’s rubber polishing cup to the end.
  2. Press the cup to your teeth, which will activate the device and the built-in Hyper Light, which will help you see stains up close.
  3. Glide Luma Smile across your teeth, which will polish away stubborn surface stains, leaving you with whiter teeth and a “fresh from the dentist feeling.”

You want your teeth to look their best, which is why you’re interested in Luma Smile. You’re also a smart consumer who wants to make sure you’re spending money wisely, which is why you’re here at HighYa. To this extent, should you buy Luma Smile? We’ll lay out everything we learned during our research so you can make an informed decision.

How Do Teeth Polishers Work?

As we outlined in How to Choose an At-Home Teeth Whitening System That Works, there are three main layers of your teeth:

  • Enamel – The outermost white layer that protects the underlying layers, which is why it’s stronger than bone.
  • Dentin – Dentin is darker and more yellow than enamel, and is where the transmission of pain signals occur. If you have thin enamel, dentin may be more apparent, giving your teeth a yellowish tint.
  • Pulp – This is where a tooth’s blood vessels, lymph nodes, nerves, and other important tissues are located.

To remove stains from enamel, you have two basic options: 1) a manual tool, such as a toothbrush or polisher, or 2) a chemical tool, such a bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide.

When it comes to polishers, they generally work using a rubber cup that spins at a relatively low speed. As it spins, gritty toothpaste works as a light abrasive to shine teeth.

Here’s the important part: Your dentist’s polisher is typically only used as a final step after knocking away tarter and other debris with more “blunt” instruments, like ultrasonic cleaners and hand tools. In other words, these polishers don’t really clean; they just make your teeth look pretty.

On top of this, American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) formally states, “polishing should be performed only as needed and not be considered a routine procedure.”

Taken together, might Luma Smile provide “virtually the same power and precision” as your dentist’s polishing tool? Perhaps, but it’s a moot point. After all, polishers are only intended as a supplementary step during professional cleanings, and they should only be used infrequently since they tend to wear away enamel.

What Kind of Whitening Results Can You Expect with Luma White?

Based on what we just learned, it’s fairly clear that if you used a tooth polisher only as directed, it probably wouldn’t provide much bang-for-your-buck in the whitening department.

Instead, you’d probably want to opt for a whitening kit that uses hydrogen peroxide to enter into pores in your enamel, oxidize stuck-on stains, and gently lift them away. You can find many of these kits online, but as we mentioned in our whitener buyer’s guide, you might want to search locally for lower prices and to avoid sneaky autoship programs.

Speaking of prices, how much will you pay for Luma Smile?

Will the Real Luma Smile Price Please Stand Up?

Two Luma Smile sets are priced at $14.99 plus $9.98 S&H. With each set, you’ll receive one Luma Smile polisher and 5 polishing cups. According to the manufacturer, each polishing cup can last up to 100 uses, but there’s no mention how you can order more once you run out.

Along with your order, you’ll also receive a tube of Luma Smile whitener (we’re not told which ingredients it contains) and 2 AA batteries.

Important note: At the time of our research, Luma Smile’s ordering page stated, “Please make your check in the amount of $35.95.That is $19.99 plus $15.98 processing and handling.”

For clarification on this (as well as the replacement cups issue), we contacted Spark Innovators’ customer service at 866-587-1042 and spoke with a friendly representative. Interestingly, they told us that the price is actually $19.99 plus $9.90 S&H for both Luma Smile units. We were also told that replacement cups are free (including shipping); just call customer service and “let them know how many you need.”

Finally, it’s important to mention that we found Luma White for sale through several third-party online retailers for as little as $10, with much lower S&H, although this only includes one set.

Are There Any Luma Smile Polisher Reviews?

At the time of our research, Luma Smile had a 2.3-star average rating on Amazon, with most (43%) giving it one star. There, many customers claimed they experienced fresher feeling teeth, along with whiter results. On the other hand, common complaints were that Luma Smile lacked adequate power, didn’t provide any results, and less-than-stellar quality.

On the other hand, this video reviewer claimed that Luma Smile spun so fast when she first used it that it almost “burned” her tooth, although the harder she pressed, the less torque it had. She also mentioned several other complaints about Luma Smile, including that it couldn’t reach her back teeth and that it probably wouldn’t be ideal for those with sensitive teeth.

Ultimately, the reviewer claimed that Luma Smile might make your teeth feel cleaner, although she didn’t think it was worth the potential damage to her teeth.

From a company perspective, Spark Innovators is an ASOTV manufacturer we’ve talked about frequently over the years, as they’ve released several popular products like InVinceable, Engrave-It Pro, and more. For the most part, the company’s products tend to have a 2-star rating or lower here on HighYa, mostly due to complaints that they don’t work as advertised (these are common for the industry as a whole).

Spark Innovators also had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with just seven closed complaints (as of 5/19/16). Of those with descriptions available, the biggest problem was being overcharged for an order, which customer service seemed to quickly resolve.

Will Luma Smile Leave You With a Frown?

Based on the fact that many professionals recommend only polishing your teeth infrequently (generally, when you visit your dentist’s office every 6 months or so), this alone means we’d recommend speaking with a professional before purchasing Luma Smile.

When you also factor in Luma Smile’s high, non-refundable S&H charges, as well as the fact that you could likely get better whitening results from OTC treatments available locally, we think these are even more reasons to strongly consider all your options.

Speaking of which, the goal of most ASOTV products is to make it onto store shelves, so you might find Luma Smile locally, which might provide a lower price and zero S&H fees (one reviewer claimed they purchased it at their neighborhood CVS).

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    Luma Smile

    • By Leanne Whitlow,
    • Auckland, New Zealand,
    • Dec 3, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I received this after a lengthy wait from Beijing, China. It came with the 5 polishing cups and the battery operated tool BUT NO whitening gel or anything else. This is extremely poor.

    I would NOT recommend buying this! I am extremely disappointed and will NOT be buying from them again. If there was a zero rating up there, I would have used it!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 7 out 9 people found this review helpful


    • By Tanya,
    • Valencia, Spain,
    • Mar 1, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    It's a fake and is ridiculously overpriced. Don't waste your money!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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