What is Lumipearl?

By Autumn Yates
HighYa Staff
Published on: Dec 22, 2016

Claiming to use 21st-century tech to unlock an ancient beauty secret, Lumipearl skin care might just be the anti-aging gem you’re looking for.

Ready to break out the big guns in your anti-aging regimen? Lumipearl Youth Renewing Skin Care kit boasts a whopping 22 age-fighting skin benefits, contains a youth-renewing ProPearl Complex, is sold by a reputable brand, and backed by a money-back guarantee. And that's exactly what we'll talk about here in this Lumipearl review.

Customers can choose from either a four-piece or six-piece Lumipearl skin care regimen that includes a serum, face wash, lotion, eye cream, and more.

Lending this line of purifying pearl-based skin care even more allure is a celebrity endorsement by American model and Law & Order actress Angie Harmon.

In a commercial for Lumipeal, Angie Harmon states that she’s long suffered from blotchiness and uneven skin. Then says, “The best thing about Lumipearl is that it works,” and offers up her own alabaster complexion as living proof.

Angie Harmon isn’t the only well-known name associated with Lumipearl, either. The skin care system is made and sold by Guthy Renker, which claims to be one of the largest and respected direct marketing companies in the world.

We’ll talk more about Guthy Renker in a bit. But first, let’s take a closer look at Lumipearl’s promises:

What Do Pearls Have to do With Anti-Aging?

To learn what makes Lumipearl different, we dove into their infomercial. Here are the highlights of what we learned from this 30-minute ode to their skin care system.

According to Lumipearl, crushed pearls were once a prized beauty product—women would dust their complexions with the powder, hoping their skin could achieve the same glow.

Despite sounding fancy, Lumipearl says that those centuries of ladies were missing out on the pearl’s real superpower: “The ability to transform and to restore youth to aging skin.”

And that power remained locked away… until now!

Calling their process “a 21st-century scientific breakthrough,” Lumipearl claims that they have “harnessed the hidden, youth-renewing power of the South Sea pearl with cutting-edge science.”

For brevity’s sake, we’ll cut through the sales fluff and get to it: Lumipearl’s cutting-edge technique isn’t ever disclosed in full. Nor is any additional information about the protein itself, or how Lumipearl’s ingredients are formulated to deliver such a powerful anti-aging punch.

The essence of Lumipearl’s sales pitch boils down to this: There is a protein which they extract from the center of South Sea pearls is used to create their Propearl complex. According to Lumipearl, their Propearl complex has the ability to:

  • Reduce your visible lines and wrinkles
  • Increase your radiance
  • Give you firmer and tighter-looking skin
  • Create smoother texture
  • Visibly diminish your sun damage and dark marks
  • … and more! (The additional 17 benefits aren’t listed.)

Additionally, Lumipearl states that their formulas are developed for all skin types. And, that they don’t include talcs, dyes, mineral oils, or parabens.

For more clarity on Lumipearl's possible effects, and whether their products can renew your skin as claimed, let’s move to the listed ingredients.

What’s Inside Lumipearl Youth Serum?

Because Lumipearl Skin Care consists of six products—each with dozens of ingredients—we had to start somewhere. Their flagship product, the Lumipearl Youth Serum, seemed like a logical choice.

This product claims to use pearl powder and retinol to even out your complexion and smooth wrinkles. To help us verify Lumipearl’s claims about their Youth Serum, we set about researching the first nine ingredients listed in its formula.

Why nine? Mostly because cosmetics name those ingredients with the highest concentrations first, and it took us nine ingredients to reach anything with pearls. But also, because we assume you have other things to do and don’t want to read about all 26.

Here’s what we found:

  1. Water - Water-based products are unlikely to clog pores and are less irritating to sensitive skin types.
  2. Glycerin - A humectant that draws moisture from the air to moisturize skin.
  3. Polysorbate 20 - A synthetic compound that’s used to give products a smooth, wet feeling.
  4. Seawater - Claimed to include magnesium for the purpose of helping your skin retain moisture.
  5. BHA - A natural exfoliant found in many anti-aging products. Is shown to help reduce fine lines with long-term use.
  6. BHT - A chemically derived organic compound that presents oxidization.
  7. Phormidium persicinum extract - A blue-green algae that grows in sea water.
  8. Nacre protein - The outer layer of pearls, which produces an iridescent shine. (Note that the inner layer is not nacreous.)
  9. Nacre lipids - The naturally occurring fat, wax, or water-soluble vitamins extracted from a pearl.

Despite that pearl protein doesn’t show up until the eighth spot, this is actually a pretty promising list. (Also worth noting that Retinol does show up as the twelfth ingredient.)

Why does this get Lumipearl a thumbs up?

You can see that Lumipearl Youth Serum is water-based, so is likely to be suitable for all skin types like they claim.

There are also several antioxidants, including algae, and sea water is reputed to have healing benefits as well as reducing redness. (Though, note that the seawater is “reputed,” and there aren’t any studies we could find on the stuff’s effects on the skin.)

But, it’s the nacre that’s really kicked up our interest.

We’re trying not to get hung up on the fact that “nacre” is actually the outer part of pearl instead of a secret protein tucked in its center. Instead, let’s focus on the fact that nacre lipids—aka “pearl fats”—have been shown to successfully treat atopic dermatitis by a legitimate 2006 study!

In case you’re wondering, atopic dermatitis is a blistery, itchy and red skin rash that shows up on babies. (Take our word on this one and don’t Google image search.)

All in all, that’s great news in our assessment of Lumipearl so far.

A Look At Lumipearl’s Additional Skin Care Products

Since we’ve identified the pearl protein that seems to give Lumipearl’s products their kick, we can skip through the rest of those long, scientific names.

Here’s a quick check to learn if Lumipearl’s other five products also include at least one “nacre” on their ingredients list, as well as any other important highlights about what’s inside each.

Intense Glow Perfecting Pads

These exfoliating pads act as a toner, claiming to reduce pores and help create a glow. Ingredients show that these include nacre protein and lipids, but they’re all the way down in position 16 and 17.

But, those with sensitive skin, beware. Lumipearl Intense Glow Perfecting Pads include witch hazel, which we’ve previously mentioned as being too harsh of an astringent for regular use.

Line Smoothing Moisture Cream

Lumipearl claims that the Line Smoothing Moisture cream gives firmer, smoother skin with this ultra-hydrating day and night cream. Ingredients show that those two nacres are all the way down at 19 and 20.

However, from the look of their ingredients, this silicone-based cream does have some serious moisturizers, including hydrogenated coconut oil. Expect this cream to be thick and rich. Those with easily clogged pores might want to proceed with caution.

Lifting Eye Repair

Lifting Eye Repair is promised to reduce puffiness and help diminish dark circles. Ingredients show that it contains aloe, which is promising for overall skin health. Note that this product does contain palm oil, which is safe but yields a heavier consistency (which might be expected in an eye cream).

Dark Mark Corrector

Lumipearl's Dark Mark Corrector is described as a creamy formula that gradually diminishes dark spots and marks. This formula includes parabens.

The Dark Mark Corrector does not include any nacre ingredients. Instead, the ingredients include wax, a firming agent, a humectant, and other stabilizing agents along with 2% hydroquinone.

Two-percent is a relatively mild concentration of hydroquinone for a dark spot corrector—other available formulas go up to 4% or more—which is worth noting if dark spots are your primary concern.

More importantly, consumers should understand that, while these creams can help to lighten dark spots, the spots will likely come back once use of the cosmetic is discontinued.

Purifying Pearl Mask

The Purifying Pearl Mask Promises that you’ll experience a visibly smoother and more radiant complexion after using. Said to gently exfoliate and refine pores.

This clay-based mask also includes macadamia oil (moisturizing), seawater (can help calm redness), algae extract (anti-oxidant), as well as nacre proteins and lipids.

From our experience researching the perfect face mask for every skin type, these ingredients appear to deliver a wallop of antioxidants and calming benefits.

However, like dark spot correctors, any effect a mask has on your skin is temporary and will fade after several hours.

Also, it’s important that consumers understand that pores aren’t tiny muscles that can contract and expand. These follicles on your face may appear larger if plugged, or smaller if exposed to cold temperatures that cause the surrounding skin to swell. However, no cosmetic product can alter their appearance—only temporarily plump up the surrounding skin.

For reference, all information regarding Lumipearl’s ingredients was found in Special Chem’s cosmetic chemistry ingredient index.

Lumipearl Pricing, Monthly Subscriptions, and Refund Policy

Lumipearl offers customers their choice between two levels of skin care kits, one with four products, and one an additional two, totaling six:

  • Lumipearl Four-Piece Kit ($39.95): Includes Youth Serum, Intense Glow Perfecting Pads, Line Smoothing Moisture Cream, and Lifting Eye Repair.
  • Lumipearl Six-Piece Kit ($59.95): Includes Youth Serum, Intense Glow Perfecting Pads, Line Smoothing Moisture Cream, Lifting Eye Repair, Dark Mark Corrector, and Purifying Pearl Mask.

Whichever you choose, Lumipearl includes two free gifts with your purchase: Perfect & Protect 25 SPF Day Cream and Skin Brightening Cleanser. Both kits also come with free shipping.

If you’re unhappy with your Lumipearl purchase, the company claims that you can return (even empty) bottles at any time up to 60 days for a full refund.

The above prices are for a 30-day supply of skin care products. However, Lumipearl also gives customers the option to purchase a 90-day supply at the time of checkout.

Choosing the 90-day option means that you'll incur a total of three charges: Once on the day you purchase, one charge four weeks after purchase, and one charge eight weeks after purchase. The charge, of course, depends on if you select the four piece or six piece option.

However, this option seems redundant since, no matter if you select the 30-day or 90-day option, purchasing Lumipearl signs you up for their autoship program. This membership will remain in effect until canceled.

While Lumipearl claims that you can cancel your autoship membership any time by calling 1-888-920-7477, our experience researching autoship programs has taught us that many customers find doing so easier said than done, and are forced to sit through long hold times, aggressive upselling, and delayed cancellation confirmations.

Guthy Renker: Do the Makers of Lumipearl Have a Glowing Reputation?

Guthy Renker is, as we just mentioned, a “direct marketing” company—also known as an As Seen On TV brand—which means their products aren’t available in stores but are sold directly to consumers online or through infomercials.

Now, we’ve reviewed dozens of products offered by direct marketing brands and are well-versed in the the industry, including As Seen On TV giants Telebrands and Tristar. Our experience is that these companies generally suffer from low customer approval ratings due to overblown promises or less-than-convenient return policies.

However, Guthy Renker appears to break the mold. What gives us this impression?

To start, the company holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Now, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect—at the time of writing (12/16/16), Guthy Renker has closed 1766 complaints with the BBB in last three years. Perhaps it’s not surprising for a company that does business directly with consumers, but almost half of those were billing or shipping issues.

While 1766 is a lot of complaints, the BBB considers that number to be minimal when compared with the total number of Guthy Renker’s sales. Additionally, the company responded to each complaint, and 719 customers report that the resolution was to their satisfaction—a relatively high number.

Here at HighYa, we’ve also reviewed the websites, commercials and advertisement tactics of several of Guthy Renker’s more popular products, including Crepe Erase, Bye Bye Foundation, Perricone Cold Plasma Sub-D, and Meaningful Beauty.

What can we tell from looking at HighYa reader’s ratings of the Guthy Renker products that we’ve researched?

To be frank, they’re generally not highly rated, with common customer complaints touching on disappointing product performance (most common with Crepe Erase), and others stating difficulty canceling autoship programs—an important note, since purchasing Lumipearl signs you up for one.

Bottom Line: Is Lumipearl Skin Care a Good Anti-Aging Buy?

Let’s cut to the chase: Lumipearl’s claims that nacre proteins and lipids can help to soothe redness and blotchy skin are substantiated by research that we’ve linked to above. Additionally, the inclusion of seawater and powerful humectants lead us to believe that these products can both moisturize and calm sensitive skin as claimed.

However, it’s important to understand that Lumipearl skin care products are cosmetics—not drugs (as classified by the Food and Drug Administration)—so, they're unable to make lasting changes to your skin.

In layman’s terms, this means that you may see plumping and reduced blotchiness, but the effects will not be lasting.

What is lasting are the charges that Lumipearl customers will incur—at least until they go through the process of canceling their autoship subscriptions.

Bottom line: If you suffer from blotchy, irritated skin and are aware that canceling your Lumipearl membership may cause irritation of another kind, then you might want to give Lumipearl skin care a shot.

However, remember that skin afflictions can also be an indicator of other medical issues, and that it might be equally, if not more valuable, to speak with your dermatologist or medical professional about other treatment options in addition to Lumipearl before placing an order for it.

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