About Magic Leash

Magic Leash is a leash for your pooch they say will instantly change their behavior on your daily walk. This leash slips around their midsection and hooks to the collar; they claim Magic Leash will gently point your dog’s head downward, which they say makes them more submissive and easier to control.

Magic Leash is brought to you by Safe TV Shop, a company that is not accredited by the BBB and currently has an F rating; the BBB says this is due to a lack of info on Safe TV Shop and its failure to resolve 1 complaint.

How Magic Leash Works

Magic leash appears to be a nylon harness-type device with a metal fittings that comes in small (10-16”), medium (16-26”), or large (26-38”) girth. To use Magic Leash, slip around your dog’s midsection, clip to its collar under their snout, and gently tighten the harness.

Then, go for a walk – they claim Magic Leash will instantly make your pet more controllable. They say this is because the dog’s collar and head are now pulled downward by Magic Leash. They claim animal behavior experts have discovered that when a dog’s head is tilted slightly, a dog becomes more submissive (although they cite no specific evidence).

Magic Leash includes:

  • Magic Leash Perfect Pace Harness
  • Leather leash
  • 2-in-1 portable water bottle and bowl (extra S&H)

Magic Leash Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Magic Leash retails for $10 plus $7.95 shipping/handling and an additional $2.95 for the “free” portable water bottle/bowl making the true total $20.90. Note: there is no money back guarantee listed. (A call to customer service confirmed this.)

Bottom Line: Is Magic Leash a Scam?

Yes. First, when you add up the shipping and handling fees ($10.90) they are more than the product itself – a red flag for any ASOTV product. And, most importantly you will not get any money back if Magic Leash does not work or breaks. If you are having problems with your best friend during walk time, there are a variety of methods and leashes available to train them: check out the ASPCA website for specific suggestions.

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