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If you have a hole in your screen door and want to keep the icky bugs out, Magic Mend promises a quick and easy solution. Since it’s summer, the timing of this product is perfect (and that’s probably why you saw the infomercial on TV).

But does Magic Mend really mend-and-blend with your existing screen door mesh? Let’s take a closer look at the product’s claims as we review them to see if it’s worth your money.

How Magic Mend Works

Magic Mend is a set of 5 repair sheets that are approximately 5” x 7” and come in black or grey with a weave just like your existing screens. They claim its secret is the “all natural” heat activated adhesive material, but don’t really offer any further explanation of what it’s made from.

To use Magic Mend, cut a section of the material slightly larger than the tear on your screen and press it in place. Then use an ordinary blowdryer to heat it up. They claim in seconds the Magic Mend will repair the damage and the patch will become almost invisible. They tout this will save you time and money, as you don’t have to remove and/or replace the entire screen.

Magic Mend Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Magic Mend says it sells for $10 plus $7.95 processing and handling for 5 sheets and they’ll throw in an additional set of 5 Magic Mends of the same color “free” but automatically charge you an additional $4.95 in fees; this makes the true total $22.90  for 10 5”x7” squares of Magic Mend. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for Magic Mend, but be advised that they will only return your $10 and keep the $12.90 (you’ll also have to pay to ship the unused pieces back).

Bottom Line: Is Magic Mend a Scam?

This product may work as advertised, but there are a few things we’d like to point out to you before ordering Magic Mend. First of all, it is sold by Allstar Products Group (listed as APG), makers of the Snuggie and Chop Magic to name a few of their dozens of products. While this may not be a deal-breaker, it should give you a general idea of what to expect. This is an “As Seen On TV” marketing company, which generally have reputations for selling products that don’t live up to their advertising hype.

There is no specific information about Allstar Products on the BBB website. A search of the company in Google produces a number of “Ripoff Reports” about other Allstar Products; since Magic Mend is so new (as of June 2014) there are no specific complaints or reviews about this particular item, but many complain about the company’s “deceptive” marketing practices. In addition, their privacy policy states they can use your name, address, and phone number to try to sell you other stuff as well as give to “selected” third parties who may do the same.

Second, and perhaps most important, the shipping and handling fees are more than the product itself. To us at Highya, this is a “red flag” which means the product is probably sub-standard. Why? Because even if you return Magic Mend, they will make money off of you, in this case $12.90.

Magic Mend is a good idea, if it does indeed work, so we suggest at least waiting until it is available from a more reputable retailer (most “As Seen On TV” products go on sale elsewhere a couple months after they are introduced). You may miss the summer months this year, but you are saved the potential hassle and loss of money if it doesn’t perform as expected.

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