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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jun 13, 2016

Are you eager to try your hand at contoured makeup, but don’t know how to begin? Jerome Alexander, the same cosmetics brand behind Coverage, promises to make sculpting and defining your facial features even simpler with the Magic Minerals Contour kit.

Jerome Alexander is a makeup artist who has been sharing his wisdom and branded products through As Seen On TV advertising since the 1990’s. Described as a cosmetics innovator on his official website, Alexander’s name is most frequently associated with his flagship line, Magic Minerals, which spans a series of kits, brushes, and individual products.

Before we highlight the perks of the Magic Minerals Contour by Jerome Alexander kit, we’ll help you brush up on contouring in general.

What is Contoured Makeup & Why Would I Try It?

Contouring makeup was a practice that started in the theater because actor’s facial features (and their expressions) were too often washed out due to bright stage lighting. At its most basic level, contouring means giving shape to areas of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup.

Contouring makeupImage via Melissa Samways

When applied for a stage performance, contoured makeup looks far too garish and heavy for daily wear. However, the effect could make even the lowest brow and flattest cheekbones appear razor sharp.

Not too long ago, celeb makeup artists caught on to the benefits of contouring and started implementing theater tricks to emphasize the hollows and highlights of their client’s faces.

While contouring used to be reserved for awards ceremonies or fashion shoots, it’s now become a regular part of many makeup routines. So, when did contouring become as common as applying mascara?

Contouring by Kim Kardashian Image via AlexandrasGirlyTalk

Look no further than social media’s fave trendsetters. Thanks to this pic shared by Kim Kardashian, contouring has gained steam as the standard in at-home makeup artistry. It doesn’t help that the pressure’s now on to be Instagram ready 24/ 7—after all, who can imagine snapping a pic of their lunch spread with an unsculpted face?

What Ingredients Are Inside Magic Minerals Contour?

Jerome Alexander’s latest combo palette includes six blendable shades of micronized mineral makeup that are hypoallergenic, as well as irritant and fragrance-free. This doesn’t mean that the mineral makeup is “allergy-proof” or gentle, only that it’s unlikely to cause a skin reaction—something to note if you have really sensitive skin.

But, what’s in the stuff? “Micronized” simply refers to the size of the mineral particles. Most mineral makeup has been micronized to 250-300 nanometers (actually below the size of a single micron) because teeny tiny particles flow better than larger ones, resulting in easier application and a more natural finish.

Micronized minerals have also received some bad press, as users worry that the tiny particles can end up in your lungs. However, the cosmetic chemists at The Beauty Brains urge you not to worry. You can double check that mineral makeup doesn’t contain talc or bismuth to be extra cautious. But, again, they state that even these ingredients are considered safe.

While Magic Minerals Contour doesn’t contain talc, they don’t clarify whether or not bismuth is an ingredient. The product’s website also doesn’t disclose how pure their mineral mix is—and at one point calls the formula “mineral enriched.”

To help get an understanding of the ingredients in Magic Minerals Contour, we even checked out the foundation from the same line. Since neither disclose how pure the formula is, we have to assume that it’s somewhat diluted with filling agents. This is neither good or bad, but might result in a less pigmented product.

What Magic Minerals Contour by Jerome Alexander Includes & How It Works

Aside from the aforementioned six shades of makeup, Magic Minerals Contour also comes with a double-sided contouring brush, blending sponge, and step-by-step instructions that show how to:

  • Define your cheekbones
  • Emphasize your eyes
  • Perfect your nose
  • Sculpt your jawline

Will this kit help you achieve perfectly carved cheekbones? The Magic Minerals Contour website doesn’t disclose what those steps are, but assures potential customers that it really can make highlighting and contouring easy for every face shape.

Magic Minerals Contour by Jerome Alexander Pricing & Refund Policy

For $19.95 plus $5.95 S&H ($25.90 total), those ordering the Magic Minerals Contour kit receive:

  • 1 Compact that includes six shades
  • 1 Double ended contour brush
  • 1 Blending sponge

Don’t like the product? You have 60 days to return Magic Minerals Contour under Jerome Alexander’s money-back guarantee. To do so, contact Jerome Alexander Customer Support at (888) 886 6304, or by emailing support@jeromealexander.com.

Can Magic Minerals Contour by Jerome Alexander Enhance Your Face Shape?

There are a couple of factors that influence how good a contouring makeup is, both in general and for any specific complexion.

First, the texture of the cosmetics is very important—not to be confused with consistency, which means that contouring makeup can be cream or powder. To create shadow, you need the colors to be matte. That’s why attempting to carve your cheeks with a shimmery bronzer will never blend correctly, making you look like you lost a mud fight.

The shades in a contouring palette are equally important. While the contouring color is generally a grey-brown, it’s not all the same intensity for every skin tone. How light or dark your complexion is should dictate the color of your contouring palette—meaning that someone with dark skin isn’t going to use the same highlighting color as a pale complexion.

Not having used Magic Minerals Contour, I can’t speak as to the texture. However, considering the positive reviews of his concealer formula, Coverage, I’ll go out on a limb and assume that the brand can be trusted not to make a shimmery contour powder.

However, the issue of shade matching can’t be overlooked. In fact, even glancing at the product’s sales page shows that only Caucasian models are used to showcase Magic Minerals Contour by Jerome Alexander. This leads me to believe that the palette will come up short of offering the right shade options for anyone with a complexion that’s darker than standard “medium” makeup.

Bottom Line on Magic Minerals Contour

If you’ve never attempted contouring before, you may want to head to your local Sephora, Ulta, or another beauty outlet for color matching and some expert tips.

That’s because, as simple as Magic Minerals Contour’s step-by-step instructions claim to be, contouring is notoriously difficult to perfect. To understand what goes into even basic contouring, check out this tutorial below:

When contouring is done right it creates a subtle illusion. Even then, it can be difficult to wear during bright daylight hours unless perfectly matched and applied with a practiced hand.

What about for those who have already tried contouring and are familiar with the shades offered by Jerome Alexander? In that case, Magic Minerals Contour might include everything you need to sculpt your face. Considering that the palette is fairly priced and backed by a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, you can be sure it won’t carve out your wallet while you give it a shot.

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