What is Marajo Hair Care?

By Alicia Doyle
HighYa Staff
Published on: Oct 19, 2017

Marajo Hair Care from Guthy-Renker is a hair care product line which promises to refresh and restore the look of your hair – whether you have frizzy, dry or flyaway hair, or out-of-control curly hair.

This system uses a key ingredient “the miracle oil from Brazil” that’s derived from the pracaxi nut, which grows on the Island of Marajo.

Pracaxi oil, derived from a native tree in the Amazon rain forests, has a long history of being used by indigenous people for its healing and moisturizing properties. According to experts we’ve interviewed on this topic, pracaxi oil can benefit the hair due to its high concentration of behenic acid, a saturated fatty acid that mimics the skin's natural oil.

This article takes a look at the Marajo Hair Care line, which contains pracaxi oil as a key ingredient. The makers of Marajo Hair Care claim that the secret of this line lies in pracaxi nut oil, which has been prized for centuries by natives for its “remarkable healing and soothing properties.”

The experts we’ve interviewed include Dr. Ted Lain, a board-certified dermatologist and Chief Medical Officer at Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Texas; and Daniel Banov, a registered pharmacist and director of research development at Professional Compounding Centers of America.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the Marajo Hair Care line, and why pracaxi oil in this product is considered beneficial for the hair. We also offer details about Marajo Hair Care, including results from user perception studies, and the range of products available in this line. Later on, we’ll present studies that show how pracaxi oil accelerates wound healing, which can help you understand why it can have healing benefits on the hair.

Marajo Hair Care’s Miracle Oil Offers Natural Healing Benefits

Marajo is described as a hair care line inspired by the epicenter of beauty: Brazil.

“Its secret lies in the pracaxi nut oil found on an island in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon called Marajo,” according to the manufacturer’s website. “Prized for centuries by natives for its remarkable healing and soothing properties, it’s the key ingredient behind our formulas to refresh and restore the look of your hair.”

This hair care line is sold in “kits” including an essentials kit and deluxe kit. Customers can enroll in an auto-delivery program, which allows them to cancel, reschedule or customize future shipments at any time with no minimum purchase required.

What Does Marajo Hair Care Product Line Offer?

  • Nourishing Cleansing Crème: Gently washes away oil and impurities while fortifying and hydrating for soft, shiny hair full of bounce. Cost is $29 for a one-month supply, and $69 for a three-month supply.
  • Deep Treatment Butter: Helps restore, protect, moisturize and repair the look of dry, damaged hair for smoother, shinier, silkier strands. The price is $29 for a one month supply, and $69 for a three-month supply.
  • Blow Out Styling Crème: A leave-in conditioning treatment that nourishes and hydrates dry, brittle hair for luscious locks “that stay but sway.” A one-month supply costs $18, and a three-month supply is $36.
  • Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum: An ultra-luxe treatment that helps smooth out frizz and frays, add shine, and prevent damaged ends for lustrous, luscious hair. This serum comes in capsules, and the cost for a jar of 10 is $18.
  • 3-n-1 Finishing Spray: A multi-dimensional hair spray that acts as both a styling tool as well as a finishing spray. This works on hair types, including straight, wavy, curly, coiled, and tightly coiled. The cost is $18 for a one-month supply, and $29 for a three-month supply.
  • Essentials Kit: A two-step regimen that includes the Deep Treatment Butter and Nourishing Cleansing Crème, as well as a free gift of 10 capsules of Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum. Cost is $29.95 – with a membership. Without a membership, the essentials kit costs $44.
  • Deluxe Kit: Includes Nourishing Cleansing Crème, Deep Treatment Butter, Blow Out Styling Crème and 3-N-1 Finishing Spray. Also includes a free gift of 10 capsules of Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum. Cost with a membership is $39.95 for a one-month supply, and $119.85 for a three-month supply.

Marajo Hair Care offers an auto-delivery program as part of its membership benefits. For more information about this option, call 888-525-6606. Marajo Hair Care also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the goods were purchased directly on their website at www.trymarajo.com.

If you’re not satisfied, return the containers, even if they’re empty, within 30 days of receipt and you’ll receive a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping and handling.

Users of the Marajo Hair Care line have expressed beneficial results, which we cover next.

Is Marajo Hair Care Clinically Shown to Work on All Hair Types?

In a user perception study published on the Marajo Hair Care website:

  • 97% of users said their hair looks healthier.
  • 97% of users said their hair looks renewed after 1 use.
  • 93% of users said their hair was less dry, appeared less damaged, and looked smooth and less frizzy.
  • 93% of users said their hair looks fuller and more rejuvenated.

As far as potential side effects of using pracaxi oil is concerned, Dr. Lain said the only potential side effect is if there is an allergy to one of the ingredients in the oil.

“Therefore people with sensitive skin or scalps should apply a small amount of the oil to a quarter sized area on the scalp for a few days and assess for any itching, redness, or sensitivity,” he advised.

A research article authored by Banov and other experts showed that pracaxi oil can accelerate wound healing, which we cover in the next section. Understanding how pracaxi oil can promote wound healing relates to how it can have healing affects on the hair.

Effectiveness of Fatty Acids from Pracaxi Oil for Scar and Wound Therapy

The U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health published a case series on the topic: “Effectiveness of Fatty Acids from Pracaxi Oil in a Topical Silicone Base for Scar and Wound Therapy.”

The objective of this study, which Banov assisted with, was to evaluate the usefulness of fatty acids found in pracaxi oil in a compounded topical anhydrous silicone base for wound and scar therapy.

The study notes that pracaxi oil, derived from the seeds of the Pentaclethra macroloba tree indigenous to the Amazon, has several medicinal applications including the treatment of ulcers, stretch marks and bacterial infections – as well as snake bites

The study also indicated that pracaxi oil contains high amounts of oleic, linoleic, and behenic fatty acids, which are frequently utilized in the cosmetic industry and have been shown to enhance wound closure and improve healing in several wound models

“Fatty acids are integral to the formation and maintenance of cell membranes within the stratum corneum, the layer of the skin that provides a barrier to the environment and regulates permeability,” according to the study. “In addition, fatty acids have lubricant, emollient, and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to restore the natural oils of the skin and protect the skin from environmental damage.”

Initially, 21 patients with various surgical, traumatic, or burn wounds and scars were enrolled into this case series. Patients applied a compounded topical anhydrous silicone base containing pracaxi oil with or without additional active ingredients, including pentoxifylline, caffeine, tranilast, and mupirocin.

Wound and scar photographs taken before and after application of the compounded pracaxi oil topical formulation (with or without additional ingredients) were reviewed and adjudicated by a blinded dermatology reviewer. Improvements in wound size, coloration, and overall appearance before and after treatment were determined.

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In the end, a total of seven patients were considered available for analysis and were included in the study. And in all seven cases, patients reported improvement in scar and wound attributes, including scar and wound size, severity, color, and pain associated with the scar or wound after application of the compounded medicine.

On average, patients rated their satisfaction with treatment highly, with a mean score of 10 on a rating scale of 1 to 10. A retrospective review of wound and scar photographs demonstrated clinically relevant improvements in wound attributes as assessed by a dermatologist. In the end, six of the seven wounds examined were considered “much improved” from baseline.

The conclusions of the study noted that application of a compounded anhydrous silicone base containing pracaxi oil alone, or in combination with other active substances, “led to considerable improvements” in wound healing and scar attributes, and is a potentially useful option in the treatment of surgical, traumatic, or burn wounds and scars.

Banov offers more details about the healing properties of pracaxi oil in the next section.

What Are The Healing Properties of Pracaxi Oil?

A few years ago, Banov developed a product called Pracasil and Serica to be used in scar and healing. This product was designed using pracaxi oil as his main ingredient to improve healing time and reduce scar formation.

The oil is used in the treatment of burns with surprising results, Banov noted.

“It apparently acts as a locally applied analgesic, being medicated on burns caused by motorcycle exhaust not leaving any marks especially on the legs of women,” he said.

Additionally, studies have reported the insecticidal activity of the oil, specifically against the mosquito Aedes aegypti, which is the vector of yellow and dengue fever.

“Isolated fractions from pracaxi oil are important bioactive compounds with anti-hemorrhagic activity, which could be used in the treatment of snake bites or as new drugs to treat other diseases,” Banov said.

Pracaxi oil also contains unique properties that can benefit the hair, which we discuss next. First, let’s take a quick look at where pracaxi oil comes from.

Where Does Pracaxi Oil Originate?

Pracaxi oil is derived from a native tree in the Amazon rain forests, and has a long history of being used for its healing and moisturizing properties, according to Dr. Lain.

Banov noted that pracaxi is a beautiful and fast-growing tree, growing as high as 35 meters tall. The oil is extracted from the seeds that are in pods. When mature, the pods open with a very loud snap and hurl the seeds away.

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“These seeds will drown in rivers and 24 hours return to float, greatly appreciated by both fish and turtles,” Banov noted. “Seeds get stuck in the branches and roots of trees that border rivers and streams, are collected and sun-dried to store for selling.”

How Can Pracaxi Oil in Marajo Hair Care Benefit the Hair?

In full disclosure, Dr. Lain is not familiar with Marajo Hair Care; rather, his expertise lies in his own research on the topic of pracaxi oil.

“This oil benefits skin and hair due to its high concentration of behenic acid, a saturated fatty acid that mimics the skin's natural oil,” Dr. Lain explained. “Much like our own sebum, pracaxi oil, after application to the scalp, will coat the hair shafts. This strengthens, brightens, and detangles the hair.”

According to Banov, pracaxi oil contains the highest known concentration of behenic acid (19%), which is six times greater than that of peanut oil and almost twice of moringa oil.

“Due to its excellent moisturizing properties it is used in cosmetically products for hair and makeup,” Banov noted. “Behenic acid is a saturated fatty acid; saturated fatty acids are fats that contain no double bonds between the carbon atoms, so it is saturated with hydrogen.”

The large amount of behenic acid is responsible for their main activities.

“This acid is not produced in the skin, but is responsible for the breakdown of sebum that clogs the pores,” Banov explained.

The high capacity of this oil to stimulate production of collagen and elastin makes it a powerful source in fighting stretch marks in teenagers and pregnant women, he said.

“Pracaxi oil strengthens hair roots, induces brightness to dry hair and softness to wet hair, avoiding the appearance of split ends, improving combing,” Banov said.

Behenic acid is also a natural conditioner, and provides a protective barrier which help to restore the skin’s natural protection and improve hydration.

“Pracaxi oil is especially interesting to be used in women with naturally curly hair, which increase moisture to the follicles and reduce dryness and hair static and friction,” Banov said. Additionally, “treatments using fatty acids reduced the formation of split ends in the hair.”

Bottom Line on Marajo Hair Care

Those who try Marajo Hair Care can reap numerous benefits due to the pracaxi oil that’s infused in the product line. Some of these benefits include restored shine, body and bounce – and hair that looks healthier overall.

This product has been endorsed by Alessandra Ambrosio, a Victoria’s Secret supermodel who was officially named the Face of Brazilian Hair-Care Line Marajo.

Pracaxi oil, for the most part, is safe for consumers to use, according to Bano.

People who are allergic to nuts should consult with their physician before using pracaxi oil, “however, there are no findings on allergies from pracaxi oil whatsoever,” Banov said.

Used in excess, it may leave an oily and heavy look on the hair and it may lead to the formation of flakes and dandruff, he noted.

Therefore, “it is preferred to reapply a thin layer on the surface to be well absorbed by the hair,” Banov advised.

There is so much potential to use pracaxi oil, either in pharmaceuticals or cosmetics, he added.

“The specific ratio of the fatty acids…in the oil make it great potential to use for hair care,” Banov said.

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