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By HighYa Staff

Mastermind by Apex Vitality is a nutritional supplement that can help your brain to work at its optimum capacity, leading to improved energy levels, increased concentration and brain performance, and more frequent lucid dreams.

Apex Vitality even claims that Mastermind will help you “discover a personal meaning to life” and overcome your fears and phobias.

All you have to do is begin taking Mastermind regularly, and you’ll feel a noticeable improvement in your focus and brain activity within a week. Which is why Apex Vitality calls Mastermind the “#1 natural cognitive enhancer.”

We know you’re anxious to find out if Mastermind is the real deal or not, so we’ll cut right to the chase: We don’t think you’ll experience the level of benefits Apex Vitality claims—if anything at all.

Why do we think this? Let’s discuss.

Nootropics Are a Dime a Dozen

Nootropics are basically just substances that can “improve one or more aspects of mental function,” whether this involves memory, concentration, cognition, or anything else. In general, these ingredients are natural and aren’t classified as drugs by the FDA, so just about anyone is free to whip up a supplement and sell it on the open market.

Over the past couple years, we’ve noticed a huge surge in the number of these nootropic supplements, which almost always come with big claims and little science to back them up. This is one of the reasons we decided to write our Memory Supplements Buyer’s Guide.

Some of the more popular brain boosters include Adderin, Intellux, AlphaZXT, and more. Besides everything we’ve already discussed, what else do most of these products have in common?

They usually come with low online reviews from customers, including failure to work as advertised (or at all), high price, and poor customer service (difficulty cancelling trials/autoship programs, rude service personnel, etc.). We’ll come back around to all of this shortly.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “What about all those scientific-sounding claims made on the Mastermind website? Is there any evidence to support them?”

Great question! We’ll talk about this next.

Is Mastermind’s Ingredients Clinically Proven?

Here’s what we’re told Mastermind contains (no dosages were listed): bacopa monnieri, alpha GPC, huperzine A, vinpocetine, and l-tyrosine.

Bacopa monnieri might be effective for improving memory, although existing research was conducted using only specific Bacopa extracts (KeenMind; BacoMind).

Similarly, huperzine A might improve memory, as well as mental function and behavior in Alzheimer’s patients.

According to WebMD, vinpocetine might “have a small effect on the decline of thinking skills due to various causes.” However, existing research is short-term, older, and of questionable quality.

Finally, l-tyrosine might boost mental performance and memory, but only under very specific circumstance (e.g. military training, cold-induced stress, and more).

Here’s the catch: there’s no way to know how much of these ingredients Mastermind contains, or whether or not there’s enough to be effective. And even if there was enough to be effective—as we can see based on existing clinical evidence—the effects would almost certainly be much less pronounced than Apex Vitality makes it seem.

Mastermind Side Effects

Thankfully, Mastermind’s ingredients are largely harmless, with the most common side effect (if anything at all) as digestive upset.

However, keep in mind that alpha GPC can also cause dizziness, skin rash, and confusion.

Alright, so we know that if you experience anything at all from taking Mastermind, the effects will probably be minimal. But will you pay a steep price for these effects?

How Expensive is Mastermind?

Apex Vitality sells Mastermind in the following quantities:

  • 1 Bottle: $53.98
  • 2 Bottles: $69.98
  • 3 Bottles: $86.97

Basic shipping (5-10 business days) is free on all orders, although you can purchase express shipping (3-5 business days) for an additional $9.99 at checkout.

Pro tip: The good news is that Mastermind doesn’t appear to be sold through a free trial or to enroll their customers in a recurring shipping program. But as we’ll learn in the next section, this isn’t always the case.

Apex Vitality offers a 14-day refund policy on Mastermind, less $5 for S&H and a $10 restocking fee. In order to request one, you’ll need to call customer service at 844-APEX-VIT (273-9848).

Before wrapping things up, let’s talk about the company behind Mastermind.

Who is Apex Vitality?

Apex Vitality, based out of South Nampa, ID, is a fairly popular nutritional supplements company who also makes ApexVitality Forskolin, and even some beauty products like Apex Serum of Life and Serum of Youth.

Overall (here on HighYa as well as elsewhere online), many of the company’s products come with relatively low customer satisfaction ratings. Why?

As with many other nutritional supplements, common complaints referenced failure to work and difficulty with free trials/autoship programs. These same claims were also mirrored on the Better Business Bureau’s website, where Apex Vitality had a C- rating based on 23 closed complaints (as of 11/5/15).

Is Mastermind “Your Complete Mental Solution”?

In our opinion, almost certainly not.

Sure, some of Mastermind’s ingredients might slightly boost your memory or mental performance, but their effects will almost certainly be much less evident than Apex Vitality makes it seem. In fact, it’s our opinion that you probably won’t notice any difference at all.

This, along with Mastermind’s high price and Apex Vitality’s somewhat shaky reputation with customers, means that we’d recommend avoiding it. Instead, if you’re experiencing memory problems or frequent mental fatigue, be sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Before then, there are numerous things you can do to improve your memory, without spending a dime!

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  • 1 out 2 people found this review helpful

    Side effects

    This product gives me headaches, confusion, and dizziness. Even when I lowered the recommended dosages. At the beginning of usage, I failed my first test. I felt my head was going to explode. I stopped using it and everything was back to normal.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 2 out 2 people found this review helpful

    Allergic reaction. Tummy, bad pain, don't take!

    Ten minutes after taking, my stomach began to hurt so bad that I was moaning and doubled over. My entire body turned bright red, and the itching lasted an hour, and it hit from my head to my fingertips and toes EVERYWHERE! NONE of these side effects were listed as a warning! ALSO, now I have a massive headache! My heart was beating fast, and I feel distorted in my thoughts. I will NEVER take it again. I would recommend these to my worst enemy.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 18 out 18 people found this review helpful

    Allergic/Adverse Reaction to Mastermind by Apex Vitality

    After participating in a survey I was given a choice of several products to try, I chose MASTERMIND. I received my free bottle (I only paid S & H) of MASTERMIND by Apex VITALITY on 07/15/17. Took one capsule 07/16 and within ten minutes I was having a horrible set of symptoms. At first, I was not convinced it was the pill as I had applied a new moisturizer (all over lotion) and a new fragrance.

    First, my cheeks turned bright red, I was hot, then behind my ears, my elbows and knees turned blotchy bright red. Next, the hives spread to my thighs, buttock, stomach, and back. Within twenty minutes it had spread to every surface of my skin and I began to tingle inside like hot pins were pricking me everywhere.

    Thankfully after a very cold shower, the symptoms subsided.

    Like an idiot, on 07/17 I decided to try it again. Like I said I wasn't convinced it was the MASTERMIND, I still had my suspicion it was the new body products I had used, especially since the rash and hives went away after the shower and because my husband had taken one too with no effects.

    It was definitely the MASTERMIND! This time adverse reactions were twice as bad and came on much quicker. Needless to say, I will not be taking it ever again.

    I would like to know which ingredient(s) I am allergic to as I do not have any allergies except to a European Hornet, I almost died from one once.

    Anyway, this is my experience, I have looked all over and haven't found much information.

    Jennifer Hartsfield

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jan 8, 2018

      Amanda Lee

      I am so sorry! This happened to me as well. Did you ever find anything out?

  • 14 out 14 people found this review helpful

    Not recommended

    • Arizona,
    • Feb 24, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    The product itself gave good results. Clarity of thought, enhanced perception, energy boost, basically everything it said it would do. My issue is the affect it had on days I didn't take it. Same result every time. Debilitating massive migraine. I canceled my order and I have a half of a bottle left and am not looking forward to the day I quit taking them. As of now, I am unaware of how long I will be afflicted with the migraines after the pills are gone. I will post a follow up on the results as they happen.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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