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Using “advanced sleep technology,” Mattress Door Busters’ premium, top-of-the-line mattresses can help you keep cool all night long and help you get the deep sleep you deserve. Compared to other options though, Mattress Door Busters can help you save up to 75% off retail prices!

Despite their deep discounts, Mattress Door Busters’ mattresses are crafted in the USA of the “finest fibers,” available in all standard sizes, brand new in the original box, and feature blue gel foam that recovers quickly—all without having to worry about a chemical smell.

Did you know that you spend about ¼ of your life—or the rough equivalent of 25 years—sleeping? Of course, this is calculated assuming that everyone gets 8 hours of sleep each night, which is something few of us accomplish in this day and age.

All the more reason to sleep on a quality, comfortable mattress, right? After all, you might as well maximize the time you’re there, and there’s perhaps no better way to improve your sleep than with a new mattress. Or is it?

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at what you might realistically expect with Mattress Door Busters, as well as whether or not their mattresses are a solid value.

To begin, let’s see what we can find out about Mattress Door Busters’ mattresses.

What Do We Know About Mattress Door Busters?

This section is divided into two parts: What we know about Mattress Door Busters from their website, and unanswered questions that required some additional digging on our part.

Mattress Door Busters: Straight From the Source

According to the Mattress Door Busters website, we know that their mattresses are “crafted in the USA” (more about this in a second) using two different layers:

  1. A 6” high density support base, and
  2. A 2”, 1.5-pound density, blue gel conforming foam that provides “high air flow.”

Not only will these two layers help relieve pressure points, reduce (or eliminate tossing and turning), provide maximum support, and absorb motion, but they’re also CFC, halogen, and latex-free; certified by Certi-PUR US; and made of the “finest cosmetic-grade ingredients.”

As a result, Mattress Door Busters’ mattresses come without fillers or harmful ingredients, are 100% hypoallergenic (allergen and dust mite-resistant), and minimize VOC emissions for improved air quality.

Our Search For Additional Information

While all of this certainly provides us a solid starting point, there are a lot of important details left off the Mattress Door Busters website, so we contacted customer service to learn more. Over the course of three different calls, here’s what we gleaned.

Compared to most of the mattress companies we’ve reviewed (more about this shortly), other than telling us that it’s “crafted in the USA,” Mattress Door Busters doesn’t provide a whole lot of information. The first representative we spoke with couldn’t provide any further details, while the second rep let us know that these mattresses are actually manufactured and assembled in China, and any remaining parts are added in the US before shipping to customers.

Also, keep in mind that these mattresses are manufactured by Tristar Products— despite the “mattresses you may have heard of” wording on Mattress Door Busters’ website, which might lead you to believe they come from nationally recognized brands.

During all of our calls, the service reps told us that these mattresses must be used with a traditional frame, so you can’t place it directly on the floor, or use a non-traditional frame.

Outside of this, Tristar’s customer service reps weren’t able to provide us with any other meaningful information about these mattresses. However, they did give us some additional insight into pricing, which is what we’ll talk about next.

Is Mattress Door Busters Expensive?

Although Mattress Door Busters claims their mattresses are available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes, at the time of our research, there were only two mattress models available through their website:

  • 6” Queen (4” base and 2” conforming gel): 3 payments of $99.99, for a total of $299.97
  • 8” Queen (6” base and 2” conforming gel): 4 payments of $99.99, bringing your total to $399.96

The difference? With a thicker base, the 8” version will probably be somewhat firmer and more supportive than the 6” version.

Again, we called customer service for additional clarification, who let us know that Queen is currently the only size available, and that the prices for other sizes hadn’t been released yet.

Also, a graphic on the Mattress Door Busters website indicated their mattresses come with a 60-day refund policy, although their Customer Care link indicates it’s 90-days. During our calls, the first rep confirmed it’s 60 days, while the second and third reps claimed it’s really 90 days.

Pro tip: In either case, your refund will be less S&H charges. And considering the awkward size and weight, you might expect to pay $100 or more to ship it back to the company.

Lastly, all Mattress Door Buster Mattresses come with a 10-year warranty against defects, as well as wear and tear. In our experience, it’s extraordinarily rare for mattress warranties to cover wear and tear, although all three reps we spoke with confirmed this is the case.

Mattress Door Buster Mattresses are manufactured by Tristar Products, who can be reached at 973-287-5129.

Given everything we’ve learned here, let’s wrap up with a quick Mattress Door Busters “buyer’s guide.”

Important Considerations About Mattress Door Busters

Ultimately, the decision whether or not to buy a Mattress Door Buster mattress is up to you, but we think the following considerations could go a long way toward helping you make a more informed decision:

#1: You Have Options

As we’ve alluded to in a couple places already, online mattress companies that cut out middlemen and pass savings on to their customers are extremely common, including popular options like Casper Mattress, Tuft and Needle, Yogabed, and many others. In general, these companies tend to come with fairly high customer satisfaction ratings, but also much higher prices than Mattress Door Busters.

#2: It’s Not All About Price

Instead, it’s about value, so there are a couple points to address from this perspective.

Most of the time, when it comes to consumer goods, you get what you pay for. However, because of their huge retail markups, along with the recent surge in the popularity of direct-to-consumer options, this might not necessarily be the case with mattresses. In other words, it’s entirely feasible that you could score a mattress that’s similar in quality to a nationally recognized brand, while saving 50% or more off their prices.

With this said, there’s definitely a point of diminishing returns, where you’ll begin dropping in quality with every dollar you save. Now, where this point of diminishing returns is located depends on dozens of factors, including the brands, the quality level, price point, and much more—none of which we can be sure about without actually testing a Mattress Door Busters mattress.

But here’s the kicker: Unlike most other online mattress companies, Mattress Door Busters doesn’t provide a free trial with their mattresses. Instead of being able to try out your mattress free of charge, you’ll have to pay to ship it back to the company, and considering it’s large, awkward size and heavy weight, could feasibly cost you well over $100.

In a nutshell, just because Mattress Door Busters’ mattresses are priced lower than a lot of the competition, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a better value.

#3: Restful Sleep Is About More Than Your Mattress

Finally, comfort is obviously a matter of personal preference, so a mattress that seems to you like sleeping on a cloud could feel like a bed of nails to someone else. On top of this, the various factors causing poor sleep will be unique to you as well, which can include everything from your sleeping position and pillow choice, to snoring and other medical conditions.

So, while a Mattress Door Buster might be the solution to your problems, if you frequently experience unrestful sleep, we’d recommend speaking with your doctor before placing your order. This way, they’ll be able to recommend options based on your specific diagnosis, and you’ll be able to potentially save $100+ on non-refundable S&H charges if you’re not satisfied.

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