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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jun 19, 2017

Measure King is a tape measure that claims to provide users with precision measurements using three different modes, depending on the situation.

The product is aimed chiefly at those who rely on taking measurements in a variety of situations during everyday life, such as carpenters, plumbers, and mechanics.

The idea here is that the tape measure will be able to help you get accurate measurements in areas and situations where it might otherwise be impossible, or prohibitively hard to do so.

For many who rely on these measurements to get work done daily, this could be a very useful tool, if the reality lines up with the promise that is.

In order to really answer whether the Measure King can truly deliver on the promises made by the manufacturer, we have to look at a few things. For one, we need to look at how the tape measure actually works.

A tool for measurement is only as good as how accurate it is, after all, so we need to be sure that the Measure King delivers on that front before anything else.

In this next section, we’ll take a look at the various measurement features available on the Measure King, and what you might use them for.

How Measure King Works

Measure King’s informational website is fairly light on actual information about the product, but what we were able to tell is that the tape measure has three main functions built in, each meant for different situations. Let’s break each of these functions down individually.

Traditional Tape

The first function used by the Measure King is a traditional tape measurement system. This still comprises the main functionality of the Measure King, and as such, it should work about how you’d expect. There’s a tape made from flexible nylon, which the manufacturer claims can bend itself around objects if needed.

This could certainly be very useful, but we aren’t shown any sort of demonstration as to how reliable this tape actually is. Many tape measures today are made using metals and fiberglass materials, so there’s a bit less to go on for nylon usage.

Ask any carpenter what they think the most important feature is for a tape measure, and more often than not, the answer will be how stiff the tape is, and how far it can be extended before collapsing. To that end, we aren’t given any information as how to far this flexible nylon can be extended, nor are we shown any demonstration as to how “flexible” the material truly is.

We also aren’t shown exactly what units of measurement the tape measure employs, nor how is marked on the surface of the tape itself. This is very important, because not all tape measures are made equally.

Some tend to be easier than others to read, especially for beginners, and you also need to take into account what unit of measurement is in use. All we’re told on the main website is that you have units of measurement “options”.

Lastly, we aren’t told what level of accuracy to expect from the tape measure. Generally speaking, most commercial tape measures fall within three classes of accuracy.

Class 3 tape measures are the lowest recognised in terms of accuracy, and are becoming increasingly rare on the market today as many manufacturers improve their designs to be more accurate.

Class 2 tape measures account for the majority of contractor-grade tape measures out there in the wild, and are typically required to be accurate to ±2.3mm.

Class 1 is reserved for products with the finest accuracy, typically used in delicate fields such as engineering.

Without knowing this information, it’s very difficult to gauge just how well this tape measure will be able to serve your needs.

Roller Wheel

The second main function on the Measure King is the roller functionality, which is supposed to allow you to measure curved surfaces using the illuminated LED screen on the product.

Again, we’re given no information about the accuracy of this function, especially when dealing with real-world scenarios. For instance, many products exist with this functionality already, and a common complaint is that anything but the smoothest textures have the potential to deliver inaccurate results, primarily due to the bumping and general instability of the surface skewing the internal measurement system.

Laser Pointer

The final measurement system included with the Measure King is a laser function that the manufacturer claims can accurately measure distance by shining a laser beam at the opposite end of the surface you’d like to measure.

These systems are also fairly common as a standalone product, and common complaints include inaccurate readings, difficulty during use caused by obstructions, and fleeting battery charges out in the field.

According to the company website, we aren’t told any information about the accuracy of the laser, what sort of range it has, or any other pertinent details about its operation, and without this information, it is again difficult to say whether or not it will be a worthy addition to your toolset.

So, now that we’ve taken a look at each of these main functions, what else is there to consider?

Other Important Factors To Consider

One chief question that we have about the Measure King pertains to the battery life of the device. It’s probably safe to assume that the majority of users who would utilize this product would do so out in the field, so it stands to reason that making sure that the battery won’t die on you while you are trying to work.

All we’re told on the main website is that the battery lasts up to 8 hours of continuous use.

Another thing to consider is the construction quality of the shell itself. We’re told that the tape measure features “construction grade” materials, but we aren’t told exactly what those materials are.

This is important, because it stands to reason that these types of products are often used in environments where drops, scratches and other potential wear and tear moments can happen frequently.

So, now that we’ve taken a closer look at the product, how much is the Measure King actually going to cost?

Measure King Pricing & Return Policy

Measure King is currently only available either by phone, or via an order form on the main product website. The tape measure is only available via a “Double Offer”, which on the surface might seem like an excellent deal; who wouldn’t love getting two products for the price of one?

The problem is, looking at the offer details, you’ll be responsible for the initial $29.95 for the first product, plus an additional $14.95 fee. Finally, you’ll also be subject to a $1 “Web Service Fee” at checkout. This brings the minimum total for purchasing the product to $45.90.

If you purchase the Measure King and then decide that it’s not for you, the company states that your purchase is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Looking deeper into the fine print, however, it appears this doesn’t include a refund for any fees associated with the purchase, like the $14.95 fee and the $1 web service fee.

This means that out of your total $45.90 price, you’ll only be eligible for a maximum refund of $29.95.

What’s more, when we reached out to the customer service line listed on the website, it appeared as though the number was non-functioning. This is noteworthy, because successfully processing a return will be very difficult if you aren’t able to get ahold of the company in the first place to obtain your return authorization number.

At HighYa, we feel it’s important to make these kinds of tactics very visible for our readers, so that it is clear what you’re getting into before making a purchase.

The Bottom Line: Can The Measure King Replace Your Tape Measure?

Bringing everything that we’ve learned together, we’ve established a few things. Firstly, while the idea behind the Measure King sounds good in practice. Now, under normal circumstances, it might be alright for some to simply order the product, try it out, and then take advantage of the return policy if you find it doesn’t fit the bill.

With the Measure King’s pricing structure set up so that you aren’t able to receive a full refund, we feel this might not be a viable or realistic option for many.

Having said that, if the Measure King were to be able to provide accurate measurements, as well as all of the features that it claims to have, the product might indeed be a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Ultimately, it’ll be up to you to determine whether or not the Measure King deserves a spot amongst your go-to tools.

All we can recommend is to do your research going into the purchase, factoring in everything above to make the best choice possible.

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