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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: May 31, 2016

If you’re a dude and you’re here, then you want to know if Megadrox is the real deal. After all, these bad boys promise to enhance your performance, increase muscle mass, cut recovery time, and improve your metabolic efficiency. Your stamina will improve, your testosterone will increase, and your confidence will soar.

The company’s even so confident in Megadrox’s science-backed formula that they claim it’ll deliver “mind blowing, shocking” results. Safe? Of course it is!

Look, we don’t want to start off with negativity here, but we also want to keep it real. In our experience reviewing dozens of these kinds of supplements, there are a lot of factors indicating that you might want to think twice about Megadrox.

In the end though, we don’t want you to take our word for it. Instead, we’re going to outline our reasoning in this review, so that you can make a more informed buying decision.

Let’s start by breaking down some of the terms found on their website.

Your Megadrox Glossary

Don’t worry; we’re not going to bore you to tears here. In order to make sure we have a solid foundation though, there are a couple things that need to be defined.

Muscle Mass

When you work out, microscopic tears form in muscles and connective tissue. When muscles repairs themselves, this newly synthesized tissue increases their size and strength as a whole.

The Role of Protein

In order to synthesize this new tissue, your body requires building blocks known as amino acids. Protein is a major source of these amino acids. Therefore, if your body is deficient in protein, your muscles may experience difficulty repairing themselves.

However, your body doesn’t “output protein,” so we’re not quite sure what the manufacturer’s referencing here.

Recovery Time

As you might imagine, a protein or other nutrient deficiency means that your body might need to work harder to repair muscles, leading to longer recovery times.

Metabolic Efficiency

Metabolism is a fairly complex subject, but in this instance, we’re basically talking about your body’s ability to burn energy, or calories. By improving the efficiency of your body’s metabolism or speeding it up, you could theoretically burn more calories.

Do You Need Detoxification?

Megadrox promises to “rid your body of unwanted waste.” As we discussed in our article about detox supplements, your body does a great job of getting rid of toxins on your own, and doesn’t usually require help.

Testosterone Boosting

Finally, a lot of these supplements (more about this in a second) claim to boost free testosterone in your body. Unlike bound testosterone, the free version is biologically active, and is purported to counteract the side effects of testosterone loss due to the aging process.

With these terms fresh in our mind, will Megadrox’s ingredients provide any benefits?

Are Megadrox's Ingredients Effective for Bodybuilding?

Or anything else, for that matter? Here’s what we’re told the supplement contains:

As we outlined in our testosterone boosters buyer’s guide, these ingredients are fairly common in these types of products. The problem is that, by and large, there’s little clinical evidence showing them to be effective.

Sure, l-arginine converts into nitric oxide in the body, which can therefore help widen blood vessels and relieve symptoms related to erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, chest pain, and more. However, you’ll need to take between 5 and 20g per day (depending on the condition), and we’re not told how much Megadrox contains.

Tribulus may help improve sperm quality in infertile men, but there’s no evidence it can provide any of the benefits claimed by Megadrox’s manufacturer.

So Megadrox’s Ingredients Won’t Work. Are There Any Side Effects?

WebMD notes that in rare instances, l-arginine can cause “allergies, airway inflammation, worsening of asthma, and low blood pressure.” They also note, “taking large amounts of horny goat weed might cause spasms and severe breathing problems.” Remember, we don’t know how much Megadrox contains.

Lastly, WebMD recommends that yohimbe be avoided altogether:

“Yohimbe, taken by mouth, is POSSIBLY UNSAFE. Yohimbe has been linked to reports of severe side effects including irregular or rapid heart beat, kidney failure, seizure, heart attack, and others.”

Are Megadrox’s Ingredients “Backed by Science”?

Based on what we just learned, you probably already recognize that the answer to this question is no. What about all those pretty graphs and science-y words on Megadrox’s website?

Whether it’s anti-aging products or nutritional supplements, we’ve encountered countless websites that create statistics out of thin air. Why do we think this? Because they’re rarely—if ever—supported by a shred of evidence.

Ask yourself this: If you had undeniable clinical proof that your natural supplement provided all of these amazing benefits, wouldn’t you be eager to share it with the world? After all, it would only make you very, very rich.

Of course you would. And in our opinion, the fact that Megadrox’s manufacturer doesn’t provide anything to back up their claims speaks volumes.

Megadrox Visual Graphs for Megadrox resultsThese graphs sure do have visual appeal, but based on our research experience, they’re rarely based on real-world results.

Nonetheless, how much will you pay for Megadrox?

How Much Does Megadrox Cost?

Just pay $4.95 S&H and you’ll be sent a full 30-day supply of Megadrox. Sounds like a great deal, right? Not so fast.

What the company doesn’t tell you (at least, not without digging through their Terms) is that 14 days after placing your order, you’ll be charged $89.99. Then, you’ll get a new bottle once every month thereafter, and—you guessed it!—charged $89.99 each time.

Again referencing the Terms, it appears that Megadrox comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges and a $19.95 restocking fee. Digging further though, we found a loophole:

In one part, we’re told that in order to be eligible for a refund, products must be returned “in their original, unopened package.” Further down it reads, “Customer agrees to try the product and evaluate its performance before requesting a refund or cancellation.”

In other words, if you don’t try Megadrox, you void the refund policy. If you do try it though, you also void the policy.

If you still feel like giving it a shot, customer service can be reached at 877-279-9025.

Before wrapping things up, let’s find out what customers are saying about products like Megadrox.

There Weren’t Any Megadrox Reviews, But …

Although we didn’t come across any legitimate Megadrox reviews during our research, the good news is that we’ve reviewed many nearly identical testosterone boosters and muscle growth supplements over the years, such as Elite Test 360, Bio Testosterone XR, and Lifeforce T-2000.

Invariably, these supplements come with bottom-of-the-barrel customer reviews here on HighYa, with average ratings approaching 1 star (the lowest possible). Most revolve around a complete failure to provide any benefits and ultra-poor customer service, so you might not have a great experience calling the number above.

Many complained that it’s next to impossible to cancel trials or obtain refunds, and that you might need to contact your credit card company in order to put a stop to your recurring shipments.

Obviously, these supplements are made by different companies than Megadrox, but we think they’re similar enough to warranty passing along the information.

Is Megadrox a Scam?

Scam is a loaded word, so it’s something we try to use only when the available evidence warrants it. Is this the case with Megadrox?

Here, we’ve talked about the supplement’s largely ineffective ingredients, complete lack of evidence (clinical or otherwise), sketchy pricing structure, and the fact that it’s part of an industry with a horrendous customer reputation.

Given this; yes, we think it’s likely that Megadrox is a scam. Even if it isn’t, we think you’d get more value for your money by making an appointment with your doctor instead of placing an order.

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