What Is Metabo Fueler?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jun 19, 2017

Metabo Fueler is a dietary supplement that claims to be a potential answer for men looking to get the most out of their workout regimens. The makers of the product say that it may help build muscle mass, build “explosive training,” and even enhance your overall endurance as well.

The product claims to possibly be able to help support the creation of lean muscle mass while boosting your overall stamina, and even possibly supporting your overall health thanks to the ingredients used in its formula (more on these in a moment).

Thousands of men from all over the world seem to be searching for the perfect companion supplement to complement their exercise endeavors, and that search has become even more difficult over the last few years, mainly due to the sheer variety of products out there in the wild today.

In the sections that follow, we’ll break down Metabo Fueler piece by piece in an effort to determine whether it is worthy of your time, or just another disappointment waiting to happen.

How Do Muscles Change and Grow?

Muscular growth is a complex and evolving field of study, and one that we still have much to learn about. What we do understand, however, is that as you workout, you are essentially causing damage to the muscle fibers in your body, breaking them down in the process.

While much is still not understood about what happens next, many have theorized that muscles rebuild themselves afterwards, over-compensating for the damage in an effort to reduce future strain on the body.

This rebuilding effort is responsible for the visible growth that we see, and although there are far more complex reactions at work, this forms the basis of just about all exercise done today.

To that end, if Metabo Fueler was able to improve, perhaps, the rate in which the muscles are able to recover, it could potentially stand a chance at living up to the claims made by its creators.

We’ll delve further into this in a moment, but first; how much does it cost?

Metabo Fueler Pricing & Return Policy

Metabo Fueler is currently available for purchase on the product’s main website as part of a “free trial.” This means that you’ll receive a full 30-day supply of the supplement in exchange for a $5.95 shipping & handling fee. From the date of your purchase, however, you’ll only have 16 days (12 day trial + 4 days allotted for shipping) to evaluate the product.

After this trial is complete, you’ll be billed the full product price of $85.95 for the initial trial supply. In addition, you’ll also be entered into the company’s autoship program, which will charge you $85.95 plus $5.95 S&H for a new supply of the supplement each and every month going forward.

In order to cancel this membership, you’ll need to reach out to customer service either at 877-769-9512 during normal business hours or by email at cs@metabofueler.com.

As for the return policy, it looks as though you’ll have 30 days to process a return for any unopened, unused products. The company states that they do not accept refunds on any used or opened items.

That last item is worth noting, particularly if you are wary about not being able to return a product if you decide it isn’t a good fit for you.

Now that we know how much the product will cost you, let’s take a deeper look at what all is included in its formula in the section below.

Metabo Fueler Ingredients

The key to any supplement’s effectiveness lies in the ingredients used in its formula. WIth Metabo Fueler, we’re told that the product utilizes a mix of L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Dipotassium Phosphate to achieve the results described by its makers.

Let’s briefly take a closer look at each of these ingredients, cross-referencing the claims made by Metabo Fueler with authoritative clinical data from sites like WebMD and Examine.com in order to determine just how accurate they might be.

L-Arginine is an amino acid, commonly found in red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products. As for whether or not it can help improve your exercise performance, though, the answer is unclear. Conflicting evidence exists, with some studies showing that the substance can increase exercise time, and some showing that it did nothing of the sort.

Ultimately, WebMD states that there is not enough clinical evidence to support the claim that L-Arginine can reliably improve workout performance.

Next up, we have another amino acid, L-Citrulline. This chemical can be found naturally in the human body, and also elsewhere such as in watermelon. In clinical studies, it was not found that L-Citrulline can increase workout performance either. In fact, it was actually found that participants who took the substance became exhausted more quickly than those who did not.

Lastly, we have Dipotassium Phosphate, which essentially amounts to water soluble salts. Some early research has pointed to the possibility that taking these salts 4 times daily by mouth for 6 days might improve performance amongst male cyclists. However, it looks as though a larger amount of research illustrates that taking this substance by mouth does not increase performance at all.

Do Other Options Exist?

Looking at what we’ve learned about the ingredients included in Metabo Fueler, you might now be asking: “Is there any way to increase workout performance while building muscle mass?”

Browsing around online, there are literally hundreds of different options out there for supplements that claim to be able to build muscle mass and allow you to get the most out of your workouts. It would appear that many of the most popular of these supplements use a substance called Creatine, which has a wealth of evidence to support its use in this context.

Creatine is a natural substance found commonly in the human body as creatine phosphate. There has been plenty of research into the substances’ effects on workout performance, and while some conflicting data exists, it looks to be one of the most surefire bets as far as supplement ingredients go.

Put simply, creatine allows the muscles in your body to recover more quickly during exercise, potentially enabling you to maximize your effectiveness as a result. It is also thought to increase your muscle mass and improve your overall strength to boot.

That being said, the substance isn’t without its own set of potential side effects, which can include weight gain, anxiety, breathing difficulty, diarrhea, fatigue, fever, headache, kidney problems, nausea, vomiting, rash, and stomach upset.

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If you are concerned about any of these side effects, it may be best to talk to your doctor before purchasing a creatine supplement to see if another option exists that might be more ideal for you.

In general, if you are looking to find a solid workout enhancing supplement, you’ll want to be on the lookout for products that have open, clear pricing layouts, transparent ingredients and clinical references thereof, and comprehensive customer satisfaction and return policies.

The Bottom Line: Will Metabo Fueler Work for You?

Bringing together all that we’ve learned about Metabo Fueler, here’s what it boils down to. Only one of the ingredients, Dipotassium Phosphate, might potentially be able to deliver improved performance (though this is debatable and conflicting evidence exists, see the above ingredients section).

We weren’t able to find direct evidence from authoritative sources that taking Metabo Fueler would be able to reliably deliver on any of the manufacturer’s various claims, from the assertion that it can build muscle mass to the talk about improving stamina and overall health.

It’s important to note here that this doesn’t necessarily mean that Metabo Fueler will be ineffective for you, as that isn’t what we’re claiming. We’re simply pointing out the facts about the ingredients used, allowing you to draw your own conclusions about what they mean for you.

In the end, we’d recommend talking to a certified trainer or health care professional in order to come up with a workout plan that matches your lifestyle and budgetary needs better over the long run.

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