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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Dec 26, 2018

MicroBoom is a headband integrated with Bluetooth speakers and microphones that pair with devices like phones and televisions.

Basically, MicroBoom is two speaker-microphone combinations tucked into a headband that, according to the company, can help you avoid the annoyance of cords.

The product is an as-seen-on-TV item that’s only available for purchase at microboomheadband.com.

In this review, we’ll talk about how this product works, discuss how much it costs and then compare it to other similar products.

How the MicroBoom Headband Works

The headband is made from microfiber, which, according to SFGate, is a fabric that’s “spun at roughly half the diameter of fine silk fiber.” In other words, microfibers are smaller than silk fibers, leading to a softer material.

The site notes that most microfibers are made from man-made materials, so, keep this in mind if your skin is easily irritable when it comes to synthetic clothing materials.

Tucked into both sides of the headband are square-shaped Bluetooth speakers that have microphone integration. Though it’s hard to tell by looking at the product’s website, there are two speakers in the headband – one on each side.

The two speakers are linked, such that one side has power-on, pause/play, back and forward buttons you use to listen to music or to answer your phone or make a call.

The headband comes with a mini-USB charger you’ll use to power up your speakers when their internal batteries are running low.

Pro tip: The site says each speaker has 12-14 hours of battery life but doesn’t say how long it takes to return each speaker to a full charge.

MicroBoom Headband Pricing, Return Policy and Warranty

At the time of publishing, the MicroBoom website was offering a buy-one-get-one-free offer in which the price of one headband was $19.99 plus $7.99 for shipping and handling for a grand total of $27.98.

Now, if you decide to get a second headband as part of the BOGO offer, you’ll have to pay an additional $7.99 shipping and handling. So, while the site says you can buy one and get one free, the second headband is not free, technically.

Also, if you live in New Jersey (6.625%), California (7.25%) or Nevada (6.85%), you’ll have to pay sales tax on your order.

An interesting note in the fine print is that there are two colors: light grey and dark grey. If you only buy one headband, you get the light grey. If you buy two headbands, you’ll get both colors.

The headband comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your headband, you’ll need to call the MicroBoom customer service line or email them within 60 days of buying the headband. The number is 1-888-596-2546 and the email address is customerservice@inventel.tv.

Once you get approval for doing the return, you’ll need to send your headband and the original packaging to 170 N. Main Street, Wharton, N.J., 07885; Attn: RETURNS/Ross St. Entrance.

As we did our research on this product, we found no evidence of a warranty; only the 60-day guarantee.

How MicroBoom Headbands Compare to Similar Bluetooth Headbands

To find out which products are similar to MicroBoom, we headed to Amazon and did a search for “bluetooth headbands.”

The following headbands are listed according to their customer rating:

  1. TOPOINT wireless sport headband: 4 stars, $21.99
  2. Azzker Bluetooth headband: 3.6 stars, $24.96
  3. Homelove kids wireless Bluetooth headband: 4.1 stars, $25.99

As far as price goes, the three headbands we saw on Amazon offer a better value than MicroBoom mainly because you can purchase them via Amazon Prime and get free two-day shipping. MicroBoom’s $7.99 shipping and handling fee push its overall price to $27.98, or around $6 more than the TOPOINT headband.

Another thing to point out is the location of the speaker controls. The MicroBoom headband uses a subtle silhouette button system that’s located on the side of the headband, which makes the headband look like an actual headband. The TOPOINT headband puts the speaker controls on the front of the headband.

Finally, the headbands we mentioned above come in colors different than what you get from the MicroBoom: TOPOINT and Azzker are black, while the Homelove headband for kids comes in multiple designs including bunny, fox and panda.

Are You Making the Right Choice with MicroBoom?

Based on our research, we see the MicroBoom headband being an excellent fit for someone who wants to buy multiple headbands because the cost of two headbands – $35.97 – is cheaper than pretty much every other Bluetooth headband that we saw on Amazon.

A second benefit to the MicroBoom is that the speakers get 12-14 hours of battery life. This is an excellent advantage, especially for those who use their headband every day and don’t want to have to recharge their headband every day.

We also see MicroBoom being a great choice for someone wants a headband that actually looks like a headband. The subtle buttons on the side of the product don’t stand out, making the headband as much of a fashion accessory as it is an electronic device.

On the downside of things, we believe that the limitation of color choice if you buy just one headband could turn off those who want the product but do not prefer a light gray headband. If you find yourself in this position, it may benefit you to look through Amazon and find a headband that’s more to your liking.

Another drawback is that the headband is a good idea for cold weather but may not be a comfortable thing to wear in hot climates for people who aren’t used to wearing a headband while they work out.

Finally, for those who have sensitive skin and want a headband that’s made from 100% cotton, the MicroBoom’s synthetic material could cause some irritation.

Our research of various Bluetooth headbands on Amazon indicates that there are a few cotton headbands out there, although the selection is sparser than what you’d get with a headband made from synthetic material.

If you’re unsure about whether or not MicroBoom is right for you, you have 60 days to start the returns process. Use the headband in multiple situations, take note of your comfort level and how much you sweat (some materials may be cooler than others) and keep track of how long a charge lasts.

Each of these factors may lead you to keep your MicroBoom headbands or look elsewhere for a different product. In the event that you have to return it, try to keep the headband in as good a condition as possible. The company may not take the headband back if it is worn or frayed and shows signs of considerable use.

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