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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jul 3, 2014

Created by real estate coach Josh Cantwell, the Middle Man Income System claims to be a “quick money-getting” strategy that’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before, and hinges around a single “magic document.”

In essence, Josh claims that his Middle Man Income System works over four simple steps: 1) Locate a house, 2) offer it to a buyer, 3) use the “magic document,” and 4) get paid.

But is the Middle Man Income System really something that you can use to earn money, or is it actually just a bunch of hype and empty promises? We dug into the facts, and here’s what we learned.

How the Middle Man Income System Claims to Works

When it comes down to it, the Middle Man Income System is named such because it appears that you’ll essentially be acting as a middle man between individuals looking to sell their homes, and others looking to purchase homes.

We use the word “appears” because the promo video on the Middle Man Income site provides almost zero details about what you’ll actually be doing to earn money, what this “magic document” is, or how the document works, despite being almost 45 minutes in length.

With this in mind, instead of having to watch the entire video, here’s a recap of essentially everything it says:

  • Josh Cantwell was a successful real estate investor prior to undergoing major surgery for pancreatic cancer in 2011.

  • Upon falling ill, Josh essentially lost all his money and his business partners betrayed him, which forced him to reinvent how he made money in real estate.

  • A big part of this reinvention was finding a way to bring sellers, who have little to no equity in their homes, and buyers together, and that you’ll only have to spend a few hours on each deal. In essence, you get paid to connect these parties, and the bigger the house the more money you’ll receive.

  • This entire process hinges on a single, one-page “magic document,” which appears to be some sort of a Letter of Intent to Lease Real Estate, which is claimed to allow you to control real estate without the risks associated with ownership.

  • Josh claims that other than his team and those who have followed the Middle Man Income System, no one is using this document.

  • The Middle Man Income System contains transformational information that can help you earn $10K in real estate profits over the next 30 days.

Josh also claims that this foolproof process is simple, easy for the average person, and is really fun to do. In addition, the Middle Man Income System is claimed to work for anyone regardless of age, gender, or experience—even for those without money or credit. On top of this, Josh claims that the System can be automated so that it continues working even when you’re not, and that it can eventually be scaled to help you pull in $100K or more per year.

Middle Man Income Pricing and Refund Policy

The Middle Man Income System is priced at $97. However, keep in mind that if you attempt to click off the home page, a new page will appear that offers the program for half price. Then, if you attempt to click off of this page, you’ll then be offered the Income Manual and Coaching Call for $7, although this option does not include the “magic document.”

If you purchase anything other than the $7 option, your version of the Middle Man Income System will include:

  • Training videos
  • Josh’s entire set of contracts and paperwork
  • Josh’s “seller-getting letter” that he claims will covert 19% of all sellers
  • Seller-getting emails
  • Happy Homeseller Powerpoint presentation
  • Special report on “19 Mistakes to Avoid”
  • Bonus expert interviews
  • Buyer-getting marketing ads
  • Super Mega Bonus Video: The Flood of Buyers Powerpack

Finally, you’ll also receive several “Super Bonuses:”

  • A one-on-one personal consulting session with Josh’s business development team.
  • A free real estate website that will bring in leads and will position you as an expert.
  • Profit Protector Software that removes the guesswork from your real estate deals.

Josh claims that his Middle Man Income System comes with a one-year money back guarantee; no questions asked and no hassles. On top of this, if you send a testimonial, you’ll receive double your money back.

The Bottom Line

With all of this in mind, let’s get down to it: Should you purchase the Middle Man Income System? Almost certainly not, and here’s why:

Problem #1: No Usable Information

First, as we mentioned at the beginning, the video on the Middle Man Income website is almost 45 minutes long, is filled with spelling and grammatical errors, and provides essentially zero usable information that you can use in order to ensure you’re making an informed decision. You’re not informed about how the System works, what the “magic document” is, how it’s used, or how it will help you earn money.

Instead, it’s filled with Josh Cantwell’s personal story and a whole lot of marketing hype, which is intended to cause you to make an emotion-based decision, instead of an information-based one. This is something we’ve encountered numerous times in similar videos like the ones found on Emily’s Income Challenge, Eric’s Success Plan, Partner with Anthony, and Partner with Tom.

Problem #2: Inaccurate/Misleading Information

As if this weren’t enough, the video provides flat out false information in several areas. This most glowing example of this is when Josh claims that the US government bailed out banks in 2011 (around the same time he had his surgery).

However, the truth is that this occurred a full three years earlier as a result of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.

In addition, Josh claims that banks now require individuals to have a perfect credit score of 720, 20% down, and a year’s worth of cash reserves in order to obtain a home loan.

While this may have been the case during a small portion of 2008, this simply isn’t the case in 2014. While this may seem arbitrary, keep in mind that these types of buyers are the ones you’ll be targeting, and there almost certainly aren’t the large numbers out there that Josh claims.

Problem #3: No Online Customer Reviews or Testimonials

Second, in order to back up the claims made in his video, Josh states that a simple internet search will provide countless testimonials from students who have put this document into practice in order to make money.

However, after an extensive search, we were unable to locate any reputable online reviews or testimonials about the Middle Man Income System, other than numerous affiliate websites that are actually intended to sell you on the product instead offering a legitimate review of the System’s efficacy.

Problem #4: The “Magic” Letter of Intent to Lease Real Estate

Despite our intense research, we were unable to make a connection between a Letter of Intent to Lease Real Estate and bringing sellers and buyers together.

In fact, it appears to be most often used in commercial real estate, versus residential real estate as outlined in Josh’s video, and only signifies that the two parties are committed to working out a deal together.

Even then, according to this article, it “might state the basics of the agreement – such as the price or rent, and the closing date or lease term – but will leave for later more detailed and technical parts of the deal, such as representations, warranties, insurance requirements, apportionment of closing costs, etc,” which doesn’t include anything about the sale of the property.

Problem #5: Difficulties Obtaining Refunds

Finally, if you’re thinking that you’ll give the Middle Man Income System a try because of the one-year money back guarantee, keep in mind that the Better Business Bureau’s page for Strategic Real Estate Coach (Josh Cantwell’s company) contains several complaints that refunds were very difficult to obtain.

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