About Mighty Gard

Mighty Gard is a aerosol spray they claim will cause water and other liquids to roll off any surface. Bald “celebrity host” Marc Gill emerges from a pool wearing a tuxedo sprayed with Mighty Gard to prove their point: the tux appears to be completely dry even after 10 minutes underwater.

MIghty Gard is sold by Inventel, a direct marketing company that sells a variety of infomercial products. In spite of a spate of recent releases, the BBB thinks this company is out of business, so no rating or accreditation information is available from them.

How Mighty Guard Works

They say Mighty Gard uses “new super hydrophobic nanotechnology” to create an invisible waterproof barrier on any surface (no other ingredient information is provided.)

To use MIghty Gard, spray on your surface or fabric in a well-ventilated area and when it dries, you have a new layer of protection against spills and stains.

Marc takes Mighty Gard through the paces, showing shoes, jerseys, car seats, mittens, and even a paper towel coated with the stuff won’t absorb any water or liquid-y mess. This includes chocolate syrup, mud, milk, ketchup, and more.

In addition, they say MIghty Gard can be used in tubs and showers to prevent soap scum buildup, on outdoor patio furniture, and even walkways and driveways to prevent ice from forming.

Mighty Gard includes:

  • 1 can Mighty Gard
  • BOGO “free” (additional fees)

Mighty Gard Pricing, Shipping and Returns

Mighty Gard sells for $14.99 plus $6.95 shipping but they automatically include another can “free” (and charge you another $6.95 in S&H) making the true total $28.89 for 2. You have 30 days to try Mighty Gard – if you can’t duplicate any of the stunts Marc does in the commercial (or any other reason) return it for a refund of the $14.99, but the $13.90 S&H.


  • Makes any surface waterproof and stain-proof
  • De-ices driveways
  • Testing product looks like fun


  • Unknown ingredients
  • Unknown size of can
  • Non-refundable S&H almost the same amount as product itself, so even if you return it you lose money.
  • BBB thinks company is out of business

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