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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Dec 29, 2017

Available for iPhone and Android phones, Mighty Groom is a small, portable, convenient, and safe pocket shaver that allows you to quickly trim facial hair anywhere, anytime. Just attach the device to your smartphone and its stainless steel triple butterfly hypoallergenic blades will start spinning, without requiring an outlet.

As you shave, Mighty Groom conveniently stores clippings and prevents them from creating a mess. When you’re finished, simply remove the safety screen, empty them into the trash, and quickly store the device in your travel case or pocket.

Despite its portability, though, the manufacturer tells us that Mighty Groom is strong enough to shave a full beard, while remaining gentle enough for even sensitive skin.

Given all these features, it certainly makes sense that this device really could help you quickly clean up your facial hair when you’re on the go, whether at the airport, office, or anywhere else. But is it necessarily your only—or even your best—option?

In this article, we'll briefly discuss what we learned during our research so that you can make a more empowered buying decision about Mighty Groom. Let's start with the basics.

How Does Mighty Groom Work?

Anyone with a smartphone knows that the device requires power in order to operate, which is supplied via an external cable and adapter. And if you’ve owned several of these devices over the years, you probably recognize that the cables used to provide this power have changed.

The current standard for most late model smartphones is USB-C, which is a small reversible connector that How To Geek tells us supports a variety of different protocols, which could eventually eliminate having to carry out 10 different cables to connect to all your different devices.

Another unique feature of USB-C, they report, is that it doesn’t just consume power; it can actually provide up to 2.5 watts of power to any connected device. However, they qualify this by saying it’s “enough to charge your phone or tablet, but that’s about it.”

Mighty Groom USB ConnectionsAlthough USB-C is quickly becoming the new standard among electronic devices, Mighty Groom included, these connectors look different between Android (left) and iOS (right) devices. Credit: Will It Launch, LLC

Here’s the catch, though: The average electric shaver uses about 15 watts of power. In other words, even if the full 2.5W from your smartphone is available for the Mighty Groom to use, this will only deliver about 17 percent of the shaving power of a traditional electric razor.

What does this ultimately mean for you? Keep these details in mind, as we’ll return to them shortly. In the meantime, let’s quickly discuss price.

How Much Does Mighty Groom Cost?

One Mighty Groom device is priced at $9.99, plus $4.95 S&H. During checkout, you’ll be able to purchase a second device for an additional $4.95 fee.

Regardless of the quantity you buy, all Mighty Groom orders come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, less S&H. To request one, you’ll need to reach out to customer support at 913-312-0200. Who will you be calling?

Mighty Groom is brought to us by Will It Launch, LLC, an Overland Park, MO-based company who’s been in business since 2011. Since that time, they’ve helped bring many popular products to market, with recent examples like Magic Mesh, My Fun Fish, and Easy View HD.

Are There Other Smartphone Shavers Like Mighty Groom?

We didn’t encounter anything exactly like Mighty Groom at the time of our research. So, if you’re looking for all of these features in the same package, it’s currently your only option. In fact, the only third-party smartphone shaver we came across at all was the Portable Micro-USB OTG Shaver Razor from FastTech, priced at $5.73.

Functionally, it featured the same foil-covered rotary razor as Mighty Groom, as well as a catch bin for holding clippings until they can be emptied into the wastebasket. Design-wise, though, it didn’t look much like the product in question—and was also made of metal, versus plastic, was only available for Android phones, and used a Micro USB connector instead of USB-C.

With these details in mind, we think there are two important caveats to point out about Mighty Groom: First, USB-C connectors weren’t available on iPhones until version 7, and the vast majority of Samsung and Motorola phones didn’t implement them until 2017. As such, this portable shaver isn’t compatible with more phones than it is compatible with.

Second, searching for portable electric shavers under $30 online returned dozens of meaningful options during our research, many from household brands like Panasonic, Braun, Philips Norelco, and even MicroTouch. While none feature USB connectivity of any kind, their price point was much closer in line with Mighty Groom, while generally offering more power, with much of the same on the go portability, ease of use, and mess-free clippings catcher.

Some of these also offered additional features like LED lighting for improved visibility, wet-dry functionality, as well as straight edges for closely trimming beards and sideburns.

Where does this leave you? Let’s come to a conclusion.

Our Final Thoughts About Mighty Groom

Although we didn’t test the device ourselves to provide firsthand feedback, based on what we learned from the manufacturer and third-party sites, it seems like Mighty Groom could live up to many of its marketing claims.

Specifically, that it might help you quickly touch up your beard when you're on the go, without having to worry about carrying around a cable or making sure the battery is charged. After all, pretty much all of us have our smartphones within reach all day long to act as a convenient power source.

However, since USB-C ports can only put out a maximum of 2.5W, as consumers ourselves, we'd wonder whether or not this would be enough power to achieve an ultra-close shave. And without a straight edge, we'd imagine it wouldn't be ideal for perfecting your beard, mustache, or side burn's edges.

If you feel like giving Mighty Groom a try, though, Will It Launch seems to stand behind the device with a 30-day refund policy. Just keep in mind that you’ll lose your original $4.95 in S&H upon requesting one, plus any fees if you took advantage of the BOGO offer, along with whatever it will cost to ship it back to the company.

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