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With only a quick twist, you can turn Mighty Shears Scissors from all-purpose shears into an “ingenious” multi-tool with titanium blades that can slice through ultra-tough surfaces.

This means you’ll be able to use Mighty Shears Scissors as a vegetable peeler, bread cutter, paint can opener, fish scaler, screwdriver, bottle opener, or bone cutter. It’s also useful for gardening and crafts. Mighty Shears can even be used for stripping wiring and cutting through metal!

Because of this, Mighty Shears is claimed to be “the only scissor tool you’ll ever need.”

Sure, the idea behind multi-tools like Mighty Shears Scissors is fantastic: all the tools you use in one place, and with a small, compact design. But does Mighty Shears Scissors live up to its name, or will your patience run thin?

Is Mighty Shears Scissors in a Class of Its Own?

We’d have to admit that Mighty Shears Scissors’ design seems unique, but is this actually the case?

Searching online for “scissor-based multi-tool,” we received hundreds of hits. However, most of these were simply multi-tools with scissors built in; not scissors first and multi-tools second.

From this perspective, Mighty Shears Scissors appears to be wholly unique. Note: We did come across True Utility SciXors Micro Scissors, although these are small tools intended to fit on a keychain, and offer limited functionality.

There are also a variety of heavy-duty scissors that can cut through bone and metal, but they also offer limited functionality and wouldn’t be classified as a true multi-tool.

Just because Mighty Shears Scissors is unique, does this necessarily mean they provide a good value? Let’s talk price.

How Much Does Mighty Shears Scissors Cost?

Two pairs of Mighty Shears Scissors will cost you $10.99 plus $13.98 S&H (don’t blink, you read that right!)

With your order, you’ll also receive magnetic sheathes to hang your Mighty Shears Scissors right on your refrigerator.

All Mighty Shears come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. If you’re not satisfied, this means you could lose 50% more in S&H than you’ll get back as a refund!

Nonetheless, if you’d like to request a refund, you’ll need to contact Spark Innovators customer service department at 866-518-6139.

This is a good time to talk more about the company behind Mighty Shears Scissors.

The Company Behind Mighty Shears Scissors

Spark Innovators is an up-and-coming company within the ASOTV industry, and is responsible for popular products like InVinceable, Engrave-It Pro, and many more.

With well over 100 reader reviews, these products have an average rating of 1.5 stars. Why? Customers frequently complain about products that are of poor quality and don’t work as advertised, as well as difficult customer service experiences.

Despite this, Spark Innovators had an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and only seven closed complaints (as of 10/21/15). Unfortunately, no complaint details were available.

So, can you expect Mighty Shears Scissors to work as advertised? There’s no way to be sure without giving it a try, but there’s one big consideration you should keep in mind about blades.

Mighty Shears Scissors’ Titanium Blades

On the Mighty Shears Scissors website, the company claims it contain blades made out of titanium, although the commercial claims they’re steel. So which is it?

In all likelihood, it’s both. In other words, 100% titanium blades would be far too costly, so most manufacturers use titanium-reinforced steel. However, based on Mighty Shears’ price, we’d guess that the titanium content is fairly low, so you probably shouldn’t expect similar quality to titanium cutlery from mainstream manufacturers.

Outside of blades, are there any other important considerations for Mighty Shears Scissors?

Final Considerations for Mighty Shears Scissors

Whether you’re out camping, doing odd jobs around the house, or just keeping something handy in the glove box in case of an emergency, there’s no question that the right multi-tool can make your life easier. Is Mighty Shears Scissors the right one for you?

Possibly, but remember that it might not be the same quality as something you’d find at a sporting goods retailer, although these other options will almost certainly be more expensive (be sure to factor in Mighty Shears Scissors’ steep, non-refundable S&H charges when comparing other products!).

Also, it’s important to point out that Mighty Shears Scissor’s screwdriver is only flathead (no Phillips), and the refrigerator-mounted magnetic sheath would certainly be a no-go for households with small children.

What did you experience with Mighty Shears Scissors? Did you find that they worked exactly as advertised, or that they were a total bust?

Whatever it is, let’s hear about it through your very own review below!

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