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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Dec 17, 2017

Promising to be a professional-strength drain clearing device, the Mighty Snake aims to provide the ability to eliminate tough clogs effortlessly using its spinning, motorized action. The package includes everything you need to get started, except for four AA batteries that are used to drive the motor.

The Mighty Snake is meant to be used on just about any sink or drain, due to its flexible, 19” hose design. The manufacturer states that the secret to the product’s spinning coil head, which twirls around inside your sink or drain, entangling hair and other debris in the process.

From there, you simply remove the snake, pulling up the debris with it. A reverse button on the back of the drill unit allows for easy disposal of the waste once its free from the drain. We’re also shown that you don’t need to remove drain stoppers thanks to the flexible design that allows the snake to slip right into most openings without much effort.

The device is positioned as an alternative to manual snakes, messy plungers and potentially dangerous chemicals, with the manufacturer claiming that even the toughest clogs are no match for its battery-powered motor and coil. Is this really what you can expect from using the product yourself, though?

Can the Mighty Snake Truly Clear the Toughest Clogs with Just a Pull of the Trigger?

Before jumping into the logistics of this claim, it’s worth mentioning that we haven’t tested the Mighty Snake for ourselves. Everything that follows is conjecture based upon what we’ve been shown online and in the product’s commercial.

Judging from the basic premise of its functionality, we can imagine that the Mighty Snake may indeed be able to eliminate a good majority of the clogs you experience in your home using its flexible, spinning coil design. That said, there are a couple potential scenarios where we can envision some complications arising.

Crucially, drains come in many different sizes and shapes. Although the product at hand seems compact and slim enough to fit into many spaces, there are almost certainly drainage setups out there that are either too small or too awkwardly-shaped for it to fit down into properly.

In addition, it’s also easy to imagine a situation wherein a clog is further than 19 inches down in said drainage system. If this were the case, the Mighty Snake would not be effective for clearing the stoppage, whereas a chemical solution likely would be.

In all fairness, these are extenuating circumstances, and likely do not represent the majority of cases where the Mighty Snake would be able to effectively remove even heavy clogs, as illustrated in the commercial. Still, we feel it’s worth mentioning in order to provide you with a more complete perspective on the device’s potential limitations.

Mighty Snake Pricing & Return Policy

As of this writing, the Mighty Snake was available exclusively through the manufacturer online or over the phone. It is sold for $19.99, plus $5.99 P&H. There is also an optional double offer that you can opt for which brings the grand total to $35.97. This gets you two complete Mighty Snake devices.

As for the return policy, each order comes standard with a 60-day money back guarantee, less any shipping, processing or handling fees. To initiate the return process, you’ll need to reach out to customer support at 973-287-5109 to obtain an RMA number. You’ll be responsible for paying any additional shipping fees associated with the process.

The Mighty Snake vs. the Competition

At this point, we’ve determined that the Mighty Snake provides some interesting functionality, but does it stand alone, or are there other, similar products on the market worth looking into?

Based on our research, we found that there are actually a variety of different products out there that use similar designs, albeit with some key differences between them. In general, the devices we encountered fall into three categories:

  • Manually powered snakes
  • Standalone powered snakes (Mighty Snake)
  • Drill attachment snakes

Each of these may be ideal for certain situations, so let’s take a quick look at how they differ. Hand-crank products, for instance, were briefly shown in the Mighty Snake commercial. These types of snakes have the obvious downside of needing to be hand-powered, but during our research, we were able to find them in lengths from 10 feet up to 25 feet and beyond.

Standalone snakes like the Mighty Snake seemed to be few and far between, with many other powered options costing up to $200 and more online. Most of the product’s would-be competitors seem to be manual devices, as well as power drill attachments such as the Spin Plumber, which we’ve previously reported on.

The manual products we found that weren’t hand-crank powered were very inexpensive, as low as $6 for a pack of three 19” Vastar hoses. Crucially, these devices lack the spinning action that enables the Mighty Snake (and other similar products) to effectively tangle up hair and other debris. If you just have a small, shallow clog, however, it may be all you need.

Along the same lines, an add-on attachment like the Spin Plumber might be ideal if you already own a power drill, but if you do not, this option may not be the most economical.

The Bottom Line: Is the Mighty Snake Right For You?

Based on the information we’ve learned about the Mighty Snake, can you truly expect it to take care of even the toughest clogs in your home?

From one perspective, we can potentially envision the device’s 19-inch range and battery-powered functionality being sufficient for many of the common, everyday drain clogs that you encounter in and around your home. From another angle, however, we can also foresee needing a bit more length for certain obstructions, as well as situations where the Mighty Snake simply won’t fit down where you need it to in order to be effective.

In addition, we found several manually-powered products that were cheaper overall, making the severity of the clogs and the design of the drain itself crucial factors that will play into your purchasing decision in the end. If you just need a simple fix for a shallow, easily accessible drain, a manual snake might suit your needs just fine.

All told, we imagine that the Mighty Snake could definitely be a useful component in your drain-clearing toolkit, even if not the “be all, end all” solution. Its battery-operated motor provides an added level of convenience, and if it functions as portrayed in the commercial, it looks to be especially useful for bundling up clogs of hair and other loose debris for an easy, swift fix.

If you decide to try it out for yourself, be sure to keep the 30-day return policy in mind. If you find that it doesn’t deliver the functionality you were looking for, you can return it, as long as you’re okay with losing out on a bit of cash in shipping fees in the process.

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