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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Sep 21, 2016

According to the makers of Million-Dollar Smile, this removable, micro-thin polypropylene veneer can deliver the look of a perfect smile by simply soaking it in hot water, pressing to your teeth, and going about your day.

The manufacturer tells us that Million-Dollar Smile is “tested and proven to cosmetic standards,” which means that it fits any size teeth and can be custom fit to suit your needs. As a result, they claim Million-Dollar Smile can help you get your confidence back, without worrying about expensive dental work or messy, gross-tasting adhesives.

Look, having an attractive smile can definitely impact the overall impression you make when meeting new people, while also helping you feel more confident, whether you’re on a job interview, out on a date, taking pictures, or just about anything else.

But the big question is this: Will Million-Dollar Smile look realistic enough to make others think they’re your real teeth—or will they look ridiculous, like some inexpensive plastic teeth you’d use when dressing up for Halloween? We’ll walk you through everything we learned during our research so you can make a more informed purchase.

What Is Polypropylene? Why Is It an Ideal Material for Veneers?

Polypropylene is a type of plastic that is soft and pliable (i.e. moldable) above a certain temperature, but that solidifies once it’s cooled down. Because of these properties, polypropylene is used in many different ways, including certain types of textiles, plastic food containers, automotive parts, sporting goods (especially moldable mouthpieces), as well as veneers like Million-Dollar Smile.

In fact, polypropylene is so popular that the global market in 2013 reached 55 million tons.

From a performance perspective, polypropylene doesn’t leach into food and has a high resistance to solvents, so it’s typically considered a safe form of plastic. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s perfect.

This is because polypropylene begins degrading when exposed to too much heat or UV radiation (sunlight). Once this occurs, free radicals are formed, which in some instances have been linked to pulmonary disease and cancer. Even when inside the body as implantable mesh devices, polypropylene has been shown to degrade without exposure to heat or UV radiation.

Because of many of polypropylene’s inherent properties, you’ll find many other options from third-party manufacturers.

Are There Other Veneers Like Million-Dollar Smile?

If you search online for “press veneers teeth” or “cosmetic fake teeth,” you’ll quickly find there are many other options that are functionally similar to Million-Dollar Smile. Some of the more popular options include Imako Cosmetic Teeth, Instant Smile, Secure Smile, Dr. Bukk False Cosmetic Teeth, Snap On Teeth and more.

In fact, not too long ago, the HighYa team wrote about Perfect Smile Veneers, which appears to be the exact same product as Million-Dollar Smile.

Pro tip: It’s fairly common for one ASOTV company to sell their product rights to another company in the industry, who then re-releases it under a different name. Interestingly, despite this, the Perfect Smile Veneers website was still active at the time of our research.

If this is your first time researching cosmetic false teeth, you’ll soon find that many of third-party options can be truly customized, including teeth color and mouthpiece size, while some even come with small files to shave down the teeth, if necessary. On the other hand, Million-Dollar Smile appears to be a one-size-fits-all, you-get-what-you-get option.

From a price perspective, how do these other options compare to Million-Dollar Smile?

How Much Does Million-Dollar Smile Cost?

One Million-Dollar Smile veneer set will cost you $14.99 plus $6.99 S&H. You’ll be able to order a second set during checkout for an additional $6.99 S&H.

Regardless of the number you order, all Million-Dollar Smiles come with a 60-day guarantee, less S&H. While this is positive, keep in mind that if you purchase the BOGO offer and decide to process a return, you’ll immediately lose more in S&H that you’ll get back as a refund.

In order to request one, you’ll need to call Tristar Products’ customer service department at 973-287-5128.

Comparatively, you’ll find that much of Million-Dollar Smile’s competition is priced anywhere between $15 and $50, although even higher-priced options seem to come with meaningfully lower S&H charges.

Are There Any Million-Dollar Smile Customer Reviews?

While Million-Dollar Smile was too new to have gained any customer feedback at the time of our research, two HighYa readers provided some insight into their experience with the previous Perfect Smile Veneers. Overall, they gave the cosmetic false teeth an average rating of 1 star.

Interestingly, both reviews mentioned only long shipping times (one cited 3+ months), so we didn’t receive any feedback about the product itself.

Reading written reviews and watching video demonstrations for many of Million-Dollar Smile’s competitors, you’ll find every imaginable type of feedback; some seemed to love the results of their cosmetic false teeth, while others reported less-than-stellar results. Granted, a lot of these products are designed meaningfully different than Million-Dollar Smile, so there’s really no way of knowing exactly what you’ll experience without placing an order.

We’ll come back to this thought in a second, but first, let’s talk about Million-Dollar Smile’s inventor.

Who Is Jonah White?

Million-Dollar Smile was created by Jonah White, who first learned about cosmetic false teeth while at a college football game in the early 1990s. There, he met a dental student named Rich Bailey, who had created some very realistic-looking decaying teeth.

Fast forward more than 20 years and Jonah’s company (Rich has since left to pursue his dentistry career), Billy Bob Products, has created more than 15 million sets of teeth, along with other novelty gifts. In fact, Jonah and his products have become such hits that the Discovery Channel gave him his own show in the Fall of 2014 titled Billy Bob’s Gag to Riches.

More recently, it appears Jonah’s focus is on helping those of us who can’t afford cosmetic dentistry with products like Million-Dollar Smile.

Will Million-Dollar Smile Meet Your Needs?

We didn’t try Million-Dollar Smile ourselves. However, based on what we’ve learned so far, we think there are some important questions you can ask to help gauge your overall satisfaction:

Do You Need Dental Work? Or, Are Your Needs Only Cosmetic?

The Million-Dollar Smile website notes that “This product is only intended to enhance your appearance, and isn’t a denture or dental device.”

In other words, if you simply need your smile to look better, then Million-Dollar Smile might deliver results. But if you’re expecting them to help your teeth perform better (such as eating), then they almost certainly won’t meet your needs.

Are You Planning to Eat With Million-Dollar Smile?

Speaking of which, when watching the Million-Dollar Smile commercial, we couldn’t help but wonder: “What happens if you’re out on a dinner date? In other words, wouldn’t you have to remove the veneers and reveal your true smile?”

According to one of their instructional videos, the manufacturer recommends taking out your Million-Dollar Smile veneers when it’s time to eat, although they’re fine when drinking liquids.

Pro tip: Just keep in mind that hot beverages like coffee might soften Million-Dollar Smile’s polypropylene, causing it to lose its custom fit.

What About Talking?

Another thing we wondered is how much of an impact Million-Dollar Smile will have on your ability to talk. After all, in the product’s commercial, you can clearly hear a lisp in a couple of the models’ speech.

To this extent, another of the company’s videos indicates that speaking irregularly is perfectly normal, as it can take some time to adjust to the device. To help, the manufacturer recommends making sure you get a perfect impression after softening the gel backing, as well as initially over-enunciating your words as you get used to it.

Given this, until you’re already comfortable with Million-Dollar Smile, you might want to think twice about wearing it on a date, or to a job interview, as soon as it arrives in the mail.

Will Million-Dollar Smile Match Your Teeth?

Since you’re thinking about purchasing Million-Dollar Smile to improve the appearance of your smile, you obviously want to make sure it naturally blends in with teeth, as well as with the size of your mouth and the overall structure of your face.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned above, it doesn’t appear that Million-Dollar Smile provides any customization options often found with the competition, including teeth color, veneer size, or the ability to file down the veneers. The manufacturer does mention that they’re “tested and proven to cosmetic standards,” but this tells us very little about what you might realistically expect.

The Bottom Line About Million-Dollar Smile

Tristar Products is one of the biggest names in the ASOTV industry, and they appear to stand behind their products with a 60-day refund policy if you’re not satisfied. This is certainly positive since you can’t really know how well Million-Dollar Smile will work without placing an order and trying them out for yourself.

On the other hand, even if you only order one set, you’ll immediately lose $7 in S&H charges once you process a return, plus whatever it will cost you to ship them back to the manufacturer. In the end, it’s perfectly reasonable to believe that you could barely break even after everything is said and done.

If it could potentially help you smile better, though, then it might be worth taking the risk! Just keep in mind that there’s a lot of competition out there!

Before you go: Did you decide to place an order for Million-Dollar Smile? If so, tell us about your experience (quality, realness, etc.) in your very own review below!

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  • 89 out 98 people found this review helpful

    it has helped me alot

    • By Nikko Miho,
    • Bakersfield, CA,
    • Oct 14, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    So I gave these Teeth a shot and when they first arrived I opened the box and immediately almost returned them. But I figured hey why not give it a shot what's the worst thing that could happen to lose $14?

    After trying several times to get the teeth to fit correctly, I finally got a good tight fit. I got creative and invented my own process of making the teeth fit a little bit better than originally designed.

    Basically it just took me a long time to get the fitting process down to an exact science once I managed to get them to fit perfectly I was on to the next phase, speech evolution.

    To be frank, when I first got these teeth in my mouth I sounded like a bumbling idiot but after about 10 days the lisps went away and I was very confident.

    Again, FITTING CORRECT is key to avoiding sounding like your evil twin. I've been using the product for over a year now and I've gone through about 4 sets of teeth. That's because I choose to eat with them in at all times.

    I've gotten very comfortable and know what I can and cannot eat while wearing the piece and I would rather not "take out" my teeth at a dinner table with friends and family.

    It's been a long process but I think I finally have figured out the best ways to use this product and avoid breaking or damaging them in the process. For me, they are totally acceptable for the time being until I can raise the money to actually replace all of my teeth with porcelain veneers.

    I work in a bank where I'm face-to-face with customers one-on-one every day. I have never had a customer ever say “are your teeth fake?” But I have gotten many great comments from people saying that I have a beautiful smile which is something I've never heard in my life until I found this product.

    I also sing and act professionally so you can imagine how important it is for me to sound natural and look presentable at all times on stage or on film.

    I find that taking them out and cleaning them regularly is the best way to preserve the original color of the teeth. If you don't clean them like normal teeth they will Get brown and nasty and ugly looking in a very short amount of time. My only complaint about this product is that I wish the fitting process was much better explained originally when I first received them.

    I cannot stress enough having a proper fit is the only way you will be happy with these teeth in your mouth if they don't fit right you will feel (and look) like a horse crossed with Bugs bunny. but, if you take the time through trial and error, you will find the best fit and the best look for your face style and size. I still can't believe how cheap these teeth actually are I would be willing to pay at least $100 for them.

    Thank God for all the bad reviews keeping the prices low! Overall rating 4stars.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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