What Is Miracle Back?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jul 24, 2017

By combining the benefits of compression and acupressure, Miracle Back is an adjustable lumbar belt that promises to help improve blood circulation, support and stabilize the spine, reduce swelling, and relieve your achy back.

Compared to the competition, the belt features Acupoint technology that claims to provide fully adjustable pressure points, which can help trigger immediate pain relief. The no-slip grip can help keep the lightweight belt in place, and the copper-infused fibers can also help prevent odors, whether you’re exercising, playing sports, or working at home or around the office.

There’s no doubt that chronic back pain can negatively impact life in so many ways, which is something the American Chiropractic Association reports affects about 31 million Americans at any given time.

But have you—and millions of others—finally found real relief with Miracle Back? Or, should you purchase one of the dozens of other compression belts on the market?

You’re here to make a decision, which is exactly what we’ll help you do by discussing what we learned during our research.

What Causes Back Pain?

Whether you’re experiencing it in your back, knees, shoulder, toes, or anywhere else on your body, pain and discomfort signals that something is wrong—but not specifically what’s wrong. This means that, when discussing back pain, the Mayo Clinic tells us it can be caused by a variety of factors like muscle or ligament strain, bulging or ruptured discs, arthritis, skeletal irregularities, sciatica, and osteoporosis.

However, there are certain risk factors that might increase the likelihood of experiencing one of these chronic back pain-inducing conditions. These include lifting improperly, not getting enough exercise, carrying excess weight, smoking, diseases like cancer, as well as some psychological conditions (especially depression and anxiety).

Based on all these potential risk factors and causes, it’s highly important that you speak with your doctor about any back pain you’re experiencing (whether chronic or intermittent), who can recommend different treatment options based on your specific diagnosis, other medical conditions, and so forth.

How Might Miracle Back’s Compression & Acupressure Address Your Back Troubles?

If you’ve been injured before, you’ve likely heard the acronym RICE, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Rest keeps the injured area immobile, ice reduces blood flow and thereby relieves swelling, compression constricts blood vessels and increases circulation, and elevation keeps the area above the heart to further reduce inflammation.

Thus, while we didn’t test the device ourselves, it seems feasible that the adjustable compression provided by the Miracle belt might help improve circulation and address pain in the lower part of the back.

Comparatively, WebMD tells us that acupressure uses the same principles as acupuncture, but without the needles. In other words, this Asian bodywork therapy (ABT) is thought—according to traditional Chinese medicine—to access “invisible channels” through which vital energy flows, thereby bringing these channels back into balance and addressing any underlying issues they caused.

Like other types of shiatsu massage, or massage in general, the National Institutes of Health’s PubMed reports some clinical evidence that formal acupressure may provide relief from back pain, as well as generalized relaxation. Keep in mind, though, that the acupressure provided by Miracle Belt’s nubs will likely be less dynamic than what a professional masseuse might offer.

How Much Does Miracle Back Cost?

One Miracle Back compression belt is priced at $19.99 and comes with free S&H. You can order a second during checkout for an additional $9.99 fee.

All Miracle Back orders come with a 60-day money back guarantee, less S&H (keep this in mind if you plan on taking advantage of the BOGO offer). You can request one by calling OnTel Products Corp at 844-660-6135.

How do these prices compare?

Miracle Back vs. Other Acupressure Compression Back Braces

The reality is that there’s no shortage of products competing with Miracle Back, which you can quickly see for yourself by searching online for variations of the term “acupressure compression back brace.”

You’ll find these are available in just about every type of design (thick and thin belts, vests, those that cover various parts of the midsection, etc.); that use all kinds of different materials (cotton, neoprene, plastic, elastic rubber—or, often a combination of several of these), and are available at just about every imaginable price point.

Even narrowing our search term to “two-pull lumbar support” (the technical term for these types of devices), we found dozens of options that were functionally identical to Miracle Back. Most were priced between $20 and $40, although Google Shopping displayed some results as low as $3.19 at the time of our research.

Remember the back pain causes we discussed earlier? If you’re looking to get the most value for your money and weed through all of these options, you need to start by addressing where the pain and discomfort originates. And in order to do this, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Why?

As a quick—and admittedly simplistic—example, lumbar support devices like Miracle Back are only designed the address pain originating from the lower part of the spine (i.e. the lumbar region). But if your pain is caused by a slipped upper disc, one of these devices might not adequately address your needs.

Let’s continue discussing needs as we share our final thoughts about Miracle Back.

Our Bottom Line About Miracle Back

Will Miracle Back help address your back pain? While the reality is that no single product will work for everyone, many online customer reviews for similarly designed braces reported effective relief from lower back pain, whether chronic or intermittent.

And although we didn’t test it ourselves, Miracle Back’s adjustable nubs seem meaningfully unique and to offer a wide range of customization, compared to the competition. Its price also puts it at the lower end of the cost spectrum.

Even if it doesn’t help you find relief, the company seems to stand behind it with a 60-day refund policy. Just remember that you’ll have to pay to ship the brace back, and you’ll also lose any fees associated with the BOGO offer.

But—not to sound like a broken record—in order to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, we think it’s important to speak with your doctor. If necessary, they can perform some tests and make a more informed decision about the most appropriate treatment(s), based on your diagnosis.

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