About Money Map Press

Between their newsletters and other services, Money Map Press claims to be focused on one goal: making investing profitable.

To do this, Money Map Press tells us they’ve built a team of investment experts that hold more than 250 years of combined experience in the industry. On a regular basis, these experts “deliver analysis and actionable investing ideas” that can help investors identify global trends and put them on a path to greater wealth.

But does this necessarily mean that a Money Map Press subscription is right for your needs and investing strategies? What do you get for your money? Are their customers pleased with the company’s picks? You have questions, and we’ll help you find some answers in this review.

To begin, let’s take a look at all the different newsletters and services offered by the Money Map Press.

What Newsletters Does Money Map Press Offer?

Overall, Money Map Press publishes 4 different newsletters:

Money Morning Private Briefing

Co-founded by Bill Patalon, Private Briefing is Money Map Press’s “flagship” publication, which is released every weekday. Bringing together seven top analysts, we’re told the newsletter talks about different forces behind the markets, strategies, recommendations, and developing stories.

Since 2011, Private Briefing claims to have delivered “187 double- and triple-digit winners,” which is why the company claims the newsletter is like a “cheat sheet” for picking stocks.

For more about this newsletter, be sure to read our Money Morning review.

Nova-X Report

With more than 35 years working in Silicon Valley, Michael Robinson claims his Nova-X Report newsletter is on a mission to “unlock $7 trillion in new high-tech wealth.” How?

Each month, Nova-X Report will reveal two new opportunities that are designed to provide growth and safety across big-cap innovators, small- to- mid-cap visionaries, and unique opportunities, like “penny-stock biotechs and turnaround plays.”

By scoring profit in one sector, which will point to profitable ventures in other sectors, Michael claims you can repeat this formula over and over again. Or, as Money Map Press calls it, making money through a “connected” market.

Money Map Report

Keith Fitz-Gerald’s Money Map Report promises to focus on six high-profit “global trends,” such as energy, technology, medicine, demographics, scarcity, and warfare, and making money by focusing on unknown companies that are “changing the world.”

He’ll also focus on maximizing profits, aligning your portfolio with the 50/40/10 structure, generating income, harvesting your profits, and minimizing your losses.

Energy Advantage

Because of his “access to the power-players who control 90% of the world’s energy,” we’re told that Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Advantage newsletter claims to help you achieve “almost inconceivable” profits by investing in up-and-coming global energy needs. This includes oil, coal, natural gas, solar, biofuels, and just about every other energy source.

You’ll receive once-monthly issues of the Energy Advantage newsletter (the third Friday of every month), along with industry briefings, vital updates, and 24/7 online access.

Money Map Press’s Trading Services

In addition to their newsletters, Money Map Press also offers a variety of trading services:

Stealth Profits Trader

According to the company, D.R. Barton Jr. spent more than a quarter century developing his proprietary computer system named the Stealth Stocks Trading Indicator (SSTI). Here, SSTI tracks thousands of data points across thousands of stocks, always on the lookout for “specific market conditions that have proven to be the perfect set-ups for a highly profitable trade.”

How profitable? Money Map Press claims D.R. doesn’t even consider a trade until it’s set to earn 4-5 times the average.

On average, you’ll receive 3 email alerts per week, regardless of how the market is trending, which gives you the ability to “put cash gains back in your pocket an average of every 10 days.”

Small-Cap Rocket Alert

According to Sid Riggs’ Theory of Inevitable Profits, there are only 7 catalysts that consistently predict quick, large gains in the small-cap market:

  1. Game-changing new contracts
  2. Management upgrade
  3. Disruptive technology
  4. Upward revenue and earnings revisions
  5. Institutional interest
  6. Sector rotation
  7. Returns

Using these catalysts, Sid’s weekly Small-Cap Rocket Alert promises to reveal who might be set to take off like a “rocket,” as well as how to play the opportunities.

Short-Side Fortunes

Shah Gilani claims his Short-Side Fortunes service will show you how to make “massive profits” when asset classes flip directions, or what he calls the “flip side of a trade.” In other words, how to make money when prices go down.

To accomplish this, we’re told Shah sends subscribers an average of 3 alerts per week across virtually every asset class, including step-by-step instructions and where to place your stop, down to the penny. Each alert will also include a Trade Blotter that “displays every open position, along with Shah’s rationale for the position.”

Radical Technology Profits

According to Michael Robinson, a Pulitzer-Prize nominated writer and venture capitalist, his Radical Technology Profits service can help you learn how to cash in on small- to mid-sized companies specializing in tech sectors like biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics, aeronautics, and more.

Each month, you’ll be given an average of 4 investment briefings, along with “explosive” ground floor opportunities and instant sell alerts.

Money Calendar Alert

Dubbed “America’s #1 Trader,” Tom Gentile tells us his Money Calendar Alert crunches 10 years of data for the 250 best stocks and ETFs, and then identifies patterns that repeat with 90-100% consistency. This way, he claims you can literally schedule “payout appointments” on your calendar.

Each week, Tom will reveal one of these trades with a “minimum 100% return possibility,” along with step-by-step video instructions on how to identify and place these trades. In short, he claims his Money Calendar Alert can give you a “first-mover advantage” that helps you “trade ahead” of stock price moves.

High Velocity Profits

According to their home page, Keith Fitz-Gerald’s High Velocity Profits services utilizes an “X” pattern that can identify when stocks are about to go up, and which are about to go down. In fact, Keith believes his pattern can help subscribers, “with 100% certainty,” only buy 2-3 stocks per month that are going up.

Energy Inner Circle

As Dr. Kent Moors’ second program, his Energy Inner Circle claims to provide new opportunities in energy, most of which focus on smaller, highly-focused enterprises that require a fast response to quickly move in and out.

With your membership, you’ll receive urgent action alerts, along with weekly updates that provide a summary of energy markets and insights on emerging trends. The program’s special research reports also promise to provide “big-picture themes” in the world of energy, including new trading techniques, emerging trends, new investment classes, and more.

Together, Dr. Moors claims his Energy Inner Circle can help make you “insanely rich.”

Capital Wave Forecast

Shah Gilani’s Capital Wave Forecast claims to identify Disruptors, or “agents of change” that are shaking up the markets, as they’re beginning to gather force. These Disruptors can occur anywhere, including currencies, commodities, precious metals, and elsewhere.

Regardless of where they occur, though, Shah claims they start capital flowing in a new direction, so they can trigger “enormous profits.”

Once a Disruptor is identified, Shah will issue a trade alert to your email inbox or via text message, so you can “garner market-shattering profits”—when then rise and when they fall. The minimum short-term profit target is always 100%, although some trades could be much higher.

Biotech Insider Alert

Ernie Tremblay’s Biotech Insider Alert takes his 25 years of experience as a researcher/writer in the medical science field—including an understanding of the FDA approval process and market demand—to help members know “which opportunities deserve your investment dollars.”

To accomplish this, Ernie developed a calendar to track the upcoming dates of new releases and to help you know when gains will come. Each week, he’ll use this calendar to provide advice on when to buy biotech and pharmaceutical stocks (typically in the small- and mid-cap range), and what stop-loss mechanism you should have in place.

Which Elite Memberships Are Available Through Money Map Press?

Weekly Cash Clock

Tom Gentile tells us that his proprietary Weekly Cash Clock system “crunches millions of data points” for the 200 most liquid stocks in the market. Then, it uses this data to accurately predict which stocks are about to increase.

Together, Tom claims Weekly Cash Clock can deliver triple-digit gains in just four days or less.

Passport Fellowship

Money Map Press calls their Passport Fellowship program “one of the most powerful networks there is.” With it, you’ll gain lifetime access to Michael Robinson’s Nova-X Report, Keith Fitz-Gerald’s Money Map Report, Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Advantage, Bill Patalon’s Private Briefing, the Money Map Dispatch, and more.

Money Map Project

The company describes their Money Map Project as an elite research service that provides private investment deals they’ve uncovered.

As a member, you’ll receive three direct investment opportunities a year, all of which are from companies who have displayed a proven track record and world-class leadership, a rock-solid investment case, minimal risk, and sweeteners and perks like “a below-market entry price, or a lucrative bundle of free warrants.”

You’ll also receive:

  • The Full Money Map Prospectus for Our Latest Private Recommendation
  • Dedicated VIP Concierge Support Number
  • Money Map Project Dispatches
  • Quarterly Bulletins

Important note: In order to qualify for the Money Map Project, you must be an accredited investor.

Passport Select

If you’re looking for an “unparalleled market advantage,” Passport Select membership provides access to your choice of any Money Map Press research service.

Passport Club

Similar to Passport Select, Money Map Press’s Passport Club provides access to 13 of the company’s trading research services and investment newsletters, for life.

According to the company, membership is “extremely limited” and the books are only opened a few times each year.

Micro Energy Trader

By focusing on “some of the smallest publicly traded companies in the stock market,” Micro Energy Trader members are promised the ability to acquire shares that can jump 400% or more, before it happens.

This way, we’re told that you can experience “handsome” gains by investing only $1,000 to $5,000.

Who Makes up the Money Map Press Team? What Are Their Qualifications?

Overall, the Money Map Press team consists of 10 professionals:

Keith Fitz-Gerald

Money Map Press’s Chief Investment Strategist, with 34 years of experience and “one of the most widely read market experts on the planet.”

Keith specializes in Market Chaos Theory, pioneered the 50-40-10 portfolio model, and boasts a track record “among the best in the financial publishing world.” He’s also a frequent guest on Fox Business and Bloomberg, as well as in publications like The Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch.

Dr. Kent Moors

According to his bio, Dr. Kent Moors has acted as an advisor to the “energy industry’s biggest players” over the past 40+ years, including multiple governments and high-level companies. Dr. Moors has also written six books and 750+ professional and market publications, as well as delivered presentations and workshops in 44 countries.

Michael A. Robinson

With 35 years in Silicon Valley, Michael A. Robinson has been closely associated with the advent of some game-changing technology, including cloud computing, robotics within the U.S. automotive industry, and cyber security.

On top of this, he’s a Pulitzer Prize-nominated writer and reporter who wrote a book about an impending economic crash long before the Great Recession occurred.

Bill Patalon

After earning his BA in Print Journalism from Penn State University, as well as an MBA in finance from the Rochester Institute of Technology, William (Bill) Patalon spent 22 years covering financial news as a journalist; everything from manufacturing to telecommunications. He’s also the author of Contrarian Investing.

Today, Bill is the Executive Editor and Senior Research Analyst for Money Morning, along with the creator and editor of Private Briefing,

Shah Gilani

Shah has been working in the industry since 1982, developed two different hedge funds, and also helped develop the Volatility Index (VIX) indicator. Because of this—along with his “vast network of contacts,” including “the biggest players on Wall Street and in international finance”—he helps investors get the real story through his Short Side Fortunes and Capital Wave Forecast programs.

Sid Riggs

After working as Money Map Press’s Director of Research and Performance Analytics since 2009 and performing thousands of hours of research, Sid uncovered a pattern that predicts explosive stock gains.” To date, he’s scored two big hits that quickly doubled in price.

Ernie Tremblay

Prior to becoming the “most winning” stock-picker in the investment newsletter industry in 2014,” Ernie Tremblay spent 25 years as a medical researcher and contributed to more than 100 books on a range of medical topics.

To help Money Map Press subscribers identify the next “blockbuster” drugs, his Biotech Insider Alert service promises to track the best profit opportunities. In fact, one of Ernie’s picks from 2012 delivered a potential first year return of over 360%.

D.R. Barton

With 26 years of experience in the markets, D.R. Barton analyzed more than 133 million data points to build his proprietary Stealth Stock Trading Indicator (SSTI), a computer model that can identify short-term stock trends that can translate into fast gains.

In addition to his Stealth Profits Trader with Money Map Press, which promises to show traders how to make big profits using SSTI, D.R. Barton is author of “Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom,” a lecturer, and a coach.

Tom Gentile

Using his 25 years of experience, Tom Gentile focuses on methods to help investors reach the top 1%.

After starting his investment career from his parent’s home, then selling his options company in 2009, Tom began teaching traders how to spot “high-probability and low-risk trade opportunities.” To date, he’s helped more than 300,000 individuals, authored more than six books, and regularly appears on financial networks as an expert.

Michael Lewitt

With a 29-year career helping institutional and high-net worth clients, Michael Lewitt has worked at some of the top investment banking firms and co-founded Harch Capital Management (HCM), today working as principal at The Third Friday Group, where he manages private accounts.

Michael also works as Money Map Press’s Global Credit Strategist, which has been a regular staple since 2001 and has “gained a large following around the world.”

How Much Do Money Map Press’s Services Cost?

There weren’t any prices listed on the Money Map Press website, nor was there any pricing information available on third-party websites.

We’re specifically told that the Energy Inner Circle program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but no mention regarding the other services or newsletters.

Money Map Press’s customer service department can be reached at 888-384-8339 or customerservice@moneymappressinfo.com. To learn more, we emailed customer service and will update this review as soon as a response is received.

While we’re not told about any prices, are Money Map Press’s customers pleased with their experts’ advice?

What Are Money Map Press Customers Saying In Their Reviews?

Despite the length of time Money Map Press has been producing investment-related literature (as well as their claimed hundreds of thousands of subscribers), there wasn’t a whole lot of online customer feedback about them at the time of our research. And most of the feedback that was available related specifically to their Money Map Report.

For example, between customer reviews on Motley Fool and Stock Gumshoe, more than one customer claimed that some of Money Map Press’s recommendations perform well, although one mentioned none are “home runs.”

On the other hand, most complaints seemed to revolve around:

  • More marketing than profitable advice
  • Consistently losing money on recommendations
  • Frequent solicitations to buy research reports or subscribe to other investment services
  • Difficulty canceling subscriptions

The HighYa team also review Money Map Press’s Money Morning program, which had 16 reader reviews and an average rating of 1.2 stars. Here, most complaints also referenced poor recommendations and difficulty obtaining refunds.

From a company perspective, Money Map Press held an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on 135 closed complaints (as of 8/17/16). These generally referenced difficulty obtaining refunds and being charged for unwanted products/subscriptions (usually after a low-cost trial period).

How does this feedback compare to the competition?

Are There Other Investment Services Like Money Map Press?

If you’re in the market for fee-based investing newsletters, advice, or other informational subscription services, the good news is that you literally have thousands of options. In fact, we’ve reviewed several popular choices like Penny Stock Sniper, Palm Beach Research, The Cheap Investor, and Ultimate Wealth Report.

The problem is that, because these reports are written by different authors with varied market approaches, as well as published by different companies, finding the right one that matches your investing approach and overall goals is a highly personal process.

Important note: Since you’re obviously interested in Money Map Press, however, keep in mind that the company is not a broker, dealer, or licensed investment advisor. What’s this mean for you?

In a nutshell, while Money Map Press publishes investment advice, they’re prohibited by the Securities and Exchange Commission from providing individual investment advice. As a result, it’s always a good idea to consult with your broker before acting on anything you read in their newsletters or services.

Will Money Map Press Help You Achieve Investing Success?

Similar to words like “best” and “greatest,” every investor’s definition of “success” is probably a little different. Some may be focused on rapid growth, while others may prefer less risk and more measured growth. Some have very little capital, while others might have millions at their disposal.

Whatever your goals though, as we mentioned in the previous section, deciding where to spend your hard-earned money—especially when it comes to investing information—is largely based on a combination of factors unique to you. The good news is that Money Map Press has been delivering advice for many years, and seems to have helped many investors experience “success” in that time.

Did you experience success with Money Map Press’s newsletters or services? What’s your overall feedback? Tell us about it in your review below!

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  • Zenith Trading Circle

    • By Steven,
    • Georgia,
    • Jan 21, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    Every single recommendation was a loser. False claims on one winner. I lost 68% of my portfolio. Stay away, and do not believe these false claims.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Company doesn't honor their refund policy

    • By Ron Hinds,
    • Pompano Beach, FL,
    • Jan 27, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    All this company does is try to sell you higher priced newsletters. They do not give you the high-velocity recommendations they promise and definitely do not honor the refund policy they advertise! I tried to cancel within the first four weeks, but their representative said I could try it for another 30 days. Another lie.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Don't waste your time or money

    • By Tovah,
    • California,
    • Feb 10, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I was extremely intrigued. They were hyping a newsletter with a secret system using a simple signal to buy and sell, which they claimed was always accurate to forecast a huge swing up or down for stocks. They claimed the system never failed and had phenomenal results.

    But the claims are entirely false. Once I joined, I researched the history of the trades, and none of them were any good, and most went down instead of up.

    As far as I can see, every claim they make is a hype. The information they send you is usually just a prolonged sales pitch with absurd claims. Moreover, they included a report on secret investments of the wealthy. I researched one of the stocks they touted as a certain stable investment with a large dividend, but the stock had shot down from $150 per share to $20 per share.

    Whew, dodged that bulletin.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Never received materials promised

    I was supposed to receive books on buying marijuana stocks at a good price and other related information but never received the materials. I am very disappointed and am thinking that it's a rip-off. Companies like this give other information internet businesses a bad name.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Unwanted annual subscription

    I thought it would be a good idea to learn the stock market and investing ideas. I went to sign on for a 12 months subscription at $79.00. Then they gave several additional offers, which was a bit confusing. I just wanted the basic bare minimum plan. All the offers were overwhelming, and it was indicated "lifetime membership" in one of them. I took screen shots because I did not understand the validity of the offers to the subscription I had originally enrolled.

    I finally completed the form and got reports which were a bit over my head and pretty general. I did not read most of them, just put them in a pile in case I had extra time to spend trying to figure it out. A year later, I saw a $79.00 charge on my credit card for a renewal. I never approved to renew the subscription. The credit card company told me to get on the website, and literally gave step by step instructions on how to stop the subscription.

    I did not hear anything from them. I am told they "do not take subscription cancellations via email," although there is a site for this and this is what I was prompted to do. Apparently, someone had written me via email that my email request for cancellation was not taken seriously (I get up to 100 emails a day and did not see this one).

    My concern is 1) why was the annual subscription renewal not indicated when I signed up? It was stated by their representative that it said somewhere on the form "renewal on the anniversary date." I did not see anything to indicate that. 2) Why was my email subscription declination not take seriously? 3? Why is there an email site, if it is not utilized to cancel the subscription? 4) Why do I have to fight with my credit card company if I have a dispute on charges instead of simply completing a complaint form online and having it investigated?

    If I do not want the subscription renewed for another year, I should have a choice in the matter.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Options Trading with Money Calendar Alerts

    I fell for a sales pitch by Tom Gentile to double my money and follow his Money Calendar Alerts to trade options. I am a new investor with little or no investing knowledge nor money to invest. I am also in my sixties. There was no previous qualification before charging $1,950 to my credit card. I found out that I am I not even qualified to trade options!

    Now, I face downsizing at my job! Not only will I not be able to invest, I probably won't be able to pay off this credit card debt!

    I have requested a refund of this $1,950 to my credit card with no response. I have declared a cease and desist order for this company not to ever charge any of my credit cards for any of their newsletters ever again with no response.

    I will write one more letter requesting the refund before I paste this review all over social media and contact a lawyer.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Money Map Press very poor service

    I have been a Passport Club member for a year and a half. I have placed at least one hundred trades recommended by the advisers at Money Map Press. At least 90% were losers. My investments were small, so I did not lose a lot of money. The Money Map advisers make big claims when they are making a presentation, but they do not back up their claims. They advertise their winners but never talk about all of the losers they have. If you try to talk to them about their performance, they try to say that it is your fault for not paying enough attention to their e-mails or to the trades you have made, which is a very lame excuse. Please do not waste your money on their services. You will be very SORRY you did.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • These people are only experts at DECEPTION

    Don't be maneuvered by these criminals. If you do, you'll get five, six, or seven losing picks in a row before your first winning trade. And they'll be sure to hype up that one winner like they're gods. Overall, you'll lose a lot of money.

    Their option guy boasts 25 years of experience. He can see bearish patterns developing. Nope. He'll get you into a bearish option for a week that will go up the first day, but he'll issue the sell order when it's at an 80% loss by the fifth day. THEN, he'll come up with a new video about how great he is.

    The energy guy is worse. He recommends companies with rich oil fields that will make you a fortune at no stop. Buy, buy, buy, only to not even mention the company before taking it out of his portfolio after it goes bankrupt. It's laughable how his picks that do have stops immediately go the opposite direction until they're stopped out.

    And then, on top of paying $8k, etc. for your membership. They'll ALL email you with spam for NEW services from an "expert" that you'll have to pay $2,995 EXTRA to get their picks. Check the results of Zenith Trading Circle for how well that went. The guy who started it sells it to you with arrogance before leaving a month later with ALL loser picks. Then they give it to one of their worst advisers to take over and build him up like he's a god, when he's as bad as their energy guy.

    Avoid Money Map Press like it's the plague!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Does he ever read his recommendations?

    • By T Schafer,
    • Boca Raton, FL,
    • Jun 21, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    Despite the list of successful recommendations published in their newsletter, the Money Map crew offers many others not so successful. Based on my experience, I have to wonder if they ever look at the stock once they publish their buy recommendation. Two examples are Virtue and InterDigital. Both call option buys published a couple months ago. In both cases, the stock prices stagnated as the June expiration approached. Regardless, Keith continued to recommend holding the position. With six days to go, he said "VIRT June 16, 2017 $15 Call (VIRT170616C00015000): Plan on selling half of the position at $6.80 or more." The underlying stock never got above $17.

    In the same issue, he said "IDCC June 16, 2017 $90 Call (IDCC170616C00090000) Plan on selling half of the position at $17.66 or more" with the stock at $85 heading down. In both cases, the option contracts were trading for pennies and expired worthless.

    Everyone gets lucky once in a while, and some plays just don't work out. That is a risk we accept when we play. But being wrong by $1760 per contract with six days to go represents a failure to man up to his failure. The point is that Fitzgerald and company probably aren't any better that the market as a whole when you account for the losers they recommend and don't admit to later.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • 100% garbage

    • By Jimmy Holman,
    • Nashville, TN,
    • Jul 20, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    You cannot cancel on the website. There is no place to unsubscribe and when you leave messages that you want to cancel you will not receive an answer.

    DO NOT SUBSCRIBE with Money Map Press or any of their affiliated services.

    This entire "company" is trash.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Junk junk junk

    • By Tim Stout,
    • Blomsburg, PA,
    • Aug 4, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I wish I had found this website prior to ordering. You cannot cancel via an email, you must call. When I called a recording came on and told me that everyone was out of the office for a company function. I received my first recommendation today. Talked up CCJ and how his famous "hook" pattern was forming nicely and was a current "buy." Well, my charts didn't look anything his, until I realized that the chart he was recommending was from February 10, 2017, not today August 3, 2017. I immediately emailed back and told them what a scam they were, and by darn, they issued me my refund via the email.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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