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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Aug 12, 2017

Using Vibra Clean technology that delivers 5,000 sonic pulses per minute, Mop Sonic is a vibrating floor mop that promises to separate, agitate, and eliminate dirt, grit, grime, spills, and splatters.

The battery powered device’s onboard sprayer can be filled with water or your favorite cleaning fluid, its head swivels 360 degrees, and it comes outfitted with three different microfiber scrubbing pads (Everyday, Scrubbing, and Dual Cleaning). And when you’re done, they’re machine washable for easy cleanup.

Between them, the website claims Mop Sonic can tackle everything from floor dirt to toothpaste, hair, and soggy bathroom footprints. And it can also be used across a variety of surfaces, including tile, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, marble, and granite, and even hard-to-reach ceiling fans.

There’s no doubt that using a dirty mop and a bucket of slushing water is a quick way to not only to make your floors even dirtier, but to also experience a great deal of frustration. Can Mop Sonic’s vibrating technology and other features help make the process easier, or are there perhaps better values available?

One of the most important aspects of value is price, so let’s start there.

How Much Does Mop Sonic Cost?

Mop Sonic is priced at $29.99 plus $9.99 S&H. For this price, you’ll receive one spray mop, along with the three interchangeable pads mentioned above.

One customer service rep we spoke with advised that the company will start selling parts (including replacement cleaning pads) once the product becomes more popular, although they were unsure as far as price.

Tristar Products offers a 60-day refund policy on all purchases, less S&H charges. To request one, you’ll need to call customer service at 973-287-5100.

How does Mop Sonic’s price compare?

How Can You Decide If Mop Sonic Is the Right Spray Mop For You?

If you’re in the market for a battery-powered spray mop with a refillable container, and that comes complete with interchangeable microfiber pads, the good—and bad—news is that you have a lot of options to choose from.

Browsing Google Shopping at the time of our research returned dozens of results that matched these criteria, including options from household-name brands like Rubbermaid, OXO, and Swiffer. Price-wise, most seemed to fall somewhere between $15 and $35, with at least one model exceeding $60.

On top of this, most big box retailers with cleaning sections will offer many of these same spray mops in competition with Mop Sonic, which could also help you save on shipping charges and potentially make the return process easier if you’re dissatisfied.

While we didn’t encounter any related online buying guides, after reading through dozens of customer reviews for similar third-party models, here are some features to pay attention to when choosing your next micro fiber spray mop:

  • Handle length – This is especially important if you’re on the taller side of things, as constantly hunching over a too-short handle can quickly lead to discomfort.
  • Tank capacity – The larger the liquid tank, the longer you’ll be able to go between refills, which might be a consideration if you have a larger space to clean. However, keep in mind that larger tanks will also add more weight, so keep this in mind if you have mobility concerns.
  • Solution types – Does the spray mop allow you to choose the solution of your choice, or can you only use a specific type? The latter can be priced meaningfully higher than competing refillable formulas.
  • Microfiber quality - VaccumsGuide.com tells that the microfiber pads on spray mops can work wonders for fighting dirt and bacteria, and that it can stand up to hundreds of rinsings. However, if you choose a model with lower quality microfiber, it might not stand up to regular use or deliver the most value.

According to CleanInsider.com, additional general factors to consider include how much you’re willing to pay (your budget), which types of flooring you need to clean, and what other online customers are reporting about their experience (including user-friendliness).

Among Mop Sonic’s competition, we didn’t find any other spray models that utilized any kind of vibration, so let’s take a closer look at this aspect next.

What Do We Know About Mop Sonic’s Vibra Clean Technology?

Other than the fact that it vibrates 5,000 times per minute, the Mop Sonic website and commercial provided no additional details about how the Vibra Clean technology works. For example, here are just a few of the questions we had:

  • What kind of motor is used?
  • Which direction does it vibrate? Up and down? Front to back? Side to side?
  • How powerful are the vibrations (or sonic pulses, as the website calls them)? Will they be sufficient to dislodge a meaningful amount of dirt and debris?
  • What role, if any, does the pressure applied to the pad by the user play?
  • How long will it last per charge? All we know is that it’s powered by 4AA batteries.
  • How long is the handle?
  • How large is the cleaning solution tank?

One of the Mop Sonic support reps we spoke with advised that the tank capacity is between 500ml and 750ml, and that the handle is about three feet in length. Outside of these, they weren’t able to provide answers to our other questions about specifications.

Our Final Thoughts About Mop Sonic

Based on all of the criteria we covered above, Mop Sonic seemed to meet many essential factors:

Its tank can reportedly be used with any cleaning solution, it appears (based on what we learned by speaking with customer service) to feature a relatively large tank capacity, and it comes with microfiber pads (quality unknown, though, since we didn’t test it firsthand).

The spray mop also features a three-foot handle that should accommodate the vast majority of users, and the manufacturer stands behind it with a 60-day refund policy.

With this said, Mop Sonic seemed priced on the upper end of the spectrum compared to the spray mop competition (especially when factoring in its non-refundable S&H charges). And since it was the only product of its kind on the market, we didn’t encounter any customer feedback about how effective the spray mop’s added vibration might be for the money.

Furthermore, what happens if the product doesn’t take off? Does this mean that customers won’t be able to purchase replacement pads? And even if it does, will they be competitively priced?

Taking all of this together (as consumers ourselves who are looking to achieve the most value possible, like you), it might seem most efficient to start by exploring competitively priced local spray mop options. Then, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can decide if it’s worth the risk putting $10+ on the line if you’re dissatisfied with Mop Sonic’s performance.

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