About MSA-30X

The MSA 30X is device meant to help you hear that claims to amplify sound up to 30 times while remaining discreet as it sits in your ear. It also promises to free you from the hassle of batteries, as the device itself is rechargeable.

The makers of MSA 30X, based out of Van Nuys, CA, claim the item weighs just 0.3 ounces, fits into either ear, has an adjustable volume control and is FDA listed.

MSA 30X Features

The MSA 30X fits behind the wearer’s ear while the amplification piece fits directly into the wearer’s ear. Although the website does not go into the details about how exactly the item amplifies sound, except that is uses it's "revolutionary micro-sound amplification technology", the real selling point seems to be its light weight and the fact that you don’t need to change batteries, as it is rechargeable.

It has been noted in many consumer reviews of this product that it picks up too much background noise to be useful. Some consumers note that this is not a hearing aid, but merely a sound amplifier, meaning that it amplifies all sound at the same level, which causes background noise to be amplified as much as the noise you are trying to hear.

MSA 30X Pricing, Shipping & Return Policies

The price for an MSA 30X sound amplifier is $29.95, plus $7.95 shipping and handling. However, if you pay an additional $7.95 shipping, you will get two MSA 30Xs. So, for $45.85, you get two MSA 30X sound amplifiers, 2 recharging stations, 10 silicone tips and 2 cleaning brushes.

MSA 30X comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, but you will not get your shipping and handling fees back. Should you wish to return your item, call 1-877-362-4584 Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm Eastern Standard Time. Include your complete name, address, daytime telephone number and email address inside the return package when returning your item. Return your item to: MSA 30X, PO Box 8104, Van Nuys, CA 91409


  • Lightweight
  • No batteries to worry about
  • Fairly small for discretion
  • Volume can be controlled


  • Apparently amplifies all sound at the same level, which causes a lot of background noise
  • Some consumers said that when ordering from the site, it automatically charged them for 2 devices without giving them an opportunity to opt for just a single device.

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