About My Portion

My Portion claims it will help you lose weight by assisting you with the size of your meals. The My Portion cup comes with an adjustable base, which they say will help you target your ideal weight. When you make a meal, they say to only eat the amount that fits into the cup.

My Portion is a new product, and there is no information about the company on its website or the BBB.

How My Portion Works

My Portion looks like a measuring cup with a droopy handle. It is made of clear blue plastic and  contains a moveable bottom. On its side, the measuring units are in pounds - as in, how much you would LIKE to weigh. Choose your target weight and move the base to that line, which will increase or decrease the amount of food the container will hold.

The My Portion website says experts agree that eating the correct portion size is the key to weight loss, but do not cite specific evidence. They claim that the My Portion will prevent you from over eating, presuming you only eat what fits in the cup.

My Portion claims that it is not what you eat, but how much. They say you can enjoy your favorite foods, so long as they fit in the My Portion. Use it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they claim over time eating the correct portion size will help you lose weight.

My Portion comes with:

  • 1 My Portion container
  • 1 “free” My Portion (extra S & H)

My Portion Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

My Portion sells for $10 plus $7.95 P & H - they also automatically give you one “free” but charge an additional $7.95 for a total of $25.90 for 2 My Portions. They say your product with ship within 30 days. As with many ASOTV products, your $15.90 S & H fees won’t be refunded if you decide within 30 days you do not like My Portion.

Bottom Line: Is My Portion a Scam?

The “science” behind My Portion is basically valid: the more you eat, the more weight you will gain. Portion control has been shown to be a sensible way to lose weight, allowing your body to intake fewer calories of the foods you enjoy and adjust itself naturally. If you restrict certain foods, the thought is you make them tempting for binges.

But all you are buying here is an expensive plastic cup with a very vague measuring system. We suggest buying a kitchen scale, which will more accurately and effectively limit your food intake. Or better yet, just cut your portions in half and use a smaller plate.

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