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By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff
Published on: Jan 19, 2018

MyCoolSlim is an in-home cold toning system that promises to help women look and feel their best by naturally reducing the appearance of fat in stubborn areas like the belly, arms, love handles, and thighs, but at a fraction of the cost of a MedSpa.

To use, simply insert the gel packs into the compression wrap’s built-in sleeve, wrap it around your problem area, and relax. Used just 30 minutes per day, in addition to diet and exercise, the website tells us that it could deliver the extra assistance you need.

Together, we’re told that MyCoolSlim is an affordable solution that can help you obtain your fitness goals, can be used on your schedule, and is so discreet that you can wear it under your clothes.

You’re here because this device sounds appealing, but you want to know if it really will help you say goodbye to unwanted stubborn fat, and “say hello to a slimmer you,” as claimed on the website. Also, while it might be “a fraction of the cost of a MedSpa,” will it necessarily deliver an equal amount of value?

Let’s start addressing these central questions by discussing MyCoolSlim’s underlying concepts.

What Is Cold Toning and How Does It Relate to Fat Loss?

There are several dense topics touched upon on the MyCoolSlim website. Here, we’ll briefly unpack each one using a step-by-step approach.

Is Cold Toning and Thermal Loading the Same Thing?

Although the manufacturer prominently advertises MyCoolSlim as the “#1 in-home cool toning system,” we didn’t encounter any formal reference to this term on third-party websites.

After repeatedly watching former NASA scientist Ray Cronise’s 2010 TedMed speech posted on the MyCoolSlim website, we learned that it vaguely discusses how he overcame his weight loss plateau and accelerated his fat loss using something called “thermal loading,” but he makes no specific mention of cold toning.

According to a 2010 New York Times article, Ray’s thermal loading involves exposing your body to a colder environment as often as possible, such as taking cool showers, wearing light clothing, sleeping without sheets, and in the case of Cronise, taking “ 3-mile “shiver walks” in 30-degree weather wearing a T-shirt, shorts, gloves, and earmuffs.”

The point? To use the natural flow of energy from hot to cold to boost energy burn (metabolism) and increase fat and weight loss. Let’s find out how this process relates to MyCoolSlim.

Can Cold Compression Boost Fat Loss?

Compared to the whole-body cold exposure found in Ray Cronise’s work (e.g., utilizing lower ambient air temperatures and remaining submerged in 60-degree water for extended periods of time), MyCoolSlim is simply a large compression band that features a built-in pocket, inside which a cooled gel pack is placed.

After being wrapped around different areas of the body where problem areas tend to occur, such as the arms, thighs, and belly, the MyCoolSlim commercial claims that “when fat cells are exposed to cold for prolonged periods of time, they begin to disappear.” Is there any clinical support for this, though? Again, let’s take this step-by-step:

Compression: As we discuss in The Science of Compression Wear, medical-grade compression wraps have been clinically shown to help boost circulation and wound healing, although the same can’t be said of its weight loss benefits. What about when compression is combined with cold gel packs?

Spot fat loss: Whether using compression, cold, or a combination of the two, there’s no such thing as spot fat loss. As such, we think it’s important to maintain realistic expectations about the ability for any product to target any single area of the body.

Cryolipolysis: Even the prestigious Ivy League medical school study mentioned in the MyCoolSlim commercial, which found that found children who sucked on popsicles lost fat in their cheeks, is referencing the creative spark behind CoolSculpting—not anything related to their cool toning technology.

Compared to the product in question, this in-office medical procedure uses suction and a process called cryolipolysis to cool fat cells down to 4°C (39.2°C), which crystallizes them and triggers an inflammatory reaction, thereby resulting in localized fat cell death.

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We didn’t encounter any clinical evidence during our research indicating that placing a cold compress on an area of the body will accomplish the same—in fact, doing so might even cause frostbite and subsequent skin damage if left in place for too long.

How Much Does MyCoolSlim Cost?

MyCoolSlim is priced at $49.95 and includes free shipping. Each order comes with one 42"x 9" MyCoolSlim wrap and two 10" x 6" gel packs.

Note: Arm and thigh wraps were also advertised on the website at the time of our research, but weren’t offered when we attempted to check out.

All MyCoolSlim purchases come with a 30-day money back guarantee, less S&H, which you can request by calling 508-801-3685 or sending an email to info@mycoolslim.com.

What Do We Know About the Company Behind MyCoolSlim?

According to the product’s commercial, MyCoolSlim was developed and founded by Colleen Riley, “a single inspired mom on a mission to reduce stubborn trouble spots.” However, no additional information was provided, and we didn't find anyone with this name, matching this description, and directly related to MyCoolSlim on third-party sites.

From a company perspective, the device is manufactured by FreezeFatFast, LLC. Similarly, other than the fact that the device was trademarked in 2011, we didn’t encounter any additional information about the organization elsewhere online.

Are There Other Cool Toning Systems Like MyCoolSlim?

Although we encountered several other cooling compression wraps during our research, most of these involved placing the entire device inside the refrigerator or freezer, and then applying to the affected area.

Furthermore, even in products where cooling and compression were combined (such as CoolXChange Gel Bandage and the CoolCore lineup, to name just a couple of examples), all were targeted at reducing inflammation—not delivering spot fat loss, as with the product in question.

Considering this, if you’re looking for something that utilizes the exact same design, MyCoolSlim seems to currently be the only game in town.

But, does that necessarily mean you should hand over your hard-earned money to purchase one? Let’s address this in the final section as we come to a conclusion.

Our Bottom Line About MyCoolSlim

While we didn’t test MyCoolSlim ourselves to provide firsthand feedback, the bottom line is that the manufacturer doesn’t provide any clinical support for their claims that the cool gel packs it utilizes can deliver meaningful spot fat loss.

Instead, they only reference the completely unrelated CoolSculpting technology, as well as a 2010 video from Ray Cronise’s 2010 TedMed speech citing—again, unrelated—“thermal loading.” And even if the thermal loading concept accurately represented the technology used by MyCoolSlim, in the New York Times article cited earlier, author Steven Leckart points out:

“Just one problem: There’s not much rigorous science behind any of this. It’s exceedingly difficult to quantify how environmental temperature affects an individual’s metabolism. Studies have shown cold exposure can boost the metabolism anywhere from 8 to 80 percent, depending on a slew of variables including the degree and duration of the exposure, whether you’re shivering, your diet, and physiological factors like age, gender, and fat mass.”

Ultimately, yes; the MyCoolSlim website is correct when claiming that cold (specifically, the act of shivering when cold) can boost the number of calories you burn during a given time.

However, based on what we’ve learned during our research writing The Science of Compression Wear and There’s No Such Thing as Spot Fat Loss, along with the help of sites like the New York Times and Health.com, there doesn’t seem to be sufficient clinical evidence supporting the claims made by MyCoolSlim’s manufacturer.

Given this, if you’re having difficulty losing fat in specific areas, we’d recommend that you start by speaking with your physician, nutritionist, and perhaps even a cosmetic surgeon.

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